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Among the seven districts of Ufa demski is remarkable that the citizens for a long time called it Santa Barbara. Because, by analogy with known state, "TV series" a town, here everyone knows each other and often consist of varying degrees of kinship. However, now there are many "strangers".

Participants yyyy (gathering) of the Bashkir youth, which was held in the Baimak district of lake Count, immersed in national history and culture, receive new knowledge, competed in various competitions under the ethnic "sauce". Wanting to touch ETNOMIR young were many: more than ten thousand people have attended the gathering.

In Turkey, Rustam traveled hitchhiking from Istanbul to Cappadocia. This historic area has long attracted him as a photographer its nature and the fact that there are annual balloon festivals. "Of course, you can go by bus, but wanted adventure, — says Rustam. — All the more so to him I was already prepared to abandon the idea did not."

On the day of the Single voting day - September 18, huge help for all forms of media Ufa was the work of the public press center at the hotel "Ufa Holiday Inn Ufa". At the "order" of journalists were not only laptops and video stream of the Republican CEC, but a solid clip party members, experts and scientists.

Announcing At a press conference in Moscow discussed preparations for the Russian oil and gas forum -2016. 35 business events in 35 regions, nearly 15 thousand participants – it is now the statistics of the event, which is one of the professional status of sites in Russia.

Working group of the national Assembly to study the issue of implementation of legislation in the sphere of turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products began to study the situation in the alcoholic market of Bashkortostan. At the meeting of the working group members identified a range of tasks, forms of work, as well as the circle of people authorized to make decisions on the issues identified.

Rosstat notes: last year, our region has become a "leader" in the number of divorces in the Volga Federal district, their relationship terminated nearly 16 thousand couples. However, in regional management the registry office emphasize that this impressive figure is due to the large population in the Volga Federal district, but, nevertheless, the percentage of people who have decided to put an end to the marriage Union in the country is high.

In 2013, at a meeting in Ufa on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of Russia's own rules, the President of our country Vladimir Putin said: "Islam is the most vivid cultural component of Russian society. Russian Muslim organizations have all possibilities for its broad positioning in the media. And, dear friends, please take advantage of these opportunities".

Crisis creates a surge in crime, that's obvious, but today's crime statistics are comparable with previous "troubled times" in the economy. However, in the 21st century robberies, and replaced with more intelligent ways of obtaining money, instead of keys and the shim is now used for the mouse and the intelligence of the hacker

The End of 2015 was marked by the visit of Prime Minister of India Narendra modi in Russia. And the main issue of the talks were Russian-Indian economic relations. What are the career prospects of these economic relations, Pravda.Ru said the diplomat, specialist on South Asia, Sergey Troitsky.

One of the Russian manufacturers of educational equipment JSC "Didactic system" – member of the Interstate Association of developers and manufacturers of educational equipment (MARPUT) – creates frames of the national project "Education" educational laboratories "turnkey" for Russian colleges throughout Russia.

Domestic foreign products are better in quality, and Russian consumers are willing to buy it. About the poll, commissioned by the Ministry of industry and trade, said trade experts specialized networks and Russian manufacturers of children's products.

Hardly anyone thinks that advertising channel can be correctly selected. Most advertisers are based on the existing behavioral stereotypes. And this is why even the most successful advertising message and a great advertising campaign can fail and not attract the desired number of clients

30 September in Ufa the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a meeting of the Government of the Republic. They discussed issues of cooperation between higher education and production, efficiency of activity of Executive authorities, as well as the results of the implementation of regional government programs in the first half of 2015.

On 30 September in the House of the State Assembly – Kurultay of Bashkortostan Republic held a presentation of the first volume of a seven volume collection of scientific works of the scientist-ethnographer, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of the RAS rail Kuzeev. The edition is published with the support of the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov.