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Potatoes "rösti" is a very simple but tasty and nourishing dish that came to us from Switzerland. Preparing Kartveli outrageously simple. First the potatoes are boiled in "uniform", and then rubbed on a coarse grater and combine with grated cheese. Then the potato-curd fried in the form of a pancake in a pan on both sides until Golden color. I recommend to cook [...]

For the preparation of recipe "cod fisherman" is perfect hake, Pollock or cod. Use of these types of fish and a good dinner at the Japanese you provided. The first time I cooked fish for this recipe, the marinade seemed a little unusual. But when I tried the fish, I couldn't put it down. I can say one thing, very tasty!

Black radish is very useful and rich in various vitamins and trace elements. In this recipe it is advisable to use the black radish. At first glance it may seem that the radish is very spicy and bitter. I assure you, as soon as you seasoned the salad with radish sour cream, all unwanted bitterness and sharpness of the radish is instantly gone.

Fans of all kinds of casseroles and meat in French will certainly have to taste the recipe for oven-baked meat with potatoes. The food is hearty, tasty and original. The main highlight of the dishes are pickles. At first I was preparing this, you can say, a casserole without them. But putting sliced cucumbers over there once, now I cook with them constantly. The quantity of ingredients used for the preparation of [...]

Delicious and healthy seaweed salad that you have taste and variety to the menu. Seaweed is a source of iodine and contains many useful minerals. To prepare this wonderful salad sea Kale it is best to take already with the carrots. I took a fancy to one of the species sold are usually happy to occasionally buy them. Preparing this salad in [...]

I love to cook all kinds of soups. They come out very tender with a creamy and velvety texture. On the website previously published recipes soup puree of zucchini and pumpkins. Today I want to tell you about the soup recipe-carrot puree. Since carrot is a cheap vegetable soup from it, it can be attributed to the category of budget meals. It should be noted that a clear [...]

Today, spring-like March day I decided to revise my freezer. Usually over the summer, I harvested it a sufficient amount of berries and vegetables for the winter. There comes a point when you look at the calendar and realize that will soon ripen a new crop, and the freezer should be exempt from old stock. This time I suggest you [...]

Now, when there is "Great post", I remembered my childhood. Now it's almost every girl's or boy's grandmother have long been exclusively urban dwellers. And these kids are only pictures seen real cows, sheep, geese or ducks. But I remember a time when I and all my classmates were away for the weekend or [...]

Dear readers of a site "Prepare at home"! Today I want to present to you the recipe of the Ukrainian borsch. Before posting this recipe I looked through many cookbooks and consulted with the indigenous people of Ukraine. It should be noted that even the Ukrainians themselves say that the options of cooking soup there is a great variety and in every area of their small country it is prepared in different ways. [...]

Very easy and tasty chicken salad, Chinese cabbage, bell pepper and corn was recently cooked it for guests. As I heard the eulogies as to your address and the address of the salad. Friend took a picture of the salad and wrote down the recipe. I want to say that this recipe is very simple and may be [...]

Aromatic and nutritious soup from oyster with cheese-creamy taste is cooked very simply. Will enjoy this soup at any time of the year, as oyster mushrooms are not seasonal mushrooms, and are sold in almost all supermarkets. When buying oyster should pay attention to their quality. Young and fresh mushrooms have a convex dark gray or brownish hat wrapped inside. [...]

I think a few of those who do not know about such a popular dish like a pilaf. Cook pilaf rice with lamb, beef and even pork. Do any of you have tried to cook pilaf with chicken hearts? Probably, these few experiments conducted. And I, as a lover of all inners, ventured on him, and did not regret the [...]

The classic Recipe of salad of cod liver was mega popular in the old Soviet time. And this is the liver included in the list, as they say, top products. Such products and has supplied the most "valuable" citizens who retired in the history of the country. And when the Union collapsed, cod liver in the stores a huge number. Now it only gives [...]

Among my friends and acquaintances there are those who would say that he loves barley porridge. However, about the useful properties of this cereal written many different articles. To list I have them you will not, and will just tell you about a delicious recipe barley porridge with porcini mushrooms, bell peppers and green peas. Barley, cooked this way, it is possible [...]

If you are a fan of crab sticks and various dishes prepared with them, then the recipe for the pâté crab sticks, you will certainly have to taste. This pate is prepared very simply and quickly. Ready pate a versatile dish. You can prepare a roll of pita stuffed with pate, stuff boiled eggs, decorating them with eggs or stuffed crab pate tartlets.