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Publishing house of the "School world" Newspaper "Primary education" Kyiv city teacher's house October 28, 2014 - Day newspaper "Primary education " . Us - 15" (the Event will take place at the address: Kiev, Vladimirskaya street, 57.) Dear colleagues! We invite you on a professional holiday! the program includes lectures by scholars, "a Kaleidoscope of ideas, workshops, workshop, training and exhibition-sale of educational literature. 8:30 - 9:50 registration of participants. 9:50 -10:00 opening of the event. 10:00 -11:00 - Performance scientific laboratory staff primary education the Institute of education of NAPS of Ukraine. 11:00 -12:00 - "Kaleidoscope of ideas". 12:00 -12:20 - break. 12:20 - the beginning of the workshops. "Kaleidoscope of ideas" This...

Newspaper POSALS" INVITES the Methodists, the leaders of THE school educational institutions the Seminar-training "Director of creative Association: functions, roles, repertoire of competencies" October 24, 2014 Kyiv city teacher's house (address: , Kyiv, Vladimirskaya street, 57, Kim. 103, lecture hall ) Number of participants: 20-30 people Time: 10.00 - 13.00 (3 h) Presenter of the seminar-training - Kovanic Galina Grigoryevna , Methodist CHA Svyatoshinsky district, Kiev. the Program of the seminar-training Objective: increase awareness of the heads of creative associations. Job: the analysis of the main legal documents with out-of-school education in the context of the seminar; to familiarize the teachers with modern approaches to the organization of...

Publishing house of the "School world" only from October 15 to November 15, 2014 maintains subscriptions to their publications at reduced prices for 2015. On joining, You will receive the following discounts: when you subscribe for 3 months - 5% when you subscribe for 6 months - 8% when you subscribe for 12 months - 10% to subscribe, you can: Sending a letter with the application form by email: Zatelefonovat: 044 284 24 50 067 408 84 73 are Waiting for Your orders, the sales Department of the publishing house "School world". SETS Title kit Minimum overpayment (maximum 12 months). the Price of 3 months. the Cost with 5% discount the Price of 6 months. the Cost with 8% discount the Price of...

With the assistance of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists Under the auspices of the European Association of Psychotherapists supported by the Department of education and science, youth and sports and health care Department of Executive body of Kyiv city Council KCSA " Identity and family " 17 - 19 October 2014 Kiev We invite you to participate in this Congress all, who in their activities professionally helps children to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Who is next to them in the way of their growing up and becoming self-sufficient individual. Your participation is important to us, You make your contribution to every family TODAY! This event will be Mustansir the West to Ukraine in 2014 the Aim of the Congress is to bring attention to...

20th August 2014 at the Kiev University named after Boris Grinchenko held its annual August conference of the Methodist RSMC, chairmen of the RMI, teachers of history and law, Kiev on the topic "Features of the study of history and jurisprudence in secondary schools in the 2014 - 2015 school year". Traditionally, the conference was held in several stages. First, the teachers attended the plenary session, after which he continued working in sections. At the plenary session were: 1. Michael Wojciechowski, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor, Director of Institute of postgraduate pedagogical education of Kyiv University. Boris Grinchenko. In his speech, Mikhail Fedorovich congratulated with the beginning of new academic year. Director of the...

Glided summer holidays and the autumn came. the First day of autumn in Ukraine holiday. Knowledge day is joyful not only for the participants of the educational process, but also for all citizens, because each of us once was in high school. Usually 1 September in their educational institutions in a hurry not only students, but also the graduates of previous years. It is interesting to communicate with former classmates and teachers, to remember his youth. However, the beginning of the academic year in Ukraine are not always accounted for 1 September. In Ukrainian schools traditionally began on 14 December, the Day of the prophet Nahum. At this time ended in agricultural work and children can begin training. According to popular notions, Naum-patron of mind...

Previews of the newspaper "Primary education. Lessons". July-August-September 2014 № 7, July Preparing for our first lesson no 8, August Experience of primary school teachers of gymnasium № 143, Kiev № 9, September the Lessons of ratification

Previews of the newspaper "World literature". July-August 2014 № 13, July Calendar-thematic planning in the world literature. 7-9 classes Jobs for the control and independent works of world literature. 6-th class № 15 - 16 August Calendar-thematic planning lessons of world literature. 10-11 classes Philosophical and pedagogical concept of postmodernism

Previews of the newspaper "Mathematics". July-August 2014 № 13, July Control work in geometras pupils of 9 classes with profound studying of mathematics Interesting ancient sposobina No.14, July Program in mathematical circle for students in grades 5-6 Irrational inequality Beautiful world geometry № 1 5, sir stump Instructional letter about the study of mathematics in 2014-2015 ay

Previews of the newspaper "Health and physical culture". July-August 2014 № 13 -14, July Indicative calendar thematic planning for physical education. 3rd-4th classes № 1 5 August Indicative calendar thematic planning for physical education. 3rd-4th classes (end) Physical development of the adolescent. Trainings on health 7 class № 16, August Methodological letters on the basics of health and physical education List of educational programs and educational-methodical manuals recommended by the Ministry of education for use in secondary schools in 2013/2014 school year Variable module "Pankration with elements of hand-to-hand fight". The 10-11th classes Lessons on the basics of health for 6th grade

The Announcement of the newspaper "History of Ukraine". July 2014 № 13 Culture of Ukraine in the period of new economic policy. Materials to the subject. Academic level. 10-th class № 14 the First world war: the public mood of the population History of the Holocaust. The program is optional course for 10th and 11th grades of secondary schools.

The Announcement of the newspaper "Informatics". July 2014 № 13 Services Web-2.0 in professional activity of teachers of Informatics Google Tools for teachers course Program "Step to Informatics", 2-4 classes configuration details iOS and Android, which you did not know

Previews of the newspaper "Teacher". July-August 2014 No.14, July Sanitary-hygienic requirements, zdarovabrogyagi technology № 15, August Gifted child № 16, August teachers ' Meeting: classical and modern

Previews of the newspaper "kindergarten. Management". July-August 2014 № 7, July From kindergarten to school threshold Modern approaches to legal education of preschool children no 8, August Brainstorm brain ring on legal education

Previews of the newspaper "kindergarten. Art". July-August 2014 № 7, July Variety of musical styles Zoo Poems and legends no 8, August Gay travelers the circus Motion for health