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Alexander Khristoforov (Alexei Guskov) was once a famous theater actor. But all this remained in the past: Christopher divorced, hard drinking and working as a animator in the old fortress, located near the Crimean resort town. Once the attraction, which features Alexander, that he came up with: it was his idea to recreate the old fortress Gladiator fights, to inhabit the fortress different characters - Jesus, the Devil, Death, Doctor and so forth, and to entertain visitors and tourists.

At Xiaomi's line of smartphones Redmi and Redmi Note more than popular. At a certain point the company even singled out these smartphones in a separate brand Redmi, which is now in the title the word Xiaomi. In October last year I wrote a review of the model Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone has turned out quite decent. And now, Xiaomi company launched new model - Redmi Note 9S , and is a slightly stripped-down European version of smartphone Redmi Note Pro 9, so we can assume that this is the sequel to the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

A Dying village Olonets. Most of the houses in it are abandoned, the inhabitants there are only three houses. In one of them - a married couple Tatyana (Irina Rozanova) and Sasha (Victor Suprun). Tatiana works - they keep pigs and cook, Sanja works at home: to nail, to screw, to patch the roof. the second little house will live a widower Leh (Roman Madyanov). Forty years Lech dragon wife and mother-in-law, and when Leh was alone, he began to live for fun: in the garden and fights with his goat Marina, which is on the roof of the climb, hung to dry, the shirt will chew, on the kind heart of Lehi the garden something to eat and tread.

Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a mercenary, working for the black market. He, apparently, in life has experienced some terrible loss, so drinking a lot and thus is taken for any, even the most hopeless cases. And such a thing quickly turned up. Boy Ovi (RUDRAKSH Jaiswal), son of major Indian drug trafficker Mahajana, who is currently in jail, kidnapped Bangladeshi men Amir Asif (Priyanshu of Painuli). For the boy require a huge ransom, which the authorities to pay not, because his accounts are blocked by the government.

The end of the nineteenth century, a small rocky island just off the coast of New England. To the island comes a young man named Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson): he was hired to hold a monthly vigil at the lighthouse in company with the old lighthouse Keeper named Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe). Wake grumpy and mean old man, claiming that he was an ex - sailor. Wake from the beginning is treating Winslow like her slave: he does not allow him to climb up to the lantern and the share of the Winslow falls the hardest work: to carry the coal into the car, unbolt everything in the building to carry heavy cans of kerosene.

Well, there are real experts, happy LP_Masta that may look in the root of the problem and accurately analyze it. And it is good that there are journalists who know how to deliver an expert opinion to the people. *** Eugene spoke about the existence in Moscow of a taxi service under the name "the Chubby grandson", where the logo is used Cartman from cult TV series "South Park." it is Quite difficult to understand what was going on in the minds of the person who invented this, but let's say thanks, that they've been called "Unclefucker".

- Old Zach (Zach Gottsegen) has down syndrome. Abandoned his family, and the government put Zach in a shelter for the poor elderly in North Carolina. Zach is a smart guy, and he's not about life being cooped up in four walls. Once try to escape, he helped the old lady out of the shelter, which he gave it to your pudding, the second time his roommate (Bruce Dern), a former engineer. The second attempt was successful: Zack has indeed escaped and was hiding in someone's old boat.

Black Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) was born in Texas in 1922. In his youth he was capable of doing any job, then slowly created a small business cleaning. But Bernard was primarily interested in investments in real estate, it was his goal. He knew that in Texas, the southern state where many of the houses displayed the flags of the Confederacy and where racial segregation blooms riotous color in all areas of life, he was little Shine, so when he had the opportunity, Bernard and his family moved to Los Angeles to relatives of his wife.

The World, says Constantine, should adopt a wonderful discovery of two villages in Ryazan! *** Andrew recommends the best beach for crossbreeding humans with dogs, but warns that crossbreed have on the go: the dog will not wait. *** and really, sad Michael, Peter is just sort of a disaster! Ponaotkryvali, you know, underground museums in almost every home! In the front, passed, conditional knock knock, let you in, and there are two or three of Caravaggio, a sketch of Roerich and three copies of Monet and "the appearance of Christ to the people" Ivanov is true, as a poster, but still hangs on the wall.

Town of Brighton, located on the South coast of England, 1963. Gangster-businessman Charlie Clench nicknamed Duck (Fred Ridgeway) with the guests noted the engagement of his daughter Pauline (Claire Lems) with the son of lawyer Harry Dangle (Martin Ellis) and Alan (Daniel Rigby). Charlie tells Harry that he promised the daughter of his old business partner Roscoe Crabbe, but it turned out that Roscoe killed, so Pauline can now marry anyone he wants, even with Alan, who wants to become an actor and all the uplifting that Charlie actively dislike.

Cat Bagel truly admire the journalists of the newspaper "RBK". Their retarded way to provide headers without commas (I wonder what abled decided that it somehow affects indexing by search engines?) has already resulted in announcements in RBC were similar to descriptions of the products on Aliexpress. Rare idiots. Just rare! *** the Georgian-Italian restaurant "Suliko Bellucci" is beautiful, says Inna. *** Sergei wonders why the name of his Excellency of the arrest of Payne in the publication suddenly written with a small letter.

Marine ray Harrison (VIN Diesel) is unabashedly involved in the hostage situation in Kenya. It is literally from the heart pulls a grenade, throws it at enemies, and then in a sinister confrontation with the terrorist calmly puts a bullet in the forehead, and then as calmly flying on a U.S. military base in Italy, where right next to the runway of the military airport secret base waiting for his lovely wife Gina (Tallulah Riley) who likes scars ray esperada mohutnie his body, but does not like its dangerous business trips, where he always returns, as promised.

The Earth relative to the distant future, where space travel become as popular form of tourism, which nowadays are the ocean trip on a comfortable cruise liners. One of the main companies performing such flights, is "Galaxy Judd". The company launched a huge spaceship to cruise around Saturn and will last for eight months. Spaceship - super comfortable: it has restaurants with delicious menus, cinemas, night clubs, discos, gyms and so on. Leisure passengers are carefully designed and their service the best, but it is not surprising: the cruise ticket is very, very serious money.

Clever and very "slippery" private detective Fletcher (Hugh Grant) walks into the mansion of a man named ray (Charlie Hunnam). Ray - the closest assistant and right hand is very big crime boss Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), the owner of a network of hidden plantations for the cultivation of marijuana. Fletcher tells ray that he is on assignment for the publisher of a scandalous tabloid Big Dave (Eddie Marsan) dug a bunch of dirt on his boss. Big Dave for compromising promised Fletcher 150 thousand pounds, but Fletcher is confident that Mickey will want to seize the publication of compromising in the tabloid. To avoid this, Fletcher is ready to transfer all materials Mickey for 20 million pounds. At the moment Mickey is preparing to withdraw from the...

Let me Remind you of the previous series. The military, under the leadership of Colonel Kostik Lebedev spotted alien flying saucer that did not threaten anyone, and tossed it with a rocket. The plate fell on the Moscow district Chertanovo and have done business. Of the plates came out pretty alien Chariton, which was alien to establish contact with his daughter Lebedeva, and so it is well established that a former boyfriend of Julia, a bright representative of Chertanovskaya homeboys Tom, Chariton in some way shot, breaking off a valuable contact.