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Victor Drumont (Daniel Auteuil) - seventy-year-old cartoonist. He is not drawing cartoons, because a new world he does not understand or accept, and the newspaper where he worked, went online, and there are cartoons not needed. He had a bad relationship with his wife, Marianne (Fanny Ardant) where he was married forty years. Their son - a successful businessman and producer, guiding the firm working in the media. The son of a close and trusting relationship with Marianne, but Victor's son annoying: all these stupid gadgets, fashion trends and other nonsense.

Matthew (Alexander Kuznetsov) turns the love to a girl Olga (Eugene Kregzhde). Matthew is a decisive, slightly frostbitten, blunt, combative. Ola's just what I need because it asks Matthew to kill her dad - well, like dad with her whether incest has created, whether insect - well, did something bad. And Papa Oli Andrey (Vitaly Haev) - a tough COP-the wolf. Sledak. And the chances of Matthias to fill up the banal dad with a hammer very, very little. And then in the course of a lot of things go: from the TV, various household items and drills to the shotgun and a service weapon.

Paul Allen brown (Damon Herriman) - the son of a pastor Byron brown (Ben Kingsley) and his wife, Lillian (Jackie weaver). Paul knows that Byron and Lillian not just contain the Church and helping the needy on a ranch Half-Acre, state of new Mexico. They force members to transfer money to the General Church account, and there has accumulated about four million. Byron and Lillian didn't want Paul to know about it, so when the boy was fifteen years old, he was thrown out of the house, and the parents were in town to dissolve about him all sorts of stories.

Doctors, told AA, we highly recommend doing five meals before bedtime - this will increase the metabolism to such an extent that you will have to fully update your wardrobe in the store, "Hercules", and it's such an exciting process. it Also makes sense in the middle of the night have to do three snack - to exchange accelerated to escape velocity! And no need to argue. The doctors know best, so get to perform! *** Categorical announcements discouraging, upset Michael. Why not enter something, well, at least explained! Maybe they are allergic to viewing tat? Can see tat it does not allow religion? Maybe they all moved to the five snacks before bed and they are now so dispersed the metabolism that any tat immediately causes a panic attack?

Spain, 1966. Plump and good-natured Antonio (Javier Camara) teaches English at the school of the small town of Albacete. He is a fan of the Beatles and prefer to teach students on the example of the Beatles songs. He also teaches them to understand what is meant texts of the celebrated Quartet. meanwhile, the group "the Beatles" is on the verge of collapse: contradictions between members of the team grow, John Lennon is in a creative crisis and decides to start his actor career, for which he arrives in the Spanish Almeria to star in the film, Richard Lester's "How I won the war".

In the smartphone market there is an interesting story. Xiaomi company, which is firmly held the market in the area of budget and mainstream smartphones first began to produce "flagships killers" (we are talking primarily about the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Xiaomi Mi Note 10), and now she began to produce expensive superprimary, and the first sign in this line of steel Xiaomi smartphones and Mi 10 Mi 10 Pro in China began to be sold for $570 and $750 (the older model in Europe will cost under $1000 for smartphone Xiaomi had seemed utter nonsense).

Periodically in mail or on the forums, when you read the questions first-time user, understand that many of them are going to buy some headphones, I have no idea what they do different and what is intended, and therefore can't find what they really needed. Also, such users are often carried out on the advice of friends and "seasoned audiophiles", which, snorting contemptuously, explain that the headphones are cheaper than the $300-500 to buy makes no sense, because it's supposedly a waste of money. As a result, such users buy their overpriced "ears", which are then lying around somewhere in a box, and they listen to music from your smartphone, or complete wired headset, or from some cheap wireless headphones that fit them much more than hefty and expensive...

Over ear headphones with the threshold usually cause my readers considerable interest, because these headphones in the modern world is very popular. Some people need these headphones for use on planes and trains, and the other for travel in the subway, the third - for office use that does not interfere with background noise. At the same headphone noise cancelling on the market not so much, and in this field the choice is not too large. There are high-end headphones with a great sound and a great threshold, which also has several different modes of operation, is the Sony WH-1000X M3, but they cost 23 thousand rubles. There is a good headphone with effective threshold, but without the different modes of operation - Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT that cost 15...

Ray Susmit (Scott Ryan), discreet and a man of few words. He is divorced from his wife but loves his daughter Brittany (Chica Asamura) and spends a lot of time with her. Ray is also concerned about his brother Bruce (Nicholas cassim), which suffers from a severe neurodegenerative disease. Ray has a close friend of Gary (Justin Rosniak). Gary periodically gets stuck in all sorts of trouble - mostly caused by his bitchy Russian wife Tatiana (Lizzie Šebesta) and her weird relatives, and ray it out of these troubles out. While ray knows that if something happens, Gary is the one on whom he can fully rely on.

A boy of Ten, Johannes Betzler (novel Griffin) lives in Nazi Germany in 1945. It is in the children's fascist organization "Deutsches jungvolk" and dreams to become a bodyguard of Hitler himself. Johannes is so obsessed with the ideas of Nazism that to him in dreams periodically, is his imaginary friend - Hitler (secretly of Waititi). Well, you know, the Baby was Karlsson on the roof, and Johannes is Hitler who wants the whole world to its knees. However, the imaginary friend of Johannes Hitler - a pretty nice establishment: it supports and encourages the boy.

In the family of Jane Harding (Christina applegate) was a tragedy - she lost her husband: one evening she went for a run, he was hit by a car whose driver fled, leaving her husband Jen to die on the roadside. the Woman is deeply shocked by the incident, but she needs to get control of yourself because the care of her two children: teenager Charlie (Sam McCarthy) and seven year old Henry (Luke Rosslare). To cope with their condition, Jen embarks on courses of psychological support "Friends in heaven", which leads pastor Wayne (Keong SIM). Courses are created for those who lost their loved ones.

The Previous model smart watch Huawei Watch GT I liked. They looked very good, and showed a great degree of autonomy (about two weeks), well-monitored sleep, efficiently track activity, while they cost quite inexpensive. But they had their drawbacks, the main of which is a proprietary system Huawei Lite OS that worked only with their dials, of which there was very little, and with their applications. Also initially there was no mode always-on screen that I was terribly annoyed, but the developers of this mode in the next firmware added, so that one of the main, in my opinion, the disadvantages of these hours were eliminated.

Michael also believes that the method of calculation needs to be changed. What is the count of heads, like sheep? Need something more catchy. For example, offers Michael, for each additional child - a progressive points system. One child - one point. Two - two points. Three or four points. Four to eight points. That is, a family of four children - pyatnadcatiletnij! *** Anton sent a selection of ruthless naming and uporotyh creativing. This, of course, out of competition: caniculares "salted caramel". Creativity says a lot about the inner world of a man who made such.

Morning in August 2008, the police Department of the city of Lynnwood, Washington, there was a call from a girl named Marie Adler (kaitlyn Diver), which declared rape. Police arrived Marie said that night, she wakes up in her room found the man, whose face was closed. Man, threatening with a knife, tied up the girl, shoved a gag in his mouth, then several hours raping her. After that, he photographed Marie and threatened to distribute these images online if she tells someone about the incident.

If the tablet on Windows with appropriate characteristics to provide a stand and keyboard, then it turns into a kind of mini-laptop which may be entirely suitable for solving the simple household tasks: surfing the Internet, email, messengers, Skype, watching movies and videos, Amateur photo processing, which is not too "heavy" games. In this case, you do not lose the tablet functionality: in any moment the device can disconnect from the keyboard and can be used as a tablet. (Well, actually, then just remember the MS Surface Go).