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The Last months of 2018 will be rich in major projects, among which we get a lot of new games: Forza Horizon 4, Mega Man 11, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Starlink, 6, SoulCalibur, Red Dead Redemption 2, Overkill''s The Walking Dead, Hitman 2, Spyro Trilogy are reignited, 76 Fallout, Battlefield V, Crysis 3 and Just Cause 4. And if such a list can be scared (as a time-all to find?), here's Vice-President of Bethesda Pete Hines from the point of view of the industry believes that the end of the year enough for all games. Hines is confident that the industry has increased tremendously and continues to grow. In addition, the publishers have no plan to sell every game to every person — and therefore no problem as such. People who buy...

Under the attraction of unprecedented generosity, the company Microsoft, in cooperation with the Nordic THQ released on Steam a few of my PC games. In recent years, Microsoft began to produce their projects not only on Xbox One but on PC — however, an exclusive gaming platform for Windows 10, which many players try to avoid and wonder about why not to produce projects on Steam. So be glad: Steam came ReCore, Super, Lucky's Tale, Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure. Not the brightest set of games, but we can assume that this is just the beginning. Microsoft has a deal with THQ, Nordic for the release of these games on physical media, and the agreement they come in Steam. Who knows — maybe THQ Nordic...

In conversation with the portal IGN, the creative Director of Spider-Man Brian Intihar could not directly confirm the potential for a sequel, but noted that the team had deliberately left the players with questions. We wanted to have questions that people can discuss and debate on the topic that can prepare the future. [About the sequel] nothing to announce, but obviously, we want to ensure you remain fascinated by the universe Spider-Man. That is why we said from the beginning that you will receive three DLC. According to Intihar, it's not just a new job in the city, and the full story of history. The first Chapter is coming out in October on Black Cat, and will contain unexpected scenario moves and turns.

Space Junkies arcade shooter game from Ubisoft, from 26 September to 1 October will be available in the closed beta. Run game will be the owners of the helmets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but they have yet to try my luck to get an invitation to participate in the testing by registering on the official website. The previous beta was held a year ago — in October 2017. The game release expected in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Warframe has received a new major update with a size of 25 gigabytes on PS4 and Xbox One, which essentially replaces the game files in their compressed variants, reducing the size of the installed client by almost half. Besides the fact that the update completely download the game again, it also contains the update Mask of the Revenant, which adds tons of new content and changes that have already been made to the PC version of the game. All the details described on the official Warframe forum, but the main innovation can be considered new, 36-th warframe — Revenant.

With the last major update PUBG had an Mk47 Mutant rifle chambered for 7.62 mm with 20 rounds in the magazine, firing a single queue or two rounds. In the game it occurs relatively infrequently, and if you want to truly experience it in battle, which started in PUBG new temporary event created just for this purpose. In Mutant Mayhem, all players will spawn with the Mk47 Mutant, a hundred rounds of ammunition and a vest the first level. No other gear is not provided. Mode is designed for 10 groups of 4, and the battle continues as long as one of the teams will score 150 points (or until the timer expires, in which case the victory is awarded to the team with the highest score). Mode will become unavailable early Monday morning, September 17.

Online service for Nintendo Switch continues to acquire new details. Very soon ex-free online games on the console will be purely pay — and it is not only a sad time. In the official FAQ, you can find interesting information about cloud saves. From the description it follows that the cloud save is deleted from the servers of the company in the event that if you suspend a paid subscription service Nintendo Switch Online. Saved data posted through the service Save Data Cloud, is available as long as you have an active membership Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo from comments have refused.

Studio Twice Circled has announced recently the release in the Steam game Megaquarium — sea-tycoon-Manager, in which you have to create your own aquarium. If you wanted to create a Maritime Museum, Megaquarium gives you a convenient chance to do it. You will find more than 100 varieties of marine fauna, the economic regulation of the Park, attracting visitors, staff and many guns. The variety of assets enables you to create a unique aquarium that will be happy to visit people.

Now On Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the development of role-playing game vampire Nighthawks. The authors describe their project as a game, following the narrative style of the Sunless Sea and the gloomy atmosphere of the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The main hero of the story becomes the man who died and reborn in the image of one of the master vampires. At the moment the game has already managed to attract over 52 thousand dollars on Kickstarter from the stated 125 thousand, while Vreede there is still 20 days of the campaign.

Announced this summer action-RPG Warhammer: Chaosbane got a new gameplay video with commentary developers from French Studio Eko Software. Eko Software may be known by two games How to Survive, which is hardly high-quality projects. The choice of the Studio developer role is the first role-playing game in the fantasy universe of Warhammer was not the best. However, to judge too early, and the release of Warhammer: Chaosbane is expected next year on PC and consoles.

Philstephes Modder currently working on a full remake of the original Metroid Prime, which was released exclusively on the Nintendo GameCube, for the PC. Its PC-version of the legendary game Modder creates with the use of technology reverse engineering, and most likely Nintendo will cover the remake, because reverse engineering could violate copyright due to the fact that involves the study of closed source. In the intermediate version of the remake is already possible to see in the video from the author. The gameplay is still full of rough edges, but with time they should disappear. When the remake will be ready, at the moment not known.

About HYIP Cyberpunk 2077, the already hyped to the heavens, only increased from the first gameplay demonstration. The game immediately became the object of attention of the press, and the magazine Edge project was featured in the latest issue. In an interview with producer Richard Borzymowski CDPR said that the success of The Witcher 3, which was much more popular than the previous two parts, give developers the necessary confidence to plan more ambitious Cyberpunk 2077. It gave us a sense of calm about our skills. Right now our artists environment is filled with levels of content and they are not afraid to experience new things. That's what we need to stay open because I personally think that The Witcher was so good — and Cyberpunk will be even better...

Insomniac Games would never release Marvel's Spider-Man, if not for the support from Sony and a complete control of the game provided by the publisher, what Kinda Funny Games said Brian Intihar. This game would not exist if not for the PlayStation and support from them. Whenever I wanted to do something, to make a major change, the answer was a green light. Never had any complaints. I was told that I was just doing what I want. Just asking, will this game better. And when I said that you would, all I was allowed, and the more I this time never discussed. I owe everything PlayStation. Perhaps this is the best approach because Insomniac had a wonderful game. Learn more about it you can of our recent reviews.

Studio Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed that in some moments players will be able to explore the city of Twin Mirror and communicate with the residents. About it in interview to portal WCCFTech told narrative narrative game's producer Helen Henry and writer Matthew Ritter. Do not wait for the Mirror Twin of the open world — just in some moments you will be able to wander around the city, and this game like Life is Strange. On some levels you will have the opportunity to explore the town and speak with residents. However, it is not open world. Just the chance to explore the relationship between people and see those who have not seen for a long time. Sometimes you can have an impact on their lives, if you so desire. According to the developers, the game...

Speaking at the event PAX West this month, the Creator of the original Board game Cyberpunk Mike Pondsmith spoke about how to purposefully began to distort and ruin their buildings in SimCity to create your kiberpankovye the city, consisting of crawling on each other buildings. I did it on an Apple II and thought about how much could ruin everything. I built [prototype] in early versions of SimCity, and then purposefully ruined it to become a place in which you cannot move. Night City is a place in which there is a world of cyberpunk. He lives his own life. The early design principles of the city migrated to Cyberpunk 2077 from CDPR Studio that Pondsmith actively cooperating ever since I first saw The Witcher 2.