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The act has no direct rules to resolve the situation: "turns on" whether the procedure of compulsory redemption in accordance with article 84.8 of the law "On joint stock companies", if the shares were purchased from the affiliate. If the law on this score is nothing, it does not mean that the foreclosure is legitimate, decided sun. From a systematic interpretation of the law, it follows that compulsory purchase in such circumstances would not be consistent with the legal nature of this mechanism, which is aimed, primarily, at protecting minority shareholders.

In the last week of autumn the Supreme court will consider the case 132. The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet will consider returning some of the ECHR cases in which the Strasbourg court found the facts of police violence. Civilian Board will understand whether you need to take away a pension from someone she had already been paid, and considers how much life is killed in police custody of his son. In the criminal bar – it is the anglers who caught at his ship FSB and received three years in prison. And economically planned an interesting debate in business for 151 billion: the judges have to deal, could the court of cassation to send the case for review.

Last scheduled for 2019 session of the Supreme kvalifikaciyi judges will take place from 18 to 22 November. CCG will consider candidates for the two heads of the collegiums of the Supreme court to select the Chairman of the courts at different levels, to consider candidates to judge new courts and examine the pleas of the judicial powers already lost. Among those who complained to the Vienna Convention, a businessman who was competing with Vyacheslav Lebedev, the chair of President of the Supreme court, and the judge, who was stripped of the mantle because of the scandalous video with naked woman. Learn more in our review.

The Company went bankrupt and liquidated, but the debt remained outstanding – as it usually happens. Other individuals bought the rights requirements and has decided to stand in the register of creditors. But the courts turned them down, because the exclusion of the company from the register means a halt to all of its liabilities. The Supreme court was of a different opinion. He explained why the debts of liquidated companies continue to "live". Lower courts to interpret the law literally, but economically addressed the meaning of the rules, he said. Her clarification to help creditors against unscrupulous debtors.

Bankruptcy has long ceased to be a simple judicial procedure of liquidation of the debtor. Now it is complex, full of various legal institutions and branches of law process. FTB by volume not inferior to the codes, and when represent the interests of any person that is a party to bankruptcy proceedings, you need to have a huge civic knowledge and skills. As noticed in the legal community, if you want to "pump" the rule of law, lead it through bankruptcy. This tells partner of ART DE LEX.

A Lawyer is the best friend of a successful musician. Committed to terminate a disadvantageous contract with the record company, to protect themselves from accusations of plagiarism, or, conversely, to obtain compensation for it. Several processes in America has created new precedents and enactments, changed the rules of the music industry worldwide. This was written by the author of the ABA Journal, Victor Lee. He took the comments of the lawyers who represent the interests of musicians. Did they say why George Harrison played the guitar in the courtroom, why Metallica was suing a torrent website and how court case of one hip-hop group made possible the animated series "South Park" and "family Guy".

It Often happens that the small homes a few owners. They even relatives are labour, and strangers to get along even harder. These neighbors can apply to the court to determine the order of use of premises. But hard courts to resolve such disputes where in a small living space unfolding conflicts, and people suffer from serious diseases. What kind of compensation may count non-resident owner, said sun. And the lawyers said, when you can avoid the payment of compensation and that still have the right side of the conflict.

The Legislator is thinking how to reduce the burden on courts and make it easier for those penalties where there is usually little controversy. One such project relates to the tax debt and the other debts on a salary. But some experts believe that nothing will change, and explained his point of view. Another bill softens liability for drivers who unintentionally left the scene of an accident, but still run the risk of losing the right to up to six years. In addition, the legislator suggested a way of dealing with violations at registration of messages on crimes – law enforcement officers can refuse to accept them.

At the event, "enforcement: the current state and development vectors" experts discussed how to improve debt collection through new technology and reform the legislation for this. Russian police officers shared some statistics that shows how increased the number of citizens in our country who can not travel abroad because of unpaid debts. And the head of the Federal bailiff service said the need for the introduction of criminal liability for some of the unscrupulous actions of debtors.

On 22 July, began a regular meeting of the CCG, which received the approval of the 15 candidates for the posts of chairmen and Vice-chairmen of arbitration courts. The new Chairman can get as the Moscow region, 4th AAS in Chita and 11th in Samara. In Samara the court were three candidates. The Supreme court has approved two of them and a recommendation from the head of the court received only one. Well, vkks has made its choice. In addition, it considered the candidature of economcally the Supreme court. Wishing explained why her performance of "somewhat worse than on the court."

When you can not pay the state duty for filing in court? To what extent is impossible to reduce the penalty for a tax offence? Can husband to compensation for moral damages for the death of his wife from medical errors? The answers to these and many other questions – in the second review of the practice of the Supreme court in 2019. On page 151 of the document was a place for the most important positions in criminal, civil and administrative cases and economic disputes. In the document came disputes and for 2017 and 2018, and 2019.

Man left the family and broke the relationship with her daughter. His character was complex, and therefore she did not communicate with him when he grew up. Such arguments daughter tried to convince the court to restore a missed deadline for acceptance of the inheritance after his father's death. She learned about it only after a year. It took the sister of the deceased, which in time issued the inheritance on themselves and not told the notary about the "rival". The appeal decided that it excuse daughter, and ordered to return to her inheritance – the house and home. The error corrected by the Supreme court. The case came to the second survey aircraft in 2019.

Lawyers in the top five of the most popular professions in Russia: they were on the fourth line of the rating of the Ministry of labour, giving the sellers-cashiers, cooks and teachers. The main reason for the demand – turnover, and the second is receiving new orders or expanding production. "Pravogo" I learned that I think about it lawyers. They explained why the demand for lawyers will not drop and will only increase. At the same time for the future of the profession is threatened is not only the development of artificial intelligence.

In the appeal to the Director of the company failed to prove that the guarantee of billions – it is a regular business, not a big deal, as claimed by the minority shareholders of the company. However, ASGM initially recognized the big deal. At the meeting of the Arbitration court of the Moscow district minority shareholders insisted that bail bonds are a big deal on two criteria. Judges of the district court, after hearing all the arguments of the parties, deferred the dispute for a month. And after this period the parties to the proceedings announced negotiations between them. But the first appeal decided otherwise.

2 September 2019 not only will the work of the appeal and cassation courts of General jurisdiction, but will enter into force changes in AIC and GIC. Change the term of consideration of cases in first instance and the time during which it is possible to recover the missing time. To represent the interests in the arbitration process will only be qualified lawyers. But it is unclear how it will participate, for example, a tax inspector, who has no law degree, but he checks. In addition, there are new prejudice and new rules for disqualification of judges of arbitration courts.