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I was so lucky – everyone in my family love the fish. I prepare it constantly, twice a week, fried, steamed, baked with vegetables. Here and tired of eating the standard recipes I want something not quite normal and everyday. Today I decided on a little experiment. And, frankly, it has paid off. It was very tasty, nice and [...]

Always want that the meal was not only delicious, but also useful. The holiday season gave way to the humdrum days. But for many of the feast did not go unnoticed. A couple of extra pounds – a rather unpleasant reminder about them, with whom you want to leave as soon as possible. A strict diet will stand not everyone, but add to their diet with wholesome low-calorie food [...]

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine special. For those who are not familiar with it, plenty of vegetables and curd-cheese variety will not go unnoticed. And chorba Bulgarian "Shopska" salad with cheese and vegetables, stuffed peppers and steamed hotchpotch, and, necessarily, banitsa with different fillings. To study taste quality Bulgarian dishes I decided to try to cook the Patty with cheese. This pie tastes [...]

Holiday time is the occasion not only to welcome guests but be invited. Warm fellowship and pleasant surprises is an integral part of such meetings and receptions. And this is a great opportunity to diversify your diet and Supplement your own book of favorite recipes with something new and incredibly tasty. After the Christmas feasts, it seemed, all already tried. But the salad, cooked [...]

Baptism is a special occasion. It is associated with many traditions, beliefs and rites. For those who honor and remember about them, it is no secret that Epiphany is served in accordance with the established canons and rules. In the beginning, serves Lenten meals, followed by a lush feast with a suckling pig, pancakes and pies. Historically, in many countries, [...]

Here were the most intense weeks of the year has died down a noisy new year's eve, Christmas is also behind us. And I think you can relax, but... it was still one pleasant family celebration. Old New year does not like turmoil, a huge feast-flowing river of alcohol. This holiday has its traditions, including culinary. Old new year we usually celebrated [...]

To replace the new year's feast comes a bright Christmas time. It seems that all the delights and all the delicious hostess decorated Christmas table. However, it is not so. Christmas has its own traditional dishes, for example duck and Christmas cupcake. To diversify and complement this list will help hot meals and snacks, which is not enough space in the holiday menu for [...]

You Always want to decorate a festive table with something not ordinary and delicious. In search of a mistress read a lot of recipes until you find the one, family and incredibly delicious. Our family will not be left behind. After an extensive search of snacks for the New year I stopped for an attractive and very affordable recipe. Immediately make a reservation: cooking takes time, but the result [...]

Christmas time is the most bright and sweet. From the variety of appetizers, meats and salads on the holiday table gleams in the eyes. Despite this, many Housewives find time to cook (but not purchase) of desserts and treats, which are known to be significantly superior prepared on an industrial scale for their taste. The abundance and sweetness of chocolates in anticipation of the new [...]

Earlier in the Christmas menu of every housewife inalienable festive dishes were the salad and fish in aspic, in the present century, when more than is available, and is found in abundance on the shelves of stores, any mistress tries if not surprising, certainly to diversify the traditional new year's cuisine "sort of". In our latitudes are particularly in demand fish appetizers – [...]

On the calendar has nothing, the cherished number is getting closer and closer. The last week before the holidays, according to tradition, one of the most hectic and intense of the year. Need the time to put in order themselves and the apartment, to go to a party, and to recover from it to buy the missing gifts, to defend all possible queue – no time even to sit down. In this [...]

Baked goods, including cakes, and desserts can not be called mandatory for the night of new year's table. The traditional guests are the tangerines and chocolates. However, after a heavy meal in the morning as it is impossible by the way will be something light and tasty for tea. Attention was drawn to the cake with bananas and curd on the thinnest biscuit. By the way, colours such treats in full [...]

Chicken Salad with pomegranate for Christmas table Christmas table is one of the most delicious and elegant in a year. A real decoration of the feast is not only a festive table setting, but also the original presentation of your favorite dishes. Unusual shapes and traditional symbols definitely lift your spirits and improve appetite. Not all the details of food design will be able to master the mistress the first time. However, [...]

On the calendar was the last of the leaves. New 2018 breathes in the back of the departing 2017. In the cycle of everyday worries appear pleasant and hassle – selection of gifts, children's parties, holiday office parties, family get-togethers. Nice, but time consuming. The recipe for my salad very simple preparation it is quite possible to trust, and student – ready products that do not require cooking, [...]

Christmas buffet is served once a year. Gathered in a circle of the most beloved, fun people and generously escorted the outgoing and welcome the coming year. Many Housewives long before the holiday start looking for recipes for new year's eve. Special attention should be given to finding hot dishes for the New Year. Want something unusual and at the same time is not very nutritious: the abundance of [...]