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After the review I liked Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro price categories "in the area of 30 thousand" I wanted to take a review of something different price categories: from "about 20 thousand". And there is a choice I had two options: Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. They're both in the same price category, the Mi 10 Lite is a powerful platform, but the Mi Note 10 Lite better than other characteristics (here is a comparison of the differences). And I even conducted a poll among my readers to find out what smartphone they are interesting, and there's a large margin of votes won Mi Note 10 Lite (62,1% of the votes against 13.1%), so I ordered. I myself, this model was significantly more interested in: a pricey Mi 10 Pro has disappointed me - in terms of...

Traditional item of the day. My finds for the week. Elastic (stretchable) shoelaces - terribly popular thing. Because they cost pennies, and pleasure - on one thousand roubles a minimum (some users are already up to five thousand rubles of pleasure was delivered, that's what came)! I like the first time the laces are inserted into sneakers and walked in these shoes for a few days, realized how wrong he had lived: it's kind of a pain in the ass to tie the laces, to untie. Plus the way they often unleash, really! And elastic no crap: once inserted, the loose ends cut off, a lock secured, well, everything, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life!

After a review once a home router for a wired Internet connection in my letter asked me to do a review of some cheap router to create a wireless network with a mobile Internet connection. There are many places where there is no wired connection, and given the fact that Russia is quite well developed mobile communications plus almost all providers offer some tariffs with unlimited traffic (with certain restrictions, of course, but nevertheless), in the presence of a normal router with a WiFi access point and mobile communication can be done at home (in the country) is quite a convenient Internet connection.

Traditional item of the day. My finds for the week. I - glasses. Constantly wear glasses since the ninth grade. A couple of times "Prince Igor" tried to persuade me to switch to contact lenses, I tried, but I still actively did not like, glasses I like a lot more - and wear. Well, as any four-eyes in front of me in full growth is a matter of cleaning lenses. I used cloth napkins, which are attached to regular glasses. But these wipes are my not-so-liked: they are small and thin, inconvenient to use. A couple of times separately bought wipes for cleaning glasses - those, on the contrary, was too large and thick.

Some very old friends meet at the cottage of a married couple Leo (Kamil Larin) and eve (Mariya Mironova). Lion plastic surgeon, Eva, a psychologist. Among the guests - businessman Vadim (Leonid Baratz) with his young wife Kate (Anastasia Ukolova), Manager Boris (Rostislav Khait) with his wife Alina (she) with which they have been married for eighteen years, all waiting for the fourth friend Dmitri (Alexander Demidov), who promised to come with his girlfriend Olya, but Dmitry was without Oli, which, according to him, was sick, but he brought a melon-torpedo.

Some users are periodically required to record a video of what is happening on the computer screen, mainly in order to demonstrate how to work with certain programs (for example, friends and relatives). In the operating system Windows 10 with the combination Win+G, you can call XBox Game Bar, which allows you to record video from the screen, but this application is designed specifically for gaming, and use it to record demonstrations of techniques for working with that program - not very handy. I tried a few times and then you realized that it is better to find something else.

On July 15 this year, the company Xiaomi unveiled its new set-top box - Mi TV Stick . It is a miniature device that connects to HDMI port of your TV, turn that TV into a Smart TV with the ability to easily use a variety stremersch services, viewing videos from a home network, well, this Stick also supports Chromecast, that is, allows you to display TV pictures and video from your smartphone/tablet. (Remember, a separate device to broadcast photos and videos from your smartphone/tablet to your TV costs more than three thousand rubles, that is about the same as this stick.)

These people outraged Altai, want to deprive children of childhood! As Greta Thunberg! What do you mean only the two of us walking and not hanging out? How to hang out? Two boys and one girl? Two girls or one boy? And two boys can contact? And if you really have to come in contact with?!! *** most Importantly, according to Yuri, to give news correct title (and the right illustration). And only from the article we can understand that they both decided to marry. And not on each other. *** What this however, Zuckerberg explosive, surprised Mirat. And the photos blew up, and the ATM blew up, and the chapel also those pictures destroyed! Have a photo of him to drop on enemy cities!

Argentina, August 2001. Some old friends from a small town Alsina decide to open an agricultural cooperative. The idea belongs to the Fermin Parlasse (Ricardo Darin) and his wife Lydia (Veronica Lianas) and they shared the idea with an old friend Antonio Fountain (Louis Brandon). He really understands the essence of the idea, Fermin Lydia offered to buy the land and stock from bankrupt a long time resident of this town, but fermín explains that they will thus be able to give work to thirty local residents, and it is important for everyone that the country is in a protracted economic crisis, unemployment has reached dangerous numbers.

We know the Ugreen company as a manufacturer of very high quality wires, chargers, adapters, hubs, external batteries and so on. However, Ugreen is now playing on a different field - they began to produce TWS wireless headphones. the First model they called very original - Hi-Fi stereo earbuds TWS, but if diminutive, just Ugreen TWS. They only cost 1450 rubles, while the expected did not support the aptX codec (however, AAC is there stated), not had a full moisture protection, and the autonomy they had only three hours.

Ten episodes of this series, ten unrelated to each other stories. the short story "Happy ending". Viktor Zubkov (Nikita Tarasov), a scientist, an entomologist, on the day of birth received from colleagues gift: Thai massage with "happy ending". Victor went to realize the gift, but it turned out that Christine (Olga Vinichenko), master of Thai massage, recently returned from Italy, so she was put on a mandatory two-week quarantine, and Victor, who is now forbidden to leave the apartment Christine. All this Victor "Skype" according to his legitimate wife Elena Vladimirovna (Anna Mikhalkova).

Andrew bad news from Belarus. Now there is here - seasonal goods. In spring and autumn - stock, the rest of the time only samagon W bulbs. Adnak, saviem, lsname I svn not aguchi! Yes, Belarus has already arrived bright future, says George. This lift made in December 2020, and George on the go! *** In the framework of import substitution, is happy with Eugene, and in Russia released their "Swiss army knife". This is a multifunctional army complex army of Russia: key chain, flashlight and bottle opener for beer!

Traditional post of the day. My finds for the week. the Nylon belt from daughter Xiaomi with easy plastic buckle-latch. the Belt directly and personally recommend: I first ordered one to test, and liked it so much that a few took different colors. Very high quality material, comfortable mechanism to lock/unlock. At first I was afraid that the plastic buckle mechanism would not last long, but it turned out that the plastic there is quite thick and high quality, works perfectly and the buckle seems durable enough. My first belt has six months to serve. (I specifically tried to write, I decided to check how it all will work.)

The Company CHUWI I have my site advertised a crowdfunding campaign ultracompact personal computer CHUWI LarkBox that supports playback of 4K video. Collected they are certainly not the means to create this computer: it has already been created, and the amount claimed is €22 950 - was staged purely for the sake of. The purpose of campaigns of this kind (many Chinese manufacturers, the same Xiaomi, often carried out such fees) to get a certain number of pre-orders: at the same time always made good discounts in these campaigns involved a large number of people.

In January 1895, French artillery officer, employee, General staff, Alfred Dreyfus (Louis Garrel), who is Jewish, was convicted of spying for Germany. Before that, military intelligence officer, major Hubert Henry presented to the war office paper without numbers and signatures, which reported to the addressee about sending him secret military documents found in the discarded documents of the German military agent, Colonel Sarcopenia. Colonel Fabre and expert of the Ministry of defence recognised the handwriting of captain Alfred Dreyfus.