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Anna (Alexander Bortech) is a beautiful young girl. She works as an art technician candy factory - creates the desserts. Anja loves to eat and is also very loves her boyfriend - Kachka Eugene (Roman Curtin), a running coach in the pool. the Mindless passion of Anna caloric power has led to a natural result: Anya noticeably stout. [Newline] it's not scary like pitching Wife. Which at some point looked, what korovenkoy Anna looks dresses, designed for the another piece, and gave it to her from the gate turn.

Recently read that in America a couple of years ago explosively increased the rate of sales DVRs, and affects it, oddly enough, the Chelyabinsk meteorite, the vast majority of images which was caught on DVRs. Americans, having watched the videos from Russia, understood, through such simple the device can continuously record everything that happens, this opportunity to use it. But in Russia the main the purpose of video fixing what is happening on the road to to be able to defend its innocence before the cops or in court.

America, end of the seventies. FBI special agent Holden Ford (Jonathan groff) - the negotiator working with criminals, take hostages. [Newline] the next negotiations criminal committed suicide. The Holden is much impact: he worked strictly on the corresponding instruction and suffered fail. So, there is required some kind of the other method, not manual, which is based on the fact that the offender is rational. But hostages often seize any psychopaths, people with unstable mentality - and they need to work in a completely different way.

Nick Sto we bought store pigtail. Well, more precisely, that he thought I bought a pigtail. As it turned out - Avon! *** Sergey tries to realize that such a signature this is racism and xenophobia or, on the contrary, a compliment? Here with this case, sigh Galina, even cooler. *** Spies, rejoices in Eugene, never guess that this is where is operated and what services control. In addition, there is clearly the services initially were only available goats, so it was written "ukazaniem", but then facilities has significantly increased.

Yes, sighs Mirat, they do named his company for the delivery of sushi and rolls - "Abideby". This is not a joke and don't fuck. They write that, they say, for those who have a great sense of humor. Now I have, for example, it is a great feeling humor from the fact that they have. Let doebi to someone else. *** Andrew is trying to understand the sheep competed with the sheep in the beauty or the sheep were just on the jury? *** Here are some you admire Constantine, toilet Schrodinger from the Railways. *** Nikita just happy that Belarus

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for beginners Continue a series of articles for the section "Photography for dummies". In this article we'll talk about the image processing because without the post-processing of personnel can not do 95% . Why? first, because the dynamic range of the camera is different from dynamic range the human eye. Secondly, that the camera doesn't always accurately conveys the white balance. Thirdly, the camera may not accurately set exposure (value ISO, aperture, and extracts). Fourth, the picture may need to crop (cut a certain part of the frame). Fifth, you need to change the brightness, contrast, , and other settings to achieve a certain result. So your photos need to be able processing.

You see, the universe is again in DANGER. Although at this time, recognize the danger greatly exaggerated. After all, before what were the villains? Then Dolmama together Derpapas wanted to destroy the entire Earth to hell, Ronan the barbarian was going the entire Galaxy, that this, alternatively, a gifted Ultron, which is really just a cadaver, wants again destroy the whole Earth, but all of them ottogalli superheroes that only occasionally distracted from saving the Earth and Galaxy to slightly actigait each other.

Anatoly sent a great recipe. [Newline] more recently, authentic Smolensk lepidolite was only available in a special restaurants where carefully kept Smolensk lepidotrichia tradition, but now the secret is out and you home lepidolite full the program. *** this is called - wide facilities, said the Mayor. A "photocopy drive" is beautiful. *** Velebitica from the co-operative grandfather Liao, surprised Alexander, offers something mysterious. But here's what he has in mind - not very clear. Could it win? Or pobegaet and then win? Or them leave, and then, when the wheel proclaim, pobegaet defeating?

Have to argue with the fact that the tablets gradually go out of fashion. It and it is not surprising. After all, if some ten years ago, the great and terrible Steve jobs said that the smartphone display, and can be more 3,8", because if using a larger all users will burst and eyes will roll into a tube ears, but now the size is 5.5" is considered to be tiny (we are talking only about displays smartphones), and users give and 6, and even 7 inches, especially considering the fact that manufacturers have learned to do frameless smartphones. But 6-7 inches is it is in fact the tablet, so many users trying once again to multiply entities, so from tablets refuse.

In China love and appreciate Michael Yurevich, Dmitry is happy, constantly quoting him. Cherished, you know, pradnya! *** this is old fun, told Michael. First, all collected and are sent to hunt on hemp. As soon as they find Bush cannabis, , immediately destroy it the most a barbarian method: put thin paper and smoke the hell so, just exactly - in the ashes. Well, after this starts the main sport event of the summer: all the running around, laughing, jump, fall - in General, sport is , such that only the smoke yoke!

Huge family mansion-hotel Lingenfeld gather family members and invited guests to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the head of household - rich Stalepromyshlennaja Helge ( Henning Moritzen ). From Paris comes the eldest son Christian (Ulrich Thomsen), Helge's favorite. He's fine, he's in Paris restaurant. Also at the celebration with all his family claimed the younger son Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen), although it is, as it turned out, were not invited. But Christian talked to my dad and begged him to give Michael room.

Normal smart watches like Samsung Gear S3 or Huawei Watch me pretty annoying the need to charge them in fact, every day. And I began to look in the direction "smart" watches from Garmin, which have a much greater autonomy plus well-sharpened for all sorts of sports tasks. But Garmin produces dozens clock models, to understand which not very simple. And they have to the same several separate lines: for example, Forerunner is first and foremost for running, Fenix Multisport watch, but Vivo it seems to be best suited to people which sport do without special fanaticism.

Jasmine (Keith Blanchett) in the recent past was a lady of high society living in an elegant building on Park Avenue in Manhattan with her husband, rich financier Hal (Alec Baldwin). Well, know what it is: boutiques, hairdressers, restaurants, Pilates, jewelry, coats, techniques and everything other. But at some point, all struck: it turned out that Hal was engaged in financial fraud a large scale, he was tried and put in jail. And Jasmine took all: houses, fur coats, jewelry, cars, and most importantly - arrested account. And now she had nothing to live for.

[start | previous] in the Morning again, woke up late and don't a little work. And to hell with it, , I thought, we still have a rest... Until washed, the phone bumknulo votipka from Igor, which reported that goes for Breakfast and if I go there too POPs, I will be able to eat in a brilliant company. I was interested that it is for the company there can be, therefore, , quickly dressed and went to the restaurant and there our found Igor alone. Obviously, under the "brilliant company" he meant himself – it was it is in his style.

The First world war. A young painter, Edouard Perier (Nahuel Perez Biscayart), comes from a very wealthy family, justified the hopes of his father, and former accountant albert Mallar (albert Dupontel) sit in the trenches and I think, that they're already out of this massacre. But they officer Henri Pradel (Laurent Lafitte) - bastard, for which life the human costs nothing and which ready to shoot in the back of the soldiers - is driving the whole platoon in the attack. The enemy responds with artillery fire, while albert falls into the funnel bomb and buried in the sand. Edouard rushes to save it, it saves, but gets a terrible shrapnel wound of the lower part person - he actually tore the jaw.