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Was going Through all sorts of deals on Gearbest and found smart watches Lenovo E1, in General, for ridiculous $39. They looked quite decent, and it was consistent with the standard objectives of smart watches, so I thought why would I not explore. I Have now are in line to review several smart watches low cost. I'm well aware of their shortcomings and know what is their difference in comparison with much more expensive watches. Well, I was interested to see what Lenovo has to offer to buyers for the money - after all the brand is known and solid.

Of electronic readers I personally like most PocketBook - they have, in my opinion, the most advanced and convenient software, and the hardware is quite decent, as well as a set of possibilities. (By the way, on the Russian market of e-readers PocketBook cover about 70% of the total volume of all sold devices, as far as I know.) In 2014, the company PocketBook has released the world's first waterproof reader PocketBook 640 Aqua, I have overlooked. This model enjoyed a certain popularity - still, readers often read during the holidays, conducted at sea, on the river or on the lake, some people also like to read, relaxarea in the tub or Jacuzzi, so in 2017 PocketBook was waterproof model - PocketBook Aqua 2 641.

Well, says Irina, the hashtag "ulybysheva", perhaps, is not inferior to the famous hashtag "was skazochnaia". Bra-vo, mo-Lod-Tsy! *** the Apple Company enjoys Oleg, made a real revolution in the field of built-in storage device. 64 GB squared is four terabytes! One smartphone you can contents of the entire computer stick is amazing! *** Vincent and Jules, sighs Crocodile Gena, advertise drinking water. So even with the illiterate title. In vain they still hadn't brought the shotgun.

For those viewers that have just joined us briefly recall the content of the two previous series. In the first series of terrible Hitman John Wick, nicknamed Baba Yaga (Keanu Reeves) retired, VEGASEL half half of new York by order of Russian crime boss Viggo of Zigfridovich of Tarasoff. When John Wick was at rest, son Viggo with the other two assholes got into the house of John Wick and can fight a terrible killer specific kicked. While it killed his dog and took his car. After that John Wick got up, went to the continental, they received weapons and black suit, well, then put all the honourable family of Viggo with his restless son, and several hundred soldiers.

Article "Useful tricks when using WhatsApp", they say, went well - she's already under 80 thousand views and I decided to continue to produce the same articles of the rubric "educational program" for other applications and gadgets. In today's article we will talk about the various useful tips and tricks when using the Xiaomi smartphones. I have several years of writing reviews of Xiaomi smartphones, few months used smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 as my main smartphone as studied the configuration of phones from this manufacturer, so I want to tell you about some of the useful customizations that you can do with them. Especially that Xiaomi is famous for the fact that they even have younger models settings - not trimmed and provide almost the same features as the...

Mind can not understand Russia, says Anton. Worldwide the oil-producing countries for the low price of gasoline for internal consumption in Russia, they are high. Everywhere if the price of oil falls, gasoline prices fall, and in Russia - on the contrary. The low price of oil - sellers that increase the price of gasoline to stay with their profits. The high price of oil - sellers that increase the price of gasoline to stay with their profits. The wholesale price of gasoline decreases, what happens to retail price? Right, it increases. Nothing, comforted Irina, what the price of gasoline is high, but periodically undergo a great event. *** Here we do not need to scare, asks Faust62, to what it is! 32 more series of this insanity, "the President live helps...

The majority divided of wireless headphones available on the market, do not have the support of aptX and AAC codecs. And those that have such support are not 1200-1500 rubles, and significantly more expensive - $ 3600 and more. Some time ago I wrote a review of TWS T5 Mpow headphones that support aptX and cost $ 3600, and there me in the comments gave a link to a cheaper version with aptX support housing is YTOM T1 headphones-APTX , which cost only 2100 rubles. I, of course, it was interesting to compare them to the Mpow T5, so take this review with them and get acquainted.

After the robbery of the Spanish mint, when fighting force under the leadership of Professor (Alvaro mort) fucked something up there two hundred and something million euros, all split up and hid in all directions. Furious Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) relaxes on the tropical island of guna Yala in the Caribbean sea along with delicate hacker Rio (Miguel Herran), but the more, the more annoying it is poluraspredelenia existence. Tokyo need hangouts, people whirl around her. And here - this peaceful island, which for two years already, to be honest, I got the extreme.

In a device, without which rarely cost the average Russian family. The slow cooker is an evolutionary stage of development such initially simple things like electric rice cooker, using a slow cooker can cook a variety of dishes. In the General case, the slow cooker is a simple and not particularly expensive device. It is a sort of pan with a cover, equipped with microprocessor, display, control buttons and bowl with non-stick coating, which is placed for cooking.

I was asked several times to compile my own list of recommended smartphones of those that I tested. I think that such a list may be useful to many, so I decided to make it and will be updated periodically with new information. this, of course, immediately say: I'm still one person, not the test lab and, although smartphones I've tested a lot, impossible to grasp, so my list will not include those smartphones that I have not tested, and among them, of course, there are a lot of decent options.

Charlotte field (Charlize Theron) is a slender, striking blonde, who managed to become Secretary of state of the United States. But its ambitions extend even further: it intends to become the first woman President! And it seems that it really can happen: the current President of the chambers (Bob Odenkirk), who once played the President in the popular series, a secret confessed to Charlotte that he will not go for a second term, because I intend to go in cinema. And that he, the President, is ready to support the candidacy of Charlotte.

Once upon a time, in the five hundredth years of our era, when all sorts of demons and monsters walked the Earth, as in Piccadilly, the witch Vivien and Nimue (Milla Jovovich), nicknamed the Bloody Queen despicable afflicted Britain all sorts of infectious illnesses, so that valiant king Arthur took the magic sword Excalibur, which he supplied old Merlin, and the sorceress was cut into several pieces, which he placed on the chests sealed by the Word of God. Chests Arthur commanded to bury as far as possible from each other to, in the words of the king, and the devil is not found.

Robotic vacuum cleaners has established a certain position in the market and are very popular. Well and, accordingly, the consumer is now offered a considerable variety of models - both very simple and superprodvinutyh, able to automatically do a lot of things. I try to follow what is happening in the market of robotic vacuum cleaners- read the reviews on cordless vacuum cleaner (robotic vacuum cleaners), and occasionally overlook the new model. What vacuum cleaner to choose is a difficult task: despite the fact that they are largely similar in all the particulars can vary significantly, and in addition, they have different functions.

Pyatidesyatipyatiletnego Swede Uwe (Rolf Lassgard) six months ago lost his wife. A few days ago he was fired from the transport company where he worked for forty-three years. Uwe lives in a very nice condominium policies for which he himself established when he was Chairman of the Board. However, at some point Uwe, who was in a condominium a dislike for bitterness, taste and quarrelsomeness, just not re-elected, and the President became his once best friend and now worst enemy rune (Bore of Lundberg).

Matthew F. Levin (Vladimir Mashkov) - oligarch rasulgarh. He owns the Bank "Bank of the people," he owns the Bank "Nationwide Bank", he owns a couple of banks and a thinner one major French Bank. All of the estate of Matthew F. - banks, factories, Newspapers, steamships - recorded on his old friend Leon (Dmitry Astrakhan). Well, to the wrong hands grasping to this property is not stretched. And that's why Matthew keeps in black body and did not even give him a lousy credit. Although, it would be Lena to ask something, since he owns it all.