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Repair and upholstery.

Repair and upholstering of soft furniture. We make dreams a reality.

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Choosing the best variant upholstery or banners of upholstered furniture, You pay attention to a number of factors. It is important to know, what in General is made model. What fabric is used for the upholstery, the material from which made the Council and any filler choose for Your sofa. Workshop paksdeor uses in its work the most actual for today excipients: Foam filler (PCC) - [...]

Furniture workshop PaksDeor uses when pulling of upholstered furniture, upholstery of upholstered furniture and repair of many of furniture fabrics. One of them is the jacquard. Let's learn a little more about the history and the properties of this wonderful cloth. Sounds absurd, but upholstered furniture similar to the people. So sometimes you get used to one product that the purchase of another tantamount to treason. With your favorite furniture can be [...]

Prerequisite for the creation of such sofas is the need to save houses and flats of free space. As the angle of the least-used in any room area, these sofas managed to become a part of the original in any interior. They flash zavevali the recognition and love of consumers in all countries of the world. Today, angular sofas can be found in the spacious corridors, [...]

Old furniture... How long we decide her fate. And it is almost Antiques! Natural wood, decorative boxes and thread - this is not today's articles made of particleboard. After the banners of upholstered furniture it will continue its existence in a completely new way. Experienced masters will pick up furniture textile, just change the design and the «new» old furniture organically fit in any [...]

This type of popular furniture came to us from the East, from the Ottoman Empire. Sofa in Europe has received the big popularity with the beginning of the 17th century as a furniture for a day of rest in the aristocratic homes. It was made from valuable breeds of a tree and down the skin or silk. Stuffing pillows served horse hair or wool. The pillows were hard and well kept [...]

Previously, the question of the upholstery sofa was solved easily: 't like padding - you can hide under the covers. Yes and upholstered furniture as it was a rare thing. Today the situation has changed - there is a great variety of furniture, to which are invited on several versions of fabrics for upholstery. To not get lost in the store when choosing, it is necessary to know at least General information [...]

You looking for a long time, than you can replace your old and such a familiar sofa, and finally found the «new friend» with a bright and soft padding. You meticulously choose his outfit for colour, texture and other criteria, but he's standing in your home and you should do everything to preserve its original beauty. Here is the start of complexity. [...]

There was a Sofa. A large, soft - very convenient. It fit the whole family, and there was even a place for guests. It was especially pleasant to in the evenings, take their seats on the Sofa, which gladly offer their favorite members of the household. Mom and dad were talking and watching television, Granny knitted, the children read books or painted in the album. And there was no Sofa [...]

As a technology, kapitone appeared during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III and reached its peak in the mid-nineteenth century. In Russia the technique of kapitone began to develop with the name of the coach-screed. The interesting thing is that the technology was borrowed from the producers seat and turned into a new fashion that spans the whole of Europe of that time. Finishing upholstered furniture and the walls were present in fact, in [...]

Sometimes I want to update. Then of course is to change the style and wardrobe, and can make repairs and change the situation in the apartment. Typical solutions of the set and in almost every furniture store you can find the standard sofas and armchairs. But that's only one problem - standard furniture not quite suited to Your apartment. Always want something unusual, some of the highlights, to [...]

Today without upholstered furniture it is impossible to imagine even a small room. She is not only a decoration of our homes, but also helps to create a cosiness and comfort. In furniture stores a wide selection of different upholstered furniture. Each family want to replace the old sofa or chair for something modern and beautiful. Alas, but not every family has an opportunity to [...]

How Often do You think on the fact, what determines Your working mood? Always do Your working day starts smile, and concludes with a sense of cheerfulness and satisfaction? Meanwhile, the work - although not all of our lives, but a very big part of it. You can be the leader of a very serious company, Manager of mid-level or businessman-beginner - about his [...]

Today at the market of upholstered furniture from the leading world and domestic producers. The range is so wide that you can experience great difficulty in choosing the correct model. The design solution is rich and diverse, colors have a wide spectrum, you can pick the color in accordance with the basic color of the room. The main advantage of, which should have a soft furniture lies inside, only select by color [...]