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Peter recommends to the wonderful people of "Dobrotitsa". With pensioners loan, take just 0.5% for 10 minutes. That is 72% a day. That is 2160% per month. Here is a direct some kind of noble Robin hoods, we believe the cat Donut. *** eagle, don Reba, eagle, moved by Michael. Him on the shoulder! Here direct personal loans! *** Eldar has a yogurt "Hut." This "Hut" and even releasing a book of fairy tales "Hero Hut", what tales they make for their products. Now, the Eldar are greatly puzzled why the germ Peter from the story of Grigory Oster has turned into a microbe Vasya, and most importantly - why dear George Oster suddenly turned into Diana ten years. Apparently, this "Hut" marketers slightly insolent.

A Smartphone company OnePlus released in 2014. The appearance of the first model OnePlus One was accompanied by a effectively organized advertising campaign in the United States, initially this smartphone just could not buy, had to get an invite, the price for the proposed specifications were more than seductive, so in the result of a new brand talked a lot before his appearance, and that significantly influenced sale - OnePlus One sold out like hotcakes. And no wonder: the level of it is not too inferior to top-end flagships of competitors, and cost is much cheaper.

In 2019, the company Xiaomi with their smartphones started to be implemented in the area of the flagships of serious performance, but their new smartphones had a fairly low price. The first such sign was the Xiaomi Mi 9, which journalists immediately nicknamed a "flagships killer", because its 35 thousand rubles (at the start of sales), the smartphone had features that were present in the flagships of competitors, standing almost twice as expensive. How Mi 9 was actually a "killer" - hard to say, but he some market share from major competitors "pressed" - that's absolutely right, because at that time the market didn't have a smartphone with a similar package for the price. But now it does and it is possible to find at the price from 22 to 25 Grand, which is...

Hollywood, the late sixties. Famous actor of action movies-westerns Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) gradually, that is, falls out of the cage. He did not get the role of the characters, who delight the audience. Now Rick Dalton invited to pictures and TV shows just for the role of villains, where his character kicking ass someone of the most promising young actors, which spins Studio. The public ceases to perceive Rick Dalton as a hero, so now the normal main roles it is no longer seen.

The Company PocketBook has released a top reader in 2019 in the form factor of 7.8 inches - PocketBook Pro 740 . The reader also has the maximum possible set of functions and technology: adjusting the color temperature of the backlight, water resistance and even audiomonster (player and text-to-speech). Some users may ask why you need a reader with such a large screen? 7.8 inch is really a lot: the vast majority of devices of this kind have the classic format of 6 inches. Large format reader is better suited to read technical or business books, scientific books, texts with many diagrams, tables and graphs. Musical notes, textbooks, manuals, the same comic books or periodicals, you also prefer to use large format reader. And on the role of a home "bedside...

The Company Realme appeared in 2018. It was created by Oppo as a sub-brand: Realme uses the power of Oppo, which, in turn, along with brands OnePlus and Vivo is owned by Chinese giant BBK Electronics LTD. soon appeared, Realme began to compete not with anyone, and with the Xiaomi, which some time ago produced high-quality and affordable smartphones in the budget and mainstream segments, and in the last year already actively competes with flagship smartphones Huawei and other large producers, with its flagship Xiaomi offers at very attractive prices.

Russia, a big city. Tycoon Simon hooks (Gennadii Smirnov) who are going to run for mayor of the city, with his son arrives at the opening of the new Palace of arts, which is building the company Kryukov. In the process of opening the Palace falls off the roof, killing nine children. Society blames Kryukov, an investigation but at trial the defendants - surrogates office Kryukova, which is awarded prison terms, and the hooks held only as a witness - like he didn't know anything and are innocent of any involvement.

Los Angeles, 1970. Rudy ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) works in a record store in the ghetto. Rudy was from a poor family, his stepfather beat him, and Rudy dreamed that when he grows up, he will become famous. No matter what exactly it will be - a singer or a comic artist. But will become famous. unfortunately, his hopes for a long time did not come true. Rudy already forty-three years, and all he has achieved is the Manager in a seedy shop. But he still keeps trying somewhere to break, which leads the conference at a local music club. However, the owner of the club allows him to occupy the attention of the public is no more than a couple of minutes, and, to be honest, during those two minutes, Rudy manages to utter only a few old moss-covered jokes, so that the...

The Series begins in 2019 and tells the story of a large British family: grandmother Meriel. (Anne Reid) and her four grandchildren - Daniel (Russell Tovey), Stephen (Rory Kinnear), Rosie (Ruth Medley) and Edith (Jessica Hynes). Daniel a clerk for housing matters deals with the search and organization of housing for refugees. He is openly gay. Daniel broke up with his partner, Ralph's fond of a Ukrainian refugee Victor Hora (Max Baldry). In Ukraine, a referendum was held, the results of which Russia has effectively occupied Ukraine. The Russians have lists of those who voted against the referendum and against these people shaped unleashed persecution: they are arrested and tortured. Victor is one of those who voted against it, and he was subjected to...

Since the great escape of toys a grown up boy, Andy was two years ago. The story of the escape, as you know, ended well: Andy gave his toys to the little girl Bonnie and they found a new mistress. two years have Passed. Bonnie went to school. There she initially did not like, and she of anguish builds all sorts of trash - discarded plastic plugs, chewing gum and so on - a new toy, which she named Wilkins (Tony Hale). Wilkins, generated from garbage, at first, may not realize their identity like toys, but woody (Tom Hanks), who is still the Sheriff and the leader of the company of toys, tries to explain Wilkins that how much. And Bonnie and the terrible is bound to unlucky Wilkins.

In Russia, Xiaomi smartphones now take at least fourth place in the market (at least - because this is according to official sales, which do not take into account the flood of smartphones from Aliexpress), and it is absolutely no wonder the manufacturer offers the device in excess of the budgetary categories (Xiaomi Redmi 7A) and budget (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7), and even in business category - Xiaomi Mi 9 possesses characteristics at the level of the flagships of competitors, and to buy it is now possible for 23-24 thousand rubles. So I certainly try to follow the novelties that the company presents to the market with surprising regularity.

The Cost of modern smart hours is typically 10-12 thousand rubles. For example, Amazfit GTR - 10-12 thousand, Huawei Watch GT - 10 thousand, Huami Amazfit Stratos - 10-11 thousand rubles. At the same time on Aliexpress periodically come across very decent looking smart watch with a price three times lower. And I, of course, it was very interesting to study such a watch to understand how they differ from the more expensive. Well, there is no way to get a watch for some funny 3 thousand rubles was no different from the hours of 10-12 thousand, right?

Curious serial experiment Netflix. This show for some reason sometimes referred to as "legal procedural COP show" (a procedural COP show - series independent from each other series that you can watch separately) but it is rather investigative, that is detective procedural COP show. In each series a total of three same locations, which can be in any city. Main location - the room in which the interrogation of the alleged offender. In the interrogation, one detective, two detectives or one detective and one senior inspector. During interrogation, the video-recording what the offender warned. In the room hangs a huge mirror, which is observation point: there are other police officers, a psychologist, supervisor, computer specialist and so on.

There are different reasons why people switch from iPhone to an Android smart phone. Some reasons are forced - at work forced to use stolen iPhone and there is no money for new one, had to buy something cheap, and so on. Other - voluntary: not too crazy about the iPhone, don't like that it has no capabilities that are in Android smart phones (dual SIM cards, the use of memory cards and so on), well, just out of interest I wanted to try something different, because Android uses a lot more people than iPhones.

Salvador Mayo (Antonio Banderas), an aging Director who has experienced his peak of fame decades ago. He had not takes, is in a creative crisis. Alone, very sick and unhappy. Salvador - the concentration of all kinds of diseases: insomnia, chronic pharyngitis, otitis, reflux, ulcer, bronchial asthma, muscle pain, back, knees and shoulders, joint pain, constant ringing in the ears, crackles and whistles in the lungs, permanent headaches, problems with the spine. And now a new strange problem which does not allow him to simply swallow a pill: they have to be rubbed in the dust, so it does not choke. El Salvador and fears this is a sign of some terrible disease.