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Gone are the days when you could say the tax: "We won't you to explain anything". He who does not want to explain, pays taxes in full. The rest have to collect documents to prove the real economic activity of the company and its business purpose. To "optimize" the tax burden by using offshore companies has become much more difficult to derive tax transit company. These and other topics were discussed by the speakers of the next conference Pravogo "Tax law and tax disputes – 2018-2019".

Higher kvalifkacije judges within two days handing out advice to the candidates to judge 3 of the Cassation court of General jurisdiction in St. Petersburg. A month ago, on 9 January 2018, its Chairman was appointed Vasily Voloshin, who since 2007 has headed the Moscow regional court. A few people from there was recommended new appeal. Even CCG has considered local candidates, as well as judges from other regions. Some "not local" I asked why they want to move. The most popular answer was "like the city", but the Board he didn't.

The Buyer purchased the new iPhone 6S, which in a year has failed. The examination confirmed that the cause of failure are production faults of the device. A consumer in court to collect from the importer of Apple technology phone cost, penalty and compensation of moral harm. Two instances confirmed validity of the claims of the injured buyer. But the defendant has appealed the decision to the Supreme court, pointing out that the plaintiff still did not return a defective product, although obliged to do so by law.

The Subject of the effectiveness of procedures applied in bankruptcy cases, does not come from the pages of legal publications and is Central for all professional conferences. Very often this question arises in relation to the size of satisfaction of requirements of creditors, the cost of the procedure, timing and activities of arbitration managers. However, rarely these aspects are discussed in relation to the bankruptcy of credit institutions and evaluating the effectiveness of the DIA as a liquidator. Moreover, citing a higher percentage of satisfaction of requirements of creditors of banks, activities of ASV is sometimes touted as more effective compared with conventional management.

Many who are in the age of experienced a turning point in the history of our country at the turn of 80-90-ies of the last century, it seems to be in the form of a bright flash that revealed previously unseen horizons and gave rise to the highest hopes. Then the focus of public attention, there was a whole galaxy of bright and outstanding individuals who became the embodiment of things to come, the heroes of his time. Many of them died, but their thoughts, their actions, like the light from extinguished stars that point us in the right direction of our movement to their stated ideals. One of such people, of course, was Yuri-Kalmyks.

Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation and the Association of lawyers of Russia hold a conference on "the Constitution of 1993: a challenge to Russia and the image of the future", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The conference will discuss the role and place of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the modern legal social state, identification of its potential and redefining values for Russia's further development, assessing compliance of the implemented concepts in the field of justice global challenges and digital society, joint search for new ideas and new conceptual approaches in international relations.

A Number of businessmen belong to this approach, customer centricity as questionable and overly Intrusive. However, such customer contact is considered to be one of the most effective and affecting actual sales. In addition, it is believed that to find a new customer is much harder than to re-receive the order from the old, but interact with old clients, we pay not so much time and most of the marketing efforts spent on the search for new. The approaching New year (and any other holiday) is a great reason to remind yourself to old clients and renew old ties.

In the United States conducted the first official study of the problems of lawyers, which is generally not accepted to speak in a professional environment: alcohol and drug addiction, mental problems and how to struggle with this company. Leading consultants responded reluctantly, but their responses were enough to demonstrate the problem. We also found out that is afraid of the employer, employees who abuse different kinds of substances. Here, the productivity loss was in last place.

Investigative Committee presented two special criminal charges for doctors in the summer of 2018, after it recorded a rise in the number of criminal cases against the health workers. Experts say: every year the measures applicable to doctors, tougher. Other risks of the medicine associated with a large number of checks, strict control over medical confidentiality, as well as with consumer extremism. How to treat people and not to go beyond the legal field, I understood at the conference "Pravogo" "Legal issues in medicine: regulation and judicial practice".

In October 2017, the Supreme court has offered the so-called "procedural revolution" – a massive package of amendments to the procedural codes. In June, the bill passed its first reading in the state Duma, and now the working group has proposed a significant amendment. So, from the text of the document will eliminate provisions for waiver of the reasoning parts of the decision in several cases. In addition, the requirements of professional representation will be phased, and the order notice parties in civil cases will not change. About these and other proposed changes, read our article.

If the notice of change of lender, no print, decrypt the signature and numbers means, according to the law, it is not delivered, decided the first instance in one of the cases. In other proceedings, the courts have invalidated the assignment, which was not payment, and changed to a new creditor without his knowledge. These and other errors had to be corrected for appeals and cassations. In their decisions they relied on the decision of Plenum VS from December 21, 2017 No. 54 "On certain issues of application of the provisions of Chapter 24 of GK of change of persons in the obligation under the transaction".

Number of banks disappeared in recent years in Russia is growing thanks to the policy of the Central Bank, and last year under reorganization were three large private credit institutions of our country ("Open", "Bank" and "Promsvyazbank"). The consequences of such actions of the regulator "cleaning up" the banking sector and whether it is possible to predict - who will be taken away the license - this was at the round table "Pravogo" talked to lawyers and economists. The first told about how private banks to protect themselves in case of inspections from the Central Bank.

Bank Customer has the right at any time to close your account – this is evidenced by the Civil code and the law on consumer protection. But can just as easily terminate the relationship with the Bank if the account is linked to a credit card with a large debt? Long time practice has been mixed: some courts have been willing to close the account – because of the obligation can be performed without it. Others, however, insisted that the contract with the customer connects a credit card and account together and shut it in the presence of debt is impossible. Which of the two approaches is correct, recalled sun.

"On the March long weekend is absolutely contraindicated to go to the movies. I prefer to have long home sofa uncomfortable seats theaters. The ability to put the movie on pause – it is generally one of the greatest achievements of the last decade!" – says Alexander Bolotnikov, associate Professor of the law faculty of Moscow state University. And advises to get out into nature and enjoy escaping the winter landscape, time to go to an exhibition or an interesting lecture. Plays and concerts, football and dance: something to do from 8 to 11 March and what events you should not miss, recommend readers "Pravogo" prominent lawyers.

Whether ignorance of the death of a grandmother to granddaughter to help restore the deadline for acceptance of inheritance? In practice notaries check the capacity of the applicant? Is it possible to prove that the will was covering a completely different transaction, and to invalidate it, provided that the testator was sane? The answers to these questions in the most interesting cases of inheritance and notaries, which are collected using the service for lawyers Caselook. A Moscow notary told how the heirs to find out whether drawn up a will, and gave advice on how to minimize the risk of its contestation.