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Square Enix and Avalanche Studio has unveiled a new cinematic trailer for Just Cause 4 called "the eye of the storm". Before hardened agent Rico Rodriguez is a new impossible task is to find out the true cause of death of his father. And the answers to their questions he could find only on the island of Solis, which literally bursting at the seams due to recurring conflicts, natural disasters and enduring the tyranny of Gabriela Morales. The video debuted as part of the monthly transfer Inside Xbox at the exhibition X018 in Mexico city. Title music track Artizan — I'm Just (Remix) was written specifically to Just Cause 4. The release of Just Cause 4 will be on December 4...

Under X018 Microsoft has officially confirm the rumors about the purchase of the Studio Obsidian Entertainment, and also announced another surprise acquisition of a Studio inXile Entertainment. Fresh work is a newly inXile released The Bard's Tale 4: Barrows Deep, and currently the Studio is working on Wasteland 3. The last project is the Obsidian Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, which, according to rumors, extremely unsuccessfully acted in the sale. As stated by Microsoft, both studios will continue to operate independently and maintain its established culture. Without a doubt, inXile and Obsidian will take internal projects for Microsoft.

Very soon in a Sea of Thieves will be a new Arena mode that will allow new players to fight multiplayer pirate adventure. This was announced at the event X018. In the rapid rounds of the Arena players will participate in a kind of race for the treasure. In addition, the update adds a new tavern and trading company. Players will be able to accomplish new achievements, earn rewards and get new ways to get Pirate legends. The new regime promised in the beginning sleduushee.

In the framework of the live broadcast from the event X018 were announced a strategic Void Bastards shooter inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2. Void Bastards you have to hold prisoners, "Hollow of the ark" through the dangerous Nebula of Sargasso. The gameplay is based on the mechanics of decision-making, so you will decide when and where to engage in battle, to develop military capabilities to control the ship, collect resources and craft tools. The game will be released as a console exclusive on Xbox One, and PC.

As previously reported, Microsoft obespechivaet official Xbox One support keyboard and mouse. It will happen this week, the company announced on X018 over the weekend. Selected titles will be available to subscribers to Xbox Insider. One of the first games that support keyboard and mouse on Xbox One will be Fortnite, which will join the previously announced Warframe. Gradually the support will appear and in the following games: Bomber Crew Children of Morta DayZ Deep Rock Galactic Minion Master Moonlighter Strange Brigade Vermintide Vigor 2 War Thunder Warface Wargroove X-Morph Defense in addition, Microsoft announced partnership with Razer to work on official peripherals for Xbox One. We also wrote previously.

During the last weekend of the exhibition X018 company Deep Silver and 4A Games Studio has revealed a collector's edition Metro Exodus. Exclusive set "Collector's edition soldier of Sparta" is made of high quality materials and is available for pre-order in limited edition only in the Internet-store of the company "Buka". The structure of the publication will include the following items: a diorama of a premium quality. In a highly detailed, hand-painted diorama with a height of 27 cm shows a scene from the first trailer of the game where Artyom goes from a deadly guardian. Each diorama has a unique number. Authentic token fighter "Sparta" — an exact copy of the soldier's badge Artem. Collectible postcard "Memories of Artem". The most expensive Artem items...

The Company Bandai Namco released the game 11-11: Memories Retold, a story about the events of the First world war a century after its completion, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Deeply emotional story told through the joint efforts of Aardman studios and DigixArt, will introduce the events of a century ago and will look at them with two very different sides of the same conflict. You take in their hands the fate of a young canadian photographer Harry, thrill-hungry, and the German engineer Kurt who went in search of his son. You will find an incredible journey in which intricately intertwined peace and hopelessness.

Detective psychological Thriller Call of Cthulhu for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One based on the classic tabletop role-playing game company Chaosium, published in late last month. On the occasion of the recent release of the game company Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive have provided a laudatory trailer called "the Recognition of the press", which collected best reviews from the specialized press. The game is available with subtitles in Russian.

Addition Operation of Wind Bastion will send players Rainbow Six: Siege in Morocco on a new map and add two national operatives. Ubisoft Thailand posted on the forums, Reddit first review the trailer for the new Moroccan card contained in the Supplement. The video demonstrates the design and layout of the card. The complement Operation Wind Bastion while there is no exact release date and detailed information about it will appear November 18.

"Hype" around Destiny 2 was a lot, but the sequel was faced with a peculiar dilemma: developers need to ensure how the influx of new players and support existing user base. Addition to Forsaken was in some sense to restart the game and help with the support of old fans, but Activision said within the latest financial report that Destiny 2 could not justify its expectations. Activision said that Destiny 2 is showing itself in sales is not as good as I would like company. The publisher has promised investors to implement in the sequel, new monetization opportunities and quickly deliver new content. How exactly will this affect the game remains to be seen. Against this background, incidentally, is giveaway PC version of Destiny 2 — until November 18.

DICE finally remembered what music the fans love Battlefield, and have released a launch trailer Battlefield V under the classic theme of the series. The video is not catchy semi-customization, in return for which collected a spectacular and colorful moments from the battlefield. Perhaps, this is the trailer to announce the game — then any criticism in its address is not even voiced. The international release of Battlefield V will take place November 20.

This week Fortnite: Battle Royale is now available in South Korea, so the game could set a new record for simultaneous players. Players called to play in an Internet cafe PC network Bang to perform special tests. The results have not kept itself waiting: the representative of Epic Games Korea sung Chul Park in an interview with Inven Korea said that the number of concurrent players Fortnite: Battle Royale worldwide reached 8.3 million people. An astronomical figure, which can only dream of the same PUBG, is losing popularity. The portal VG247 even twice asked Epic Games, is there any truth in the words of the representative of Epic Games Korea. Of course, the figure turned out to be true.

After ruined by microtransactions release Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Studio DICE intends to provide Battlefield V is much more successful start. First, the developers together with the EA from the very beginning stated that Battlefield V you will not get any gameplay benefit from the items purchased. Now in conversation with the portal VG247 design Director Daniel Berlin told how it will work monetization. You will be able to buy cosmetic items. Some of them can earn, others to buy. Some items can only be earned, but in the future we can say that any object you can buy. The important thing is that Battlefield has never been and will never be a game on the model of pay-to-win. Given that Battlefield V will not be a season pass, but absolutely all the extra...

It Seems that the previous release of trailer 2 Hitman Studio IO Interactive was not enough, because now the developers have released the official gameplay trailer of the game dedicated to the release. The series will take you into the most detailed open world sandbox, where you can give vent the imagination and prepare the perfect scenario for Troubleshooting purpose. Various tools, weapons, cloaking technology and stealth move each new story will make it unique. Release Hitman 2 will take place on 13 November on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Farming Simulator 19 comes out November 20, with the largest number of new machines and equipment in the history of the series. In the trailer for "Garage" presents over 300 samples of all kinds of agricultural machines, recreated with love and attention to the smallest detail. One of the most significant innovations was the legendary series of tractors and equipment of the famous brand of John Deere. The game will feature all the cars of the series 6M, 6R, 7R, 8Ri 8RT, and T560i combine harvesters and S790 together with compatible equipment to perform a wide range of agricultural activities. In addition, the garage will replenish the cotton-picking machines Case IH Module Express 635, vehicles for transporting horses and other equipment. This list will be...