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The constitutional court will consider the appeal of Boris Ilyin. He challenges the constitutionality of the provisions that bind the liberation of the suspect or the accused is not a time of judgment, and with the time of receipt of the decision on the release by the administration of places of detention.

The Complaint of the former Chairman of the Board Dmitry Shilyaeva Bank "Ugra" about the legality of the interim administration remained unsatisfied. This decision was made by the Ninth arbitration court of appeal on Monday, January 15, reported in the files of arbitration cases.

The Supreme qualification Collegium of judges has published a tentative agenda of the next session from 22 to 26 January. According to her, on Wednesday, January 24, CCG will have to consider 10 complaints from the judges or their representatives and from unsuccessful candidates for judgeships. Two complaints filed by the representatives of the Investigative Committee.

CCG will consider, on 22 January, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin about consent on excitation of criminal case against a judge of the Yaroslavl regional court Dmitry Potolitsyna. Last summer, the judge killed a pedestrian, and now he is charged with part 3 of article 264 of the criminal code ("Violation of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles").

"Pravogo" tells you about the most important news in the legal sphere. We are monitoring the jurisprudence of the Supreme and constitutional courts, write about significant disputes, analyze the old laws and notice new. We offer together with us to remember the most important thing that happened in the old year, as well as materials that may have caused you, our readers, the greatest interest.

Deputies of the state Duma saw in the rejection of the bill by the Federation Council on the humane treatment of animals in the preparation of hunting birds and dogs of potential conflict of interests of senators because of their own specialized businesses. It was decided to routinely check the information about the interest of the members of the Federation Council.

A Major distributor of pharmaceuticals were collected from online pharmacies for 37.6 mln of debt payment of goods. The defendant denied that he received the disputed parties. Three courts decided that the electronic documents do not confirm the fact of delivery: it was necessary to issue paper duplicates. Distributor disagreed and reached the sun. At the meeting of the judges asked tough questions of the lawyer of the buyer.

"Kremlin report" will be submitted to Congress by the administration in the near future, it will consist of a "blacklist" of high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen, reports "Kommersant" with reference to own sources in Washington. According to the publication, the list will include about 50 people.

The Central Bank has supported the position of the banking community on the draft law "On financial Ombudsman for consumers of financial services organizations." Thus, hovering in the Duma indefinitely the document gets the chance for adoption this spring.

The 9th arbitration appeal court confirmed legitimacy of the decision and prescription of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), which were issued by the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN). Claims antimonopolschikov arose from the restriction of competition in the sale of goods to prisoners in jail.

Is it Possible to charge a premium that an employer pays regularly, if you convince the court that this payment is required? It tried to do employee of a major Bank, filed a lawsuit for 100 000 RUB, the Appeal stood at his side, but the Supreme court have to fix it. The experts analyzed the failures of the Bank and give advice in such matters to both companies and their employees.

Arbitration will deal with the use of cryptocurrency in the bankruptcy proceedings. - The constitutional court will examine the mass arrests of protesters. - Borrowers allowed to receive loans without account opening. - Business will be obliged to pay for the restoration of forests. - Officials allowed not to declare digital assets. - Government experts called regions with a suspicious public procurement.

From 1 November 2017 for arbitration arbitration in Russia, a new era began. Now to consider arbitration disputes in our country can only arbitral institution, received permission from the government. Because of this, the number of ships in the country decreased by more than a hundred times. What fate awaits the updated legal institution in Russia in the coming years-say the experts.

Perhaps one of the major legal events of the year - the Plenum of the Supreme court, 3 October 2017, on which sun proposed to abandon the reasoning of most judicial decisions. The decision is explained by the statistics of cases. In addition, was supported by one of the options legal monopoly on representation in the courts. We remind the main points in the form of simple cards.

"Pravogo" for several years followed the Supreme court decisions in which the drivers returned rights because of procedural violations. We have chosen the most common errors that allow paramedics, police and judges. If in your business, are available, the reversal of the judicial act of deprivation of rights becomes only a matter of time.