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To leave need to be serious about, especially if you are an inveterate workaholic. Remember, your excessive love of the work not only affects you and your health, but also on family and relationships. So quickly write an application for leave and go to rest. But how? As you will be spending your vacation depends on your work. If [...]

Psychologists proved that every person, the person who wants to achieve success and it does not matter what - must love and respect yourself. Whether you are 15 or 80, no matter what you stage of life - love and respect yourself. Unloving yourself the person does not feel comfortable. Constantly there is a sense of guilt, for no apparent reason. Mania to seek justification or [...]

We often seems very difficult or even impossible to achieve your goal. And so often this is not true, if it is implemented, the real goal that can be realized. Surely You already have heard about the theory of "small steps". In one of the regular interview Steve jobs (founder of Apple and Pixar studios) opened this theory, he [...]

When there are cracks on the heels, just need to see a specialist. But if you know that you are healthy, it is necessary to understand what causes your heels. The reason may lie as in Shoe, and in not proper care. When you notice that your skin is coarse - do not hesitate. Soften the skin on the heels Soften the skin [...]

Constant and prolonged work at the computer very much affects our vision. Of course, the LCD screen and goggles to protect from radiation, but his eyes still tired. The accumulated tension can be removed with a few simple eye exercise: relax, close your eyes and imagine something good; clockwise make a circular motion with the eyes; move your eyes left and [...]

For proper motivation offer 6 rules (steps): Imagine your future: Create a picture of the future: your life, your home, your work, what you do, those around you and not just what you see but what you feel in this moment, what sensations and feelings. It helps You achieve your goals, as [...]

Neurobio - exercise for the mind, aerobics, which improves mental activity of the brain. In the exercise of neurobic there is nothing complicated, just standing habitual and routine cases to perform in an unusual way: to change the usual routes, develop spatial memory. When you walk or ride the same roads, the brain learns memory Satupaitea; change hands - develop intelligence. If you are familiar [...]

Stop waiting! Stop something from someone to wait. Will suffice. When you expect or demand anything from the person you are unhappy, because you hope. In the hope that the expectations will come true - you live, and if they don't come true - sad, true - trite phrase: "I knew it" and not the effect. Stop waiting. Live one day. [...]

As a rule, we never teach zemlevedenia: in school and at the University there is no such object, and purely parents don't go into it. Most often, or almost always, we take the example of parents (as they do educate us). Well, when attention is paid, and mom and dad, but it happens that a woman with children and a man: "I [...]

The Influence of society on the human brain is simply unbelievable. As a man, even a strong spirit and reasonable, can easily succumb to the environment and most of all why? To be normal! And what does it mean to be normal? In "the people" means to be like everyone else. All are iGO, don't you? "Are you crazy? This fashionable!" Don't listen to Kartashova [...]

Good day! Being an entrepreneur has been repeatedly faced with the necessity of finding new business ideas. I think that it was facing most small businesses. For many people who decided to open his own business often it became an impossible task. Why is this happening? In this article we will try to figure it out and I will share some experience in this problemara, is a fairly common mistake [...]

Financial independence Ratio is a measure of wealth. He comes from dividing expenditures on passive income. The above K. F. N. the fact you are closer to financial freedom. Take all measures to increase this ratio, because it is a direct path to financial well-being. learn More about financial independence ratio you learn from this article. Pleasant reading.

Thinking is formed two-way communication thinking and behavior. That is, how do you think depends on the behavior, and your behavior directly depends on thinking. Everything seems so confusing, but it's not. Everything is much more complicated. From this article, you will learn what "misoneism", as well as how to change your thinking by changing their behavior.

Become financially free person to everyone. Many famous and not famous, but no less successful personalities have proved it. They believe in themselves and achieve their goals and desires. From the article, you will learn the success stories of some of my friends.

Don't have to be a genius, a bandit or a Deputy (though, the bandits from the deputies do not differ), to become financially independent person. Each of us may lose handcuffs, and to live as your heart desires. Moreover, any man worthy to gain financial freedom, you have to find the trail leading to it. The one who does not have his personal time, he is a slave. Especially now, when all the roads open. Get what I want. Work where you want and as much as I want. This is the true credo of a free man.