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In the top news of this week came the assassination in Kiev of the former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov, followed by the Investigation Committee; the maintenance by the authorities of the amendments, allowing the leadership of the Supreme court to take cases at any stage of the process, the development of the enforcement code and the decision of the constitutional court and the appointment of prosecutors.

Recently it became known that economicology to understand the complex lending scheme by the Bank "Globex" of the Cyprus company Trellas, which controls Russian "Svyaznoy". "GLOBEKS" it requires to pay her €60 million the Outcome of this case may affect the execution of the decision of the London arbitration, which has already satisfied the other requirements of "GLOBEKS" to Trellas €63 million

The Khimki city court again postponed the resolution of the dispute between Ponomarev and IKEA. Ex-auditor wants to recover 507 million rubles penalty for navycop his company generators. Previously, the Supreme court sent the case for reconsideration, determined that Smolensk courts have considered a dispute between IKEA and entrepreneur with numerous procedural violations.

Managing Intellectual Property Agency was founded in 1990. Since 1996, it publishes ratings and research in the field of intellectual property rights. Annual IP rating Stars considered one of the most authoritative in the field , covers more than 70 jurisdictions. The rating is made by experts who collect data on the basis of research and interviews.

From March 1, Russian operators started to send to Federal tax service data received but not yet paid by the customers services, the so – called "bad debt". Now the citizens from whom they are available, will have to pay income tax for the economic benefits.

Armed forces were sent for review the case of the debtors, which the bailiffs refused to reduce the size of the deduction from 50% to 10% dvumernom debt. The law does not restrict deductions in absolute size, including a living wage, explained police officers. Experts say that the courts agree with this point of view, but the definition of the armed forces will force them to reconsider the argument.

Today, Higher kvalifkacije published the agenda of the meetings, which will be held from 27 to 31 March. CCG will need to consider voluntary resignation of the current Chairman ASGM and make a recommendation to the sole applicant for this position according to the agenda. Place of Sergei Chuchi can take current Chairman of the AU of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Daughter of "Sberbank" looking for lawyers, but what – did not specify "confidential" terms of reference, applicants will send in the mail. EBV consultants required by the sanctions of foreign countries in respect of the Bank. And the port with the help of attorney Alexander Zyuba hopes to win the "tariff" argument with the FAS. "Pravogo" publishes information about the legal procurement of the last week.

Top news of the week came the final panel of the General Prosecutor's office, where Yuri Chaika criticized the Ministry of interior and the TFR, the submission to the Duma "unprecedented and unconstitutional" bill, the new proposal of the Ministry of Finance on tax maneuver, as well as the imposition of sanctions against the "daughters" of Russian banks in Ukraine and the signing by Queen Elizabeth II of the law on the launch of the Brexit.

, Russian Federation this year in Chambers Global 2017 introduced more than 10 Russian law firms and dozens of foreign companies having their representative offices in Russia. The authors identified the industry: "banking/Finance", "capital market, corporate law/mergers and acquisitions", "dispute resolution, energy/natural resources", "intellectual property".

To date, scientists from several countries, including the United States and Russia, have developed so-called robots-lawyers. However, it is not always possible to fully understand the principle of operation of such mechanisms. Professor of Finance at the University of Fairfield in Connecticut Michael McDonald told how it works the algorithm of analysis of the data, what it includes and where it can be used.

In the Khimki city court has continued consideration of the dispute between Konstantin Ponomarev and IKEA. The businessman wants to recover 507 million rubles penalty for navycop his company generators. In January, the Supreme court sent the case for reconsideration, lawyers from the Swedish supplier was able to prove that Smolensk earlier courts considered a dispute between IKEA and owner with violations.

The Goal of the recently introduced mandatory pre-trial order to prevent the defendant did not know about the claims. And what is its value in the case of allegations of execution to enforce the arbitral award? Lawyers do not see sense here and think for ships it all becomes a ritual. To uniformity of practice will result in the decision of economcally sun.

Is it Possible to be without an apartment if it have been paid and all documentation is in order? In such a situation was the residents, which the developer refused to give the keys of the housing. When one of dallwitz went to court - he confirmed that she had paid for air, and flats from the Treaty in the house no. As it turned out, understood Pravoy.

Is it Possible to claim compensation for the costs of the representative, if the agreement with him entered into and paid for by another person? The defendant won in two instances, and then went to recover the cost of a lawyer. But the Treaty made with him the brother of the participant of the case. He paid for services without having authorization to do so. This was the stumbling block to regional court. Corrected the mistake of the armed forces.