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The CPS is asked to take action against consumer extremism: buyers can benefit through the online stores with legislation on protection of consumer rights. A letter from the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) reviewed RIA Novosti.

Can we consider bitcoin property and to include in the bankruptcy estate during a bankruptcy? This question arose under the bankruptcy case. At today's meeting in ASGM explained why it is important to resolve this issue in court. But the debtor told the judge that a crypto with it and why not to include this asset in the bankruptcy estate.

The Legal status of cryptocurrencies in Russia is not yet regulated, but among our citizens now you can meet the owners of the new asset. As various state agencies want to regulate a new area and that includes the Finance Ministry's proposals on this subject? Talk about it, and Russian lawyers explain what you can count money with a legal point of view.

If in Russia the rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies are still being developed, in many States they have long been adopted and work successfully. Told in the form of cards, in which countries you can exchange bitcoins for currency, and where you will not be able to even open the crypto. Special attention is given to regulation in Belarus.

Ex-judge of the Krasnooktyabrskiy district court of Volgograd Irina Melikhova filed a complaint with the constitutional court. She intends to appeal a number of laws designed to deprive the judge of the mantle for violations that can be tolerated including staff members or Chairpersons of the courts, knows to "Kommersant".

Ex-the Governor of the Kirov region was sentenced to eight years in prison. - CAS has cancelled the Olympic disqualification of the majority of Russian athletes. - Russia became the fifth in the world in the complexity of the repayment of corporate debt. - The volume of cash in Russia decreased by half. - The constitutional court complained on the procedure of bringing judges to disciplinary responsibility

The European court of human rights (ECHR) communicated and transmitted to the government of Russia questions on the complaint of rufer Vladimir Podrezova, who was convicted in the case of painting the stars on the skyscraper Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow in colors of Ukrainian flag. This "Pravogo" said lawyer of an International human rights group "Agora" Damir Gainutdinov.

In the Stavropol Krai, the Investigative Committee has finished investigation of criminal case concerning the scientist-lawyer Larissa Svechnikova. She is accused of slandering the Deputy Chairman of the Stavropol regional court Oleg Kozlova and the judge of the city court of St. George's Helen Rossin.

The Government is very strict about statement on the account as needing a residential area or to receive lump-sum social payments to purchase housing. So, a person may be denied due to incomplete documents or if he deliberately worsened their housing conditions, for example, has sold the house or was discharged from there. This was told recently by the Supreme court.

It was voted our readers in the study conducted by "Pravogo" together with the UK "law and business" and "NAPCO Consultants". The survey has once again confirmed that the majority of participants of the market of legal services, on the one hand, I do not believe in their honesty and transparency, and with another – is not considered effective and necessary to appeal against illegal results.

The Federal Antimonopoly service will become tougher to regulate trading platforms for the use of pricing algorithms. For non-prescription companies can limit the use of their intellectual property on the territory of Russia, reports "Kommersant".

Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) introduced the concept of regulation of the market of mobile devices stolen or illegally imported smartphones and tablets will be tracked by the IMEI number, in addition, buyers will have to register imported into the territory of the country gadgets, reports "Kommersant".

The Law on regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies in Russia should be "transparent and easy" and also not to assume too severe restrictions on the circulation of digital money, according to the Ministry of economic development. Based on these considerations, the Ministry will prepare amendments to the document that was recently presented by the Ministry of Finance.

The U.S. Congress introduced the "Kremlin report". Despite expectations, it included not 50, and 210 people, one way or another close to the Kremlin and the Russian President. Congress has previously noted that getting into report does not mean a one-time imposition of sanctions, however, increased attention on the part of American politicians is inevitable.

Land for Parking subject to state cadastral evaluation has identified the land as "for objects of trade, public catering and consumer services". Tenant Parking is not agreed with this decision and began to assure that the property should be attributed to another category with a lower cadastral value. Sun explained that you need to navigate the courts in such disputes.