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The Dane Christian (Claes Bang) works as the art Director of the Stockholm Museum of modern art X-Royal, located in the Royal Palace. He is divorced from his wife, has a fabulous apartment, and goes to "Tesla". Rich, well dressed, and generally the darling of the public interested in contemporary art. a Wealthy couple in old age, the Trustees of the Museum, donated X-Royal large sum of several million euros, and Christian, who is responsible for art objects and installation art, then spent a couple of million by purchasing from well-known Argentinean artist, the art object "Square". The idea of this facility is elegant and sublime. Despite the fact that he is "Square" two workers pose for a couple of hours, spreading it from the pavement in front of the...

For little money, beckoning Constantine, you will massage the beach. What you are saying? Why are the prices different? Well, the massage is different. Massage water edge of the beach, massage the Central part. Massage the hinterland of the beach there is harder, the grass begins to grow, that's it, by the way, also for the money you can weed, judging by the picture. Want to relax in comfort - pay the money. And if after the massage, the beach, a bite to eat, then your service - Versa. She likes it rough. She foodporn. And all this is so touchingly looks at the jar of yogurt... *** All the former at the presentation of the most powerful Mac Pro said A. E. is happy that his body can also be used as a grater. And what is convenient...

A Previous review of a cheap TV set-top box and Xiaomi TV Box media player 3, what is called well-gone: he has more than sixty thousand reads, which proves an obvious interest of users to this topic. So when I saw that Xiaomi is a new version of the console called the Xiaomi Mi Box S (this is the international version of Xiaomi Mi TV Box 4), immediately ordered her to study. I must say that the difference between the two models (Mi TV Mi Box 3 and Box 4) on the hardware is unimportant, but this version is sold with Android operating system TV 8.1, so if you're just going to buy something like that, it is better to take already a new version, not the old. But to change Mi into Mi Box 3 Box 4 if the third model is definitely not to hurry.

Two-way elektrogrili is a topic that I have long been interested, and I studied a lot of grills. Like, it would seem that such a simple device: two heating element (heater), two surfaces (fixed or removable), and then nagreva Yes, fire away. However, it is not so simple. I have tested a dozen different elektrogrili and found that with them there are a lot of subtleties. Of course, there is strongly influenced by the thickness and material of the panels: if the panels are quite thin (some grills Tefal was this story), their heat capacity is not enough to ensure that meat was fried, which it turns out more like boiled.

Steam cleaner in the household - a thing very useful and necessary. I have a home in this field for five years he worked tireless steam cleaner Kitfort KT-903 (I did review). However, in five years, cleaner, steamer and sanitizer a few loose connections and joints, so I'm afraid that after some time he goes up there, much to the Cleaner, leave all the home devices. No, he's still quite functional and with the same intensity hissing steam, but there the contacts in the attachment of the hose came loose and you have to spend some time on it in order this hose to fit so it worked.

Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) in his service in the glorious city of Miami adheres to a few old-fashioned concepts. He is a kind of Sheriff from the Wild West: wears a cowboy hat, very quickly and is an excellent marksman and his moral code is in conflict with all sorts of modern police standards and requirements. So Givens is a big problem not only for criminals of all stripes, but to their own superiors, to whom the da pulls up the dressing after each occasion when Raylan works a little differently, as required by law.

Business as Usual, sighs Basil. Taser has repeatedly shocked the believers, for what Novokuznetsk priest asked him three times read "our father" and five times - the fiftieth Psalm. But the Taser did not listen, and they had a conflict. *** If you think, says Eugene what to buy in Chelyabinsk, a corrugated sheet is easy, you are greatly mistaken. There are actually through Narnia. *** It is good that the school close, said Vladimir. The creators of this poster school obviously skipped so they can be there again like.

The Earth by 2045 came in very neglected condition. The majority of the population - almost impoverished and living in all sorts of slums. But people do not protest: they have virtual reality glasses, they have a 3D face scanner, they have Omni-directional treadmills with quadraphonic sensor at the base, but most importantly - they have an OASIS! This is a very complex, extensive, diverse and highly addictive computer game which was invented and implemented a complete geek James Holliday (mark Rylance). Holiday died, but his cause lives on - in OASIS plays almost the entire population of Earth.

The Theme of DVRs, especially cheap, readers are very interested in - judging by the readability of these reviews. So I continue to study the proposals in the budget segment. The review supercheap (3 thousand) DVR Xiaomi 70mai I talked about that we'll study also DVR AZDOME M06, which you can order from the Russian warehouse for 4450 rubles, and I have 4K video, GPS, WDR mode, he also knows how to work with your smartphone over Wi-Fi. Plus for 5500 rubles you can order from the Chinese warehouse, together with additional rear camera.

Before I release the review of the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro as Huawei introduced a new flagship - Huawei P30 Pro. Me from Huawei, it was transferred to the test even before the smartphone went on sale, but I was in no hurry to release the review because I wanted to test, but most importantly you should learn all the camera features of this smartphone, according to test experts site DXOMARK at Huawei P30 Pro - the best camera on the market. Well, so let's see, I said to myself, there is best camera or the best. And everything else too look right in this review.

Happy Spanish family, consisting of Faith (Adrian Ugarte), her husband David (Alvaro mort) and little daughter Gloria. They moved into a new house, which the owners wanted to sell as quickly as possible, and begin to settle there. At some point when David was on a business trip, began a serious storm. Faith unpacking the things, finds in the closet of an old TV and a video camera with the tape. On a tape recorded on the day of the fall of the Berlin wall, namely, twenty-five years ago, on 9 November 1989, a young boy Niko Lasarte (Julio Bohigas Couto) strums on the guitar a song for my mom.

Married couple Ellie (rose Byrne) and Pete (mark Wahlberg) Wagner doing a profitable business: they buy old houses, fix them up and resell. Children are not made: Wagner worked a lot and the kids as we didn't think, and Ellie believed they were not ready yet. At some point, when Ellie tried to sell the five bedroom house with his sister Kim (Allyn Rachel), emphasizing the fact that when the sisters are children, these five bedrooms they with the husband will come in handy, Kim was teasing Ellie about the fact that they have Pete still has no children.

Wireless headphones - the theme is very popular, especially in light of the fact that the manufacturers of smartphones/tablets massively deprived of a new model of audio outputs. But we won't be sad about this, because modern codecs for wireless allow you to listen to good quality audio, and Bluetooth. In addition, many people use wireless headphones to listen to any radio programs, podcasts, and so on, so that they are for some special quality do not chase them more importantly how comfortable wireless headphones sit in my ears, how long they work on a single charge and how comfortable using them to control playback of audio.

America, 1934, the Great depression. In Texas rampant gang Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow "Bonnie and Clyde" as they are called in the media. To catch this gang is extremely difficult for two reasons. First, the conscience of Bonnie and Clyde so many corpses that they did not hesitate to open fire on the police who are trying to stop their car. Secondly, the efforts of journalists who this couple is called a "Modern Robin Hoods" and inspiration lie about "unearthly love" these two thugs, a gang active in helping the local population.

I like "smart" household appliances Redmond company, I studied many: household appliances, smart sockets and light bulbs and so on. There is, in fact, the main essence is that all this technology via Bluetooth (or via the Internet) to connect with the smartphone, can be controlled (in certain cases) and tune from your smartphone from a single application, so that when a certain set of consumer devices from this company, you receive an infrastructure of "smart" home. Well, notice that the connection with the smartphone and control it - not the only chip vehicles: Redmond engaged in various innovative designs and they own patents on various unique technologies used in home appliances. And this all developed in the framework of a unified concept of the "smart"...