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Review of the jurisprudence issued by the Supreme court December 6, explains when you can and cannot attract the liquidator to administrative responsibility. In one case, the courts explained why it is necessary to apply a special rule to punish the Manager, and the other explained, when the violation is not considered ongoing.

The Bill was prepared with the aim of increasing the liability of the carrier in case of forced refusal of the passenger from air carriage in connection with the delayed departure. If the delay is more than three hours, the passenger shall be refunded the fee for the ticket.

, the Supreme court issued a judicial review "About some questions arising by consideration by arbitration courts of Affairs about the administrative offences provided for by Chapter 14 of the administrative code". The document explains how to punish a store for the sale of alcohol at night, can you run a kindergarten without an educational license, but as a pharmacy to sell drugs without a prescription.

If a meeting of residents decided that the only Parking for owners – is it available to tenants, with the consent of the landlord? In one of the HOA decided that no, the punishment has deactivated the remotes from the barrier. The owner appealed against it in court. Two courts ruled in favor of the HOA, but the Supreme court reversed their decision and explained what violations they saw.

Yuri Rahimmula in 2016, was fined 500 rubles for speeding, but the resolution of the fine came after the 20-day period of discounts under article 32.2 of the administrative code. The courts refused to restore grace period payment, and in fact had to understand the Constitutional court.

ASGM under one of the bankruptcy cases will consider the request for inclusion in the bankruptcy estate of cryptocurrency, which belongs to a physical person. This was announced by the liquidator Alexei Leonov, speaking at the conference "Bitcoin and other products blockchain technology as intellectual property", his words leads to RAPE.

The constitutional court announced the decision on the appeal of four women working in the North. They sought recognition unconstitutional provisions, which are set for employees working in adverse conditions, the same social guarantees as any other.

What awaits the real estate developers and real estate investors in 2018, how will the transition to project financing and how much more expensive housing for a buyer with changes in legislation? Talked about the participants of the conference "development and construction: legal issues", organized by the

Is it Necessary to register the building at the purchase and sale of monetary debts from shareholders? Who will pay fines for traffic violation if the car was sold, but not extended to the police? Can I force a former Director to pay the loan company if he vouched for her only at that time, while working at the firm? These questions put before the Supreme court.

The Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) asked the government: the Union asks to remove the dedicated telephone communication network, from the application of the "law of Spring". These networks are used by top managers of ALROSA, OAO Russian Railways and LUKOIL and other companies, reports "Kommersant".

This week will be remembered for the first time held in Russia legal forum of the BRICS countries, as well as news from the constitutional court, which forbade suspended sentence, to participate in elections and to apply the decisions of the armed forces for the deteriorating situation of the taxpayer. This week the sun held two meetings of the plenary, which explained the controversial issues of judicial practice.

Ministry of internal Affairs issued a clarification regarding whether citizens have the right to remove employees of the traffic police. The need for clarification associated with the adoption of the new regulations, the traffic police, which does not prohibit employees to prevent such actions.

DNA examination was used in the investigation of crimes in the 20th century. Today it is getting closer to the routine and the technology is so improved that it is possible to detect tiny particles of DNA. As DNA appears at the crime scene, how compelling evidence can be considered a DNA examination and the dangerous improvement of the method?

Prosecutors summed up the results for 9 months of 2017 on appeals against decisions in criminal cases. The Agency discussed the reasons for the cancellations and changes of judicial decisions in the courts of appeal, as the appeal submissions, and in the absence of measures of prosecutorial response.

"We were illegally detained, beating and openly stole some of the documents, in our homes and in the office held a series of searches," "took aside and promised in case of further appearance to personally beat" is not the exposure of the detective, and the real history of practicing lawyers. About what they had encountered during their activities, read the material.