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Economicology will consider the demand to annul the sale of the shares to relatives. In the civil division of the talk about the alleged deal - it is about the deed of gift, which was supposed to cover the actual sale of a share in apartment. Or rent. The plaintiff has put forward at once two versions. Also this week the Supreme court will examine case of ex-judge who was distracted with family disputes, and will understand, whether to involve another judge to administrative responsibility. Just next week the Supreme court is scheduled to consider disputes 56.

For centuries the courts have struggled as to whether insanity is a mental disorder, or is it the sinner turned to the dark side of the force. While some tried to enter into the situation of those who had gone mad, others just hung. But even now, in the twenty-first century, American justice is still not ready to accept insanity as an excuse for conflict with the law: impact and the inertia of the legislation, and the incompetence of the solicitors. About the state of Affairs in the US, speculate a former forensic psychologist and attorney Sam Haselby.

In November 2019 judge Elena Pereverzeva was walking in the woods with his girlfriend and recorded in her honor "humorous" greeting. A few months later, the video of this greeting is spread around the Internet, and the judge became the hero of news feeds. KKS in Krasnodar territory have decided that the conduct of a judge undermines the authority of the judiciary, and gave her to resign on their own. Not given to do so and the disciplinary Board of the Supreme court, which today upheld the claim Pereverzeva dismissed.

The Supreme court has released a great overview for the year 2020. It is 170 pages of the most important clarifications of the armed forces. It explains how to legalize the unauthorized construction, register a right to land or renew the lease in time to complete construction of the building. From the Review you can find out when you can obtain compensation for moral damages for the theft of a laptop or mobile phone. What documents do I need a lawyer to intervene in the case? How to seek a review of sentence in a criminal case? The answers to these and many other questions in "review of review" from "Pravogo".

The Company rented stalls in the underpass in the city centre. But the term of the contract is over, and the administration in writing asked for space to free. The company disagreed and went to plead with the owner. All this time she continued to pay for the pavilions and to make to them. Courts firm lost. And after three and a half years, the city administration filed a lawsuit "eviction". Three courts refused: they felt that the Treaty continues to operate. Sun explained why they are wrong.

17 Jul 2020 Higher qualification Collegium of judges supported the statement made by Oleg Sviridenko about retirement. He led economically the Supreme court since the day she started. The Collegium for economic disputes was replaced by the Supreme arbitration court. The succession of positions and the formation of new practices, uniformity of law enforcement and the breakthrough in the introduction of information technologies, the balance of private and public interests and the "constitutional" status of arbitration proceedings – discussing the main results, together with the experts.

Today economically the Supreme court considered two cases in which companies tried to prove that their spending on external consultants should be considered a loss. In both cases, opponents of the business made by state agencies. The first case concerned the recovery of transport costs, because the lawyer had to fly from the capital to meetings in region seven times back and forth. And in the second story it was about compensation for making a complaint at the pretrial stage. Experts explain, what are the difficulties of proof in such processes and told about the consequences of the decisions of the Supreme court to the practice of law.

In December 2019, the Supreme court said that the money for gift certificates to return. Then the sun explained that buyers have the right to return the money, which actually made the Deposit. This time in the sun have another case connected with the certificate. There are two instance applied the same approach, but missed the important details. For example, the buyer offered to come for the money, but he refused and went to court. Board on civil cases is disassembled, is it possible with this approach to speak about the unfairness and what to do with money.

The Developer was building luxury housing in the heart of Moscow and sold it to wealthy buyers, featuring sumptuous booklets. There were marble columns, decorative panels and so on. But, buying an apartment, the tenants found that the reality is not so beautiful. They ordered examination, and the specialist came to the conclusion that housing was to be 8.3% cheaper. This amount they demanded from the developer. Lawyers owners think this is a new way of protecting rights, and their opponents - that is "consumer terrorism".

The Company UC Rusal, founded by Oleg Deripaska, has demanded from the Board of Directors of Norilsk Nickel and Vladimir Potanin to change the leadership because of the accident in Norilsk. Before that for a few years, two major Russian businessman suing each other for shares of the Siberian company. Lawyers believe that the statement "RUSAL" is more of a political and public relations nature, and not legal. However, experts say that shareholders of Norilsk Nickel now has the right to file an indirect claim for the recovery of the company's management of losses incurred.

The Plenum of the armed forces have taken the decision to appeal and cassation proceedings in arbitration courts. Experts "Pravogo" I saw in the regulations are not only convenient systematization of already established rules – some new positions can solve the old problem of economic disputes. So, in the annulment will be easier to submit clarifications and additions, and appeals were forbidden to accept new evidence. And for both instances made obligatory audit of the decision on conformity to positions of the Supreme court.

A Practice in which an employer allows employees to periodically work from home de facto used for a long time - but it was not legislated. During a pandemic, the need to fix the established practice has increased. The result of the activity of the legislator: in the first, more General project about the distance from the Moscow city Duma, followed the initiative of the United Russia and the Federation Council with more detailed regulation that imposes new kinds of telecommuting and regulating the interaction between the employee and the employer. Understand what is offered to the deputies, what are the advantages of the initiative and what it creates ground for conflict.

Pandemic struck in many kinds of small and medium-sized businesses. Even if the company was lucky not to splurge so far - it may be not afford to pay for space in the same size. The law allows victims to tenants to reduce rent. How exactly to do it, tell the first Vice-President of the Association "sroo "Expert advice" Vladimir Lebedinsky and managing partner of the expert group VETA Ilya Zharskiy. They came up with eight methods that you can adopt.

After the pandemic coronavirus began to decline, some countries have decided to ease earlier restrictions. Mainly it concerned the opening of cafes, restaurants and other public establishments. The exception was England. Where lawmakers only further tightened earlier activities. For example, forbidden to meet at night from two or more people. In many other countries – Germany, France, USA – regions enjoy a wide margin and will adjust the restrictions or exemptions depending on the dynamics of morbidity.

The new Draft of the administrative code, who published the Justice Department promoted the use of warnings as a form of punishment. This measure in many cases will have to replace the fines. Relief will follow for businesses, which lawmakers reduced the maximum period of administrative arrest. In addition, the authorities lost the opportunity to attract the company and its officials for committing the same administrative offence at the same time. Nevertheless, lawyers are still the questions to the initiative of the Ministry of justice.