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Michael kindly sent us pictures of the wonderful new platform at the station depot of the Moscow region. What, you ask, this platform is so great? Well, obviously, from the door of the car to the platform, then the distance of about two meters. So the citizens at the same time doing sports: with space for two-meter jump is not so easy. And who wouldn't fly - too sports: get in now on the platform, pull-up, lift-the coup and all that. Meet records, in short! Surrender the GTO, on the spot! Next is trying to understand what the art-fish. They paint it, or what? Or is it when in the shower you're an artist and you have fish to sell? We Donut think that everything is easier. Is artel. Dad catches son implements. It turns out art-fish, that is artisanal. And no...

Simon Evans (Simon Evans) before the quarantine was led by indecisive negotiations with the famous actors David Tennant (David Tennant) and Michael sheen (Michael sheen) that they participated in its production of the play by Luigi Pirandello "Six characters in search of an author" in West Andsom theatre. Well, actually, he was negotiating with David, he agreed and even managed to persuade his old friend Michael Simon is afraid. They started rehearsing, but then came the lockdown, all locked at home, the drama was postponed indefinitely.

A Gypsy Gopnik from the trailer of the town is unclear from whom he receives the order to shoot, as he said, some kind of pedophile. Gopnik clearly stated the address and the time he arrived at the address, was hiding in the apartment, and when someone knocked on the door - he was discharged in the door full clip. the Mugger doesn't know who he killed. Meanwhile, the death of this man caused a huge upheaval in all criminal world of London, because the victim - Flynn Wallace (Colm Mini), the main London authority controlling the port, created a legitimate construction Empire through which to launder money to numerous ethnic groups, under the control of Wallace.

Alex admires an advanced range of this institution. Cider - clear, low-alcohol beverage produced from apples or pears. Siderock - non-alcoholic cider. Setrise - obviously a laxative. And situla is cider with alcohol, from which in half an hour you will be drula drula, s-s-s-s-s-s. *** Irina told about the cemetery. You can't just sit down and sit by the graves. Around the graves it is necessary to run. *** a Professional psychologist, sighs Michael, can tell a lot about the Creator of this toy, son, whose name is Oleg. (With a tone of Azamat Musagalieva.) Oleg?!! Oleg?!!

In my Xiaomi Mi 9 have already arrived shell MIUI 12 (Android 10th version). my Previous review of the features of MIUI 11 has more than 140 thousand reads, and it says that this topic is very relevant for many users of Xiaomi smartphones (and not only for them, because there are fans to put shell MIUI and smartphones from other manufacturers), so in this article we will see what new innovations await us in the new, twelfth version. The more "real" reviews of this shell I still haven't seen anywhere talk about what was shown at the presentation, and this, sorry, not much the same. So...

Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) - the fat, dreaming to protect law and order. In thirty years, he lives with his mother, Bobby (Kathy Bates) and runs a petty clerk-assistant warden, but Richard believes that his waiting career in the police, FBI or any other intelligence agencies. At some point, Richard was able to become a police officer, and put him to maintain order on campus, but Richard in his work showed so much misplaced zeal, and so scrupulously demanded by all compliance laws and regulations that of the police, he eventually was put out.

With a series of smartphones Huawei Nova I had, so to speak, open Gestalt. Because I've searched all sorts of modifications series of smartphones Huawei - Mate P and a separate brand Honor, and Nova in the reviews I somehow did not fall, although at exhibitions and smartphones in this series, spit in his hands, and they interested me. Well, here is finally an opportunity for: the presentation of Huawei in February this year I was told to test the laptop MateBook D 14 (which I review already released), smart phones Huawei Mate Huawei Nova 30 and 5T.

Marina Gordeeva (Victoria Isakova), a former athlete-swimmer, once submitting the big hope, but retired due to the rascal of a father going through a painful breakup with her husband. To unwind, Marina goes to rest in Turkey, where he pulls from the depths of a drowned Russian tourist and met with bullies-lifeguard Ignat (Vladimir Yaglych). Ignat admired how deftly Marina tanimola for tourists and opened her to the magical world of freediving - dive into the sea without any special equipment, only on breath. A little you a hundred zanyrnut, asked Jock, and Marina realizes that it is not weak!

Wanted to touch any laptop from Huawei, and then a laptop from Xiaomi, which is my work laptop, I know, but c laptops from Huawei somehow, that is, do not coincide. Finally I gave the test a new model of the laptop of an average price category Huawei MateBook D 14 on the AMD platform Ryzen 5 3500U. The laptop is not to say that something is outstanding, moreover, in its price range he has a lot of competitors with similar equipment, however he is quite decent, so let's get into this review with him and get acquainted, especially since it was quite interesting to look at this model.

Mark Ginsburg (Alexey Serebryakov) is a hapless artist (or rather, not even the artist, and the installer: it of multi-colored ropes weaves some installations) living in Israel. Mark's father, the conductor of world renown Victor Ginsburg (Daniel Olbrychski). Victor lives in Riga with her son had not seen for many years. the Brand was plagued by terrible migraines, and he thinks all these headaches are the needle, which is located in his head. The needle, as mark says, the Swiss doctor, who he asked about euthanasia, he was a child in the head and stabbed the mother who wanted to get rid of the child. (Mark's mother left the family when he was four years old.) But the doctor believes that euthanasia no indication: pictures show that the needle is in my head...

Lance sterling (will Smith) is a super agent of the intelligence services HTUV, which can cope with any task. He always wears a Tux, drives a super-expensive machines and scary confident. However, his next job - the theft of a suitcase with a combat drone from an arms dealer Katsu Kimura - lance failed. That is the case he's captured and delivered, but on the inside, no drone was not: it from lance managed somehow to kidnap the terrorist Killian (Ben Mendelsohn). Furthermore, Killian is able to change his appearance, allowing him to substitute the lens in front of the security service HTUV, headed by Marcy Kappel (Rashida Jones).

Friends sent a link to "Clinical diet doctor kovalkova" and asked me what I think about this. Listen. Slightly, to be honest, freaked out. The essence of this wonderful diet I will outline below, but after listening, when I went to find out who is this guy, then found out that it is the most famous and popular scary dietician, who always shines on TV, radio, in the media, in all irons of the country, one of the most sought after nutritionists in Moscow (according to Forbes), owner of "the Clinic weight correction doctor kovalkova", the author of many books on nutrition and so on and so forth.

I've sent out Accesstyle these headphones to the test, but I have to them is not reached, especially because my hands apart from me not moving too actively. Some time ago I came across these headphones quite specifically - tortured conscience, and, moreover, remembered, that among other TWS headphone they stand out for their unusual design and some exotic features, also I have long time no ear headphones, so let's see what these headphones are. They are really original and unusual.

A Young Russian psychologist Artem Streletsky (Maxim Matveev), the son of a famous psychologist-psychotherapist Alexander Strilets (Igor Kostolevsky), in his work uses a provocative unconventional method. Instead of talking to every patient at many sessions, each time getting money for it, Artem offers patients not to lie to myself and to him and through various deliberate provocation to ensure that the patient's problem is solved in just two sessions. His father, Oleksandr Strilets, the method son sharply disapproves.

From a certain moment the company Xiaomi with their smartphones has been actively invade the territory, where previously it was not present in the area of the top flagship smartphones. the First "swallow" was the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 (February 2019), which in many reviews has been called a "killer flagships", because its characteristics are more or less consistent with the characteristics of high-end smartphones Huawei, Samsung and other manufacturers, and the price was much lower. And it really was a very good mobile - first and foremost in terms of price and quality. Also its more recent modification - the Xiaomi Mi 9T - turned out really great, and this smartphone has also become very popular.