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Vyacheslav Scoble: about creativity, about life and other nonsense, giving advice: how to live on the Internet, how to survive and what to do with all this

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Chinese brand Xiaomi is not particularly needed in advertising, the first smartphone they released not long ago - in 2011 and has now captured a significant share of the global market, offering consumers more than three dozen phones and tablets. first, cell phones have proven themselves as xiaomi phones with high quality screen, simple design and capacious battery. However, European customers can expect a banal "the cat in the bag": in pursuit of the lowest price in the market you can find devices designed for the domestic China market. Often it is not just a necessity in the firmware of the device itself, but also the low quality components. What officially certified, Xiaomi smartphones different from those intended for the domestic Chinese market? What...

Popular and lucidly explains what cryptocurrency is and how to start mine without special equipment and knowledge. Money you can withdraw in rubles (Qiwi wallet), and in bitcoins! Minimum for a withdrawal - just a few rubles. Not earn much, but as a textbook - will fit!