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Married couple Ellie (rose Byrne) and Pete (mark Wahlberg) Wagner doing a profitable business: they buy old houses, fix them up and resell. Children are not made: Wagner worked a lot and the kids as we didn't think, and Ellie believed they were not ready yet. At some point, when Ellie tried to sell the five bedroom house with his sister Kim (Allyn Rachel), emphasizing the fact that when the sisters are children, these five bedrooms they with the husband will come in handy, Kim was teasing Ellie about the fact that they have Pete still has no children.

Wireless headphones - the theme is very popular, especially in light of the fact that the manufacturers of smartphones/tablets massively deprived of a new model of audio outputs. But we won't be sad about this, because modern codecs for wireless allow you to listen to good quality audio, and Bluetooth. In addition, many people use wireless headphones to listen to any radio programs, podcasts, and so on, so that they are for some special quality do not chase them more importantly how comfortable wireless headphones sit in my ears, how long they work on a single charge and how comfortable using them to control playback of audio.

America, 1934, the Great depression. In Texas rampant gang Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow "Bonnie and Clyde" as they are called in the media. To catch this gang is extremely difficult for two reasons. First, the conscience of Bonnie and Clyde so many corpses that they did not hesitate to open fire on the police who are trying to stop their car. Secondly, the efforts of journalists who this couple is called a "Modern Robin Hoods" and inspiration lie about "unearthly love" these two thugs, a gang active in helping the local population.

I like "smart" household appliances Redmond company, I studied many: household appliances, smart sockets and light bulbs and so on. There is, in fact, the main essence is that all this technology via Bluetooth (or via the Internet) to connect with the smartphone, can be controlled (in certain cases) and tune from your smartphone from a single application, so that when a certain set of consumer devices from this company, you receive an infrastructure of "smart" home. Well, notice that the connection with the smartphone and control it - not the only chip vehicles: Redmond engaged in various innovative designs and they own patents on various unique technologies used in home appliances. And this all developed in the framework of a unified concept of the "smart"...

Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan) and Oliver hardy (John C. Reilly) - classic Comedy Duo in the style of "Thick and thin". They are working on a contract with a famous Hollywood producer Hal roaches (Danny Huston), but Stan's contract ends and he doesn't want to renew it on same terms, also, roach is going to focus solely on feature films, Laurel and hardy and the best feel in the shorts. However, hardy is afraid of losing the contract with roaches: he following a divorce sitting with no money and not willing to risk it all.

Finally, before I got current the main flagship of the company Huawei - the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . I did not get to see his presentation in Paris, where these smartphones were given to journalists, so could not learn even then. But that is no reason not to test this quite a landmark for the company smartphone, so once he got me too just now about now about him and talk. The more that some time ago I published a review of its younger model - Huawei P20 Lite. So I suggest a long to cut to the chase and go directly to the review.

David Junior (Paul Dano) and Richard Matt (Benicio del Toro) prisoners of the prison of the town Dannemora, new York. The Suet - life sentence for the murder of Sheriff Matt - twenty-five year sentence for the brutal murder of his former employer. Sorokadevjatiletnego Matt enjoys considerable influence among the other inmates and the prison guard. The fact that Matt is a very good artist and he is particularly good at portraits. He paints portraits of famous people and photographs to draw pictures of the members of the families of the guards and uses it for a variety of benefits.

Trends in the development of the smartphone/tablet visible - everything in the garden of the Lord, everything in the garden! In the sense that most manufacturers have phased out analog audio out, and this happens for several reasons. First, the analog audio output port occupies a certain place, and without it, the smartphone can be made more thin. Second, the analog circuit creates some interference. Third, the technology of sound transmission over wireless communication are expanding rapidly and now, even at the level of the operating system Android supported codecs that transmit very high-quality sound, already comparable to the sound on wired headphones: aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, HWA.

About the plot of this very film surprised me later, first I'll tell you what the project was. And the project was a difficult fate, where everything went a bit wrong as planned in the beginning. Planned the film by Director Kathryn Bigelow - in a couple of years after the release of the film "the hurt locker," which received six "Oscars" and quickly brought in Hollywood star Jeremy Renner. Catherine with the writer of "hurt locker" - mark Boal decided to put something on the military theme with a criminal bent: well, you know, the military brotherhood, the drug cartels and all that jazz.

Crocodile Gena sent me a wonderful jasminerose creative, which is so good that there is even men can not resist the temptation to buy myself underwear. Here is also very easy to understand. Even before the "Generation "Pepsi"" come. What you are saying? There is a stylized coke? Yes, does it matter?!! Batman, you know, not only Robin was found. But creative - it is very different. Here, for example, a jar of honey. With the image of a rabbit with bunch of carrots. (Hare, as we know, honey is not eating - tea, not a bear.) And all is crowned with the inscription: "Do children". It seems that the honey still hemp.

In the discussion of the next review, cheap wireless headphone-earplugs were asked to study any cheap panoramer. And then bung it all clear, but there is a large category of users who prefer a comfortable panoramer, not earplugs. With wireless same panoramalage, but still be sure to support aptX, variants not so much, for the price these headphones usually start in the area of 7-10 thousand, and the top like the Sony WH-1000XM3 and far are all 26-30 thousand rubles. (By the way, the Sony I have will soon review.)

Journalist Camille Pricer (Amy Adams) works in a not too successful to the newspaper "Saint Louis chronicle". Camille is not particularly good writing and hard drinking, trying to cope with various demons in his soul. once it summoned the chief editor Frank Curry (Miguel Sandoval) and reports that Camille's hometown of wind Gap, located in the South of Missouri, committed the second year, the murder of a young girl. Some time ago in another publication was a very popular article of a journalist who went to his hometown, where he wielded a serial killer. Such things, says Frank Camille, very well perceived by the public. So go back and write the story. But at the same time, suggests Frank, in your hometown, you will somehow cope with their problems.

Not just "Light water" on marketing strategy refinement does not roll absolutely, says Michael. Any water light, when its from the tap pour. There must be something more interesting. For example, "Holy water of the mother see mother Sow". Or "Crystal water purified Shoe Polish". Or "ionic water with the ions pubertate". Or "Leonit - water, infused with lunar stone." So here and there. And then just the "Light water" - just a shame. It is better to get dark beer. *** most Importantly, says Sasha, selecting the right illustration for an article about frostbite. *** Like "Mercedes"-they also repair, sighs Vladets. ***

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is a Chinese American: when she was little, her mother along with Rachel escaped from the villain-husband from China to the United States. In the States she received a good education and managed to become the youngest Professor of Economics at the University of new York. Rachel is Dating Nick young (Henry Golding) is a handsome young man from Singapore. Nick lives very modestly and trying to save money; iMac Rachel on Netflix, eats her dessert, and Rachel thinks Nick is from a very poor family. Most likely, the family of a goatherd, Yes. But Rachel this does not give any value, because money in this life is not important. The main thing - career and status in the scientific world.

Series Honor came from Huawei in 2011, its development was engaged in a separate business unit, and somewhere to sixth models of smart phones of this brand have become very popular because they have good characteristics while being inexpensive enough. Months ago I did a review model Honor 10, and in this review we will get acquainted with a very interesting smartphone called Honor 8X : big edge-to-edge screen, a powerful enough platform Kirin 710, 4/64 (128) GB of memory, battery 3750 mAh, face detection, camera with artificial intelligence and... drumroll... NFC, yay! I don't use NFC, I will pay much easier, but I know that in Russia, NFC is widely used in for the fare, so the presence of this chip for you.