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After a retired special services Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) killed half "Russkaya mafia" the glorious city of Boston with the range of the Obi, Robert went to work in taxi service the lift car. It decently serves passengers who generously share with him stories of life, and in his spare time, as usual, presocial all villains. For example, it is easy to throw in Turkey, where the evil Pope, Turks took his daughter, without asking the consent of her American mother. In Turkey, Robert, with, rascal dad and convince him to make the right decision, as he will look at the mutilated bodies of his guards.

In comments to the review of the DVR BlackVue DR590W-1CH wrote several times about that, they say, must be a complete idiot to buy the BlackVue over seventeen thousand when some Xiaomi 70mai literally three or four thousand rubles, saying that it was almost the same, so it is unclear what to pay such money. Well, no question, and I was interested to see the DVR and to compare, so I ordered it, studied and is now ready to share their experiences. At the same time, and compare it to the BlackVue, which Xiaomi has kindly borrowed the design and working method: as you know, the South Korean company BlackVue DVRs in this design has been producing for at least five years, if not more.

Famous actor bill "Groundhog Day Ghostbustin' ass" Murray (bill Murray) sits in new York at the Carlyle hotel and preparing to play "Christmas show bill Murray" which was ordered by the channel. On the show on a visit to the bill should come different famous people. However, bill is unhappy and thinks only about how this show to be cancelled. Because the city stood. The airports are closed. Train stood up. Buses, tunnels and bridges are not working. Even a couple of bars closed! All of new York stands out because of snow - just like before Groundhog Day. And bill understands that in this weather to his transfer no one will come. And he desperately does not want to do this show alone.

4G Mobile routers is a very useful thing, I've been using them. Moreover, such a router can be useful at home: for example, it can be used in the car for Internet distribution to family members and friends of the passengers. However, most often these devices are used when traveling abroad. As is known, the Russian cellular operators are still there are not enough sane rates to use the Internet abroad. So the Russians abroad typically use special travel SIM cards for mobile Internet usually costs about 1 Euro cent (or less) per megabyte, that is a Gigabyte costs about 10 euros, which, in General, quite bearable.Of course, such a SIM card you can put in your phone instead of the Russian card and to give the Internet to family members and other devices, but it...

I Have already been on the test DVR-known Korean manufacturer BlackVue. I'm talking about the BlackVue model DR650S-1CH. She clearly stood out against the background of DVRs from other manufacturers that was very compact, had an unusual design, was controlled from a smartphone and knew how to work with the cloud service. And on a side note, it was worth quite expensive, but it is in many ways unique opportunities the price seemed quite adequate. In today's review we will get acquainted with the new model - BlackVue DR590W-1CH . It is the most affordable Registrar of the manufacturer without overpaying for cloud-based capabilities, which not everyone needs. The device is made in the brand of cylindrical design and can shoot Full HD at 60 frames per second...

I have long been interested in the laptops of the two major Chinese manufacturers - Xiaomi and Huawei. I have read the reviews of new models and reviews on them, resulting in a realized for myself that when I decide to take a new laptop, or Xiaomi, or Huawei, the more I wanted to learn myself. the Last three years I have lived with the ASUS Zenbook UX301LA. He has a great touch screen display of 13.3" with a resolution of WQHD (2560×1440) and two SSD 256 GB configured in RAID0 for extra performance, 8GB of memory and Intel Core i7 4558U. The characteristics were simply gorgeous, but the cost of this laptop is too "elegant": if converted at the current rate, about 140 thousand rubles.

I like the Axon series of smartphones from ZTE. I have had the opportunity to study previous model ZTE Axon 7 and now for a review came model ZTE Axon 9 Pro is the new flagship of the company. The flagship in every sense: a powerful platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 display 6.21" on the matrix AMOLED, the battery is 4000 mAh with QC4+, outstanding, according to the developer, sound and camera (dual, with sverhdorogim), moisture IP68, wireless charging, a face scanner to my smartphone is quite uncompromising.

I wrote a review a unique camera Sigma DP2 Merrill, which looks like a cheap "camera" and gives better detail than cameras with Full Frame: here the quality is comparable with crednerite worth tens of thousands. This Sigma is also not two a penny, but not wild thousands of under €500. The size of the matrix she has a APS-C type (23.5 × 15.7 mm), and absolutely amazing quality it produces for the reason that you have not the usual monochrome matrix that is installed in almost all the camera that the color information gets through the filter Bayer and Fofanova so-called matrix, developed by us company Foveon.

In 1941, the island of Guernsey located in the English channel between Britain and France. The island occupied by the Germans. Four friends - Dose Adams (Michiel, Hausman), Elizabeth McKenna (Jessica brown-Findlay), Isola, Pribe (Katherine Parkinson) and the postman Eben Ramsay (Tom Courtenay) - under cover of night, fried and eaten on the shore of the pig, which they had concealed from the Nazis. When they went back, ran into a German patrol, inspectors who do not comply with the curfew. To avoid arrest, friends said they were coming from a meeting of the literary club. On the question of the officer, as the club is called, they replied that it was "book Club and pies from potato peels". (Cakes of potato peels preparing Eben.)

Doron, Cavillo (Lior Times) for many years he served in a secret unit of the Israeli army "Yechidut Mistaravim", which means "Imaginary Arabs." This unit operates in Arabic and border areas, and his men posing as the Arabs speak Arabic, imitate Muslim religious ceremonies. At the time, Doron long hunted for terrorist Tawfik Hamed, nicknamed Abu Ahmad (Hisham were), the fault which killed over a hundred Israelis, and in the end managed to kill him. Then Doron retired from the force in winemaking: it produces Merlot and hopes never to face his former work.

As shown by the readability of the surveys, the local audience is very interested in the topic of fitness bracelets. I have some time fitness bracelets lightly ignored considering that smart watches are cool, and the fitness bracelets - nonsense any. But practice shows that a large number of users do not want to pay 300-400 dollars for a "smart" watches, and they are quite satisfied with the functionality of fitness bands, which are nearly an order of magnitude cheaper, and besides, they still have decent autonomy, unlike most smart watches that needs to be charged almost every day.

Ethan hunt (Tom cruise) in their elderly years are still fresh and ready for new impossible missions. But missions is something still there and there, so the hunt is sitting in the den of some European holes and he has all sorts of nightmares like my own wedding. But once he is the Messenger brings the Message. Hunt identificeret yourself with a drop of blood, and he reported that the sugar level is dangerously elevated. Also hunt learns absolutely shocking news. It turns out that after hunt caught the head of the "Syndicate" Solomon's lane (Sean Harris), he "Syndicate" does not split, and mimic. These secret agents now call themselves "Apostles", but they act like full opazdali, because wreaking havoc all over the world. They work for money, and this makes...

Post-war Poland, 1949. A talented pianist and conductor Victor (Tomasz kot) together with his assistant Irena (Agata Kulesza) circle Polish village and listen to performers of folk songs. The party and the government of Poland gave them the task to collect folk group "the Mazurka". one of the auditions comes a certain Susanne (John of Swarms), who asks to call her Zula. The girl can sing - she sings in Russian the song "Easily on heart from a song cheerful", - it is bright, cute and has a very difficult character. Irena, who immediately noticed Victor to Zula, tells him that Zola received a prison sentence for stabbing his father.

- you Have a bomb! - Pump? /f "Airplane" I Have with smartphones Xiaomi for some time relations, that is, not formed. No, I mean I recognize that there is a great iron and very seductive prices, but the need of the Kalmyk folk dances with a tambourine to set back the firmware digestible, she somehow strained. after a while I found out that Xiaomi just need to understand the specifics of this particular manufacturer. But the peculiarity is that every model they release in two forms - for the Asian market and European. The European Version is known as Global (note - not Global ROM, which refers only to firmware). And you need only buy it: previously it was possible to buy cheaper Chinese version and flash it with a European firmware, but now it's much more...

Listen, let's be honest: the vast majority of protected from falls and water smartphones look very so-so. Reviewers (and myself included) have to say about brutality and other crap, but let's be honest: these smartphones are almost always freaks. Yes, it is really protected, Yes, not afraid of water, but freaks. And when my review came next smartphone, I sighed and thought, well, again, classical Chinese freak. Does no one manufacturer and fail to make the smartphone even any decent look like? Well uncomfortable is the bogeyman of the pockets to get.