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It was voted our readers in the study conducted by "Pravogo" together with the UK "law and business" and "NAPCO Consultants". The survey has once again confirmed that the majority of participants of the market of legal services, on the one hand, I do not believe in their honesty and transparency, and with another – is not considered effective and necessary to appeal against illegal results.

The Federal Antimonopoly service will become tougher to regulate trading platforms for the use of pricing algorithms. For non-prescription companies can limit the use of their intellectual property on the territory of Russia, reports "Kommersant".

Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) introduced the concept of regulation of the market of mobile devices stolen or illegally imported smartphones and tablets will be tracked by the IMEI number, in addition, buyers will have to register imported into the territory of the country gadgets, reports "Kommersant".

The Law on regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies in Russia should be "transparent and easy" and also not to assume too severe restrictions on the circulation of digital money, according to the Ministry of economic development. Based on these considerations, the Ministry will prepare amendments to the document that was recently presented by the Ministry of Finance.

The U.S. Congress introduced the "Kremlin report". Despite expectations, it included not 50, and 210 people, one way or another close to the Kremlin and the Russian President. Congress has previously noted that getting into report does not mean a one-time imposition of sanctions, however, increased attention on the part of American politicians is inevitable.

Land for Parking subject to state cadastral evaluation has identified the land as "for objects of trade, public catering and consumer services". Tenant Parking is not agreed with this decision and began to assure that the property should be attributed to another category with a lower cadastral value. Sun explained that you need to navigate the courts in such disputes.

Anti-monopoly service intends to tighten control over online retailers. - "VKontakte" made the ban on the uncontrolled use of user data for commercial purposes. - Russia and Belarus are preparing an agreement on mutual recognition of visas. - The chamber has proposed to limit officials in foreign consultants. - The smartphone market will protect from smuggling

Economicology decides whether the translation of the credit debt on an unreliable borrower of the Bank. The sun will specify what the court will consider the criminal case of a judge Makhach Aliev, who is accused of receiving bribes. The sun will set, when banks can not give its customers the money held on Deposit. Sun again will examine the legality of the order of e-filing the document in SOY.

The Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg charges from the construction company "dal'piterstroy" RUB 1.1 billion for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under contracts of shared construction. The lawsuit was filed in as the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In the framework of bankruptcy proceedings of the citizen "Industrial savings Bank" has addressed in court with the statement for inclusion in the register of creditors of the debtor, Vazgen Vanesyan, its cash requirements, provided with pledge of property of the debtor, – the land and the dwelling house.

What it depends on payment discipline of management companies as "MIPC" is supplied with debtors and when they should be scared of a lawsuit, who is most often guilty of poor-quality utility service and why management companies are not in a hurry to repair faulty obschedomovye counters - said the head of the legal Department “of the Moscow energy company” Mikhail Bychkov.

Victims of economic crimes can now protect their property interests. Now an appeal with the civil suit in accordance with article 54 of the criminal procedure code does not preclude the presentation to the person in fault a separate claim in civil proceedings. About new trends in a newspaper column says Daniel Bukharin, the lawyer "Freytak and Sons."

Economcally the Supreme court corrected the decision of the lower court, which forbade the company to write off old bad debts in the later period. This issue was already solved in practice, lawyers say. At the same time, an entirely new limited right to correct accounting errors in a different period. Before YOU and the Ministry of Finance was more loyal to the taxpayer.

Vkks overturned the decision of the KKS Kabardino-Balkar Republic on refusal in initiation of proceedings against a judge of the Nalchik city court Muhammad Almazova, who oversaw the "Chernobyl case". His former colleague, vinosense decisions in these cases were more fortunate with the refusal to initiate proceedings in her case vkks agreed.

At plenary session of judicial Council the judiciary discussed, in what stage is the development of norms of workload for judges, how courts are prepared to consider cases with participation of jurors and what issues most concern the judges. Representatives of the FPA and the HRC outlined its issues, for which solutions need consolidation with the judiciary.