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On the official YouTube channel of PlayStation Europe has published a 30-second trailer of praise the brilliant simulator of the courier Death of Stranding, which will be released on PS4 on November 8th. "Death Stranding - an outstanding game," reads the statement God is a Geek. "A staggering achievement" - adds Digital Foundry. "One of the best games on PS4" - says PushSquare. Death Stranding is a game with open world and complex intricate plot, in which players will assume the role of a courier delivering valuable parcels in the world after the Apocalypse. The critics highly appreciated the game on aggregator Metacritic have Death Stranding solid 85 out of 100 points.

The Game is a digital Board game in the spirit of old-school for 2-4 players. You have to take on the role of the heads of guilds, and save the Kingdom from the evils and destruction. You can choose one of five heroes each with their own abilities and bustami. Now your task is to throw the dice and advance on the game map sending patrols to combat various mischief and bosses. Main monitor the level of fate. This level shows how much local people are willing to endure various misfortunes. For defeating bosses give you loot and gold which you can spend on improving the equipment, to simplify the following raids or to the needs of the local population and to reduce the level of fate. In the game 200 cards so the variety is guaranteed.

The Game is a 2D game. Where you played the role of the exiled king zombie, who took everything. The main feature of the game is that you need to collect yourself again. When you start playing you have no ears, eyes, and even one leg. To redeem yourself you have to look for gold on the levels in the game and they are all randomly generated. The main problem is that you just have to count, because your hero has a streak of toughness which will not allow so easy to get to certain places with the coveted gold. And don't forget about the enemies that will actively interfere with.

In a network there was another trailer with a demonstration of the next character in the Shovel Knight Showdown. They became - Specter Knight. In the video we demonstrate the gameplay for him, as well as his combat capabilities. Let me remind you that the so-called battle mode will offer not only the battle AI, but the multiplayer with three different modes. Will also be extensive roster with previously unplayable characters and arenas as the new Thai old which will change depending on the selected mode. It turns out that the game in December of this year to Switch Nintendo, Wii U, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC and Amazon FireTV.

It Seems that johnny Silverhand will be the most talkative NPC in Cyberpunk 2077, and all at the insistence of the actor who voiced. At the recent festival of Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, the journalist of the portal TGCOM 24 interviewed Luke ward, who voiced johnny Silverhand in the Italian version of Cybeprunk 2077. Luke said that Keanu Reeves was so pleased with the game and his character that he personally asked CD Projekt Red to double his character, the amount of "screen time". CDPR, of course, granted the request of Keanu Reeves, with the result that the voice actor added work.

The Release on the consoles will take place on 3 December. The game is a Thriller using the mobile phone interface. You find in the street mobile phone girls see the video message with a cry for help. But when you call somebody, it gets even weirder they don't know where she is. And now you have through messages and videos, and social networks to understand what happened. All videos were filmed in real locations and was played by live actors in order to ensure full immersion in the story. Depending on how much evidence you will find and how many puzzles and codes to unravel, it will lead to five different endings. Also, the developers announced the development of a sequel. The game is available on PC and mobile phones.

A Few hours ago, began one of the most anticipated gaming events, BlizzCon 2019. The official opening began on the main stage and the first took the floor Allen Brack, President of Blizzard Entertainment. His welcome speech touched upon the Ineligibility of the player Blitzchung Ng Wai Chung Cup GrandMasters 2019 Hearthstone. Recall that the player was denied a prize, is suspended from all tournaments and banned for 1 year. Later, under public pressure, the sentence was commuted. Such a harsh action against the players was taken in response to his words of support for protesters in Hong Kong.

In this adventure you have to write the story of the famous Frankenstein. Mary Shelley, who together with his friends artists waits raging storm at the Villa. And here, that somehow to entertain themselves, they begin to fantasize and create their own version of the famous monster. For it you have to play. Your choice defines you. Your emotions will help you understand who you are and why you came into this world. Exploring the worlds you explore yourself. Later the game will be released on mobile platforms, and in 2020 will look on the Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order can be issued on the official website of Limited Run Games. Also announced a collector's edition game includes: Cartridge with the game, a Poster, and the soundtrack to the game in a stylish box. The game is a sequel in 2017 and will tell about the events in the 3rd season of the famous series. The game is made in 16-bit style where you will not only relive the familiar events from the TV series, but faced with a brand new mysterious events. You have to move through fairly extensive locations to solve puzzles and fight monsters and moving from character to character to learn a new part of the story.

The Company Square Enix has published on its official website the news that a remake of Final Fantasy VII will get a seven-minute promotional video, which will premiere on 3 November, and also announced the result of sales of the original game. According to the statement, as of the date of sale Final Fantasy VII exceeded 12.3 million copies worldwide. The seventh part of the infinite Japanese series of games was released in 1997 and gained cult status. The first part of the Final Fantasy VII remake will be released on March 3, 2020

The Game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines still continues to get the unofficial patches and modifications from the fans, fixes various bugs and adds to the game cut content. Now fans decided to make their own unofficial prequel to the game. Mod got the name Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Prelude. It is divided into episodes, the first of which is already available for download. The modification even received the approval from the developers. They announced the release of the first episode on their official page on Twitter.

The Game is an arcade puzzle game for 1-2 players. You take control of strange creatures abru and Kadabra, which violated the main law of magic school and now the whole island is in danger. The authors say that in their game there's a little of Puzzle Bubble, Plants vs Zombies and Overcooked with its own visual style. Promise different abilities and styles of each of the characters, varied levels with certain tasks in each one, many unique bosses. Will be released in 2020 on all relevant platforms.

Previously, the game came out on mobile phones and received high marks from both the players and the press. The game is a Dungeon-crawler with nice pixel graphics. You can choose one of three characters: a knight, a Swordsman, or a Thief, each of them has a unique set of skills and go to storm the mysterious labyrinth, where according to legend stored a mysterious treasure. But there is one problem every time you enter the maze, it changes. The game has more than one hundred types of enemies, and you never know who you will meet at this time. Will be released on 14 November.

American portal Polygon criticized the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the fact that the game raised the topic of the Highway of Death was one of the most controversial military operations of the United States. And not only because it's unethical, but because the game is distorted the real story. According to the journalist, even a simple Google search immediately refutes attempts by game developers to make the Americans the heroes, and Russian - villains. The portal Polygon refers to actions of the developers arrogance and supports the protest of the players on Metacritic and social networks.

Previously, the game was already released on the PC. The game is a 2D adventure game in which you as a girl Jill was locked in a dark room with the only door that floats in the air. Thanks to your friend Graham which can take the form of phone, you can travel to different worlds to solve puzzles, explore, and find the keys that will allow you to get out of the dark room. And if you are careful enough you will be able to understand and uncover the biggest mystery of this game. From November 7 on the hybrid console.