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Portal of legal culture. Exclusive comments of judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Legal articles. The pulse of the law. Surveys of legislation. audioblog. Authors: Olga zagvyazinskaya, Yaroslav Nikolenko

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Almost Monte Carlo. In the Tyumen shops were illegal casinos the Tyumen social activists are sounding the alarm: in local stores appeared suspicious terminals, which can be "one-armed bandits" of the new type. Lawyers believe that the police should check: did not reveal whether the owners of the terminal in Tyumen illegal "gambling area". told "URA.RU" the Chairman of the Public Council under the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tyumen region, the lawyer Yaroslav Ilyin, in several retail outlets on the territory of Tyumen installed terminals "Trade Box. Derivative financial instruments", with signs of gaming equipment. In particular, according to the source, the terminals installed in stores in at least three locations. "It is possible that there is a...

Hashtag: #BUS on January 27 held the first meeting of the Public chamber of the city of Tyumen. It discussed the problems of public transport. We will discuss some of them and will talk about the Public chamber. Guest: Yaroslav Ilyin, a member of the Public chamber of the city of Tyumen, a lawyer. on 07.02.2017 © T+In – Channel "Tyumen Time". #Tyumen #obshestvennost #Obshestvennaya

A Lesson in judicial robe and uniform prosecutors At the Institute of state and law held a regular court session – an interactive business game, played by law students in the discipline "Prosecutor's supervision". The topic students choose, usually yourself. This time the basis was taken resonant story about the kidnapping and the discovery of a missing child in the Moscow region. Recall 3 years ago from the hospital in the city of Dedovsk were kidnapped baby conscientious objector. His officers were looking for volunteers, but never found. In early January, the case was finally solved. As it turned out, the boy was carried from the hospital another patient who lost her child but are unable to admit it even to her husband. All this time the boy grew up in a...

Experts told about the innovations of environmental law 2017 in Russia declared the Year of ecology. This means that the question of legislative maintenance of environment protection becomes the key for the near future. Questions changes in environmental legislation were addressed in one of the last programs of the "Open school of law" to "Autoradio". Live the situation was clarified by the head of Rosprirodnadzor in the Tyumen region Maria Martynchuk and Advisor to the rector of Tyumen state University Olga Zagvyazinsky. Today to say that the ecological situation in our country is prosperous, it is impossible. One of the most problematic remains the system of waste management. Over the past two years, lawmakers have subjected to essential modifications one...

The Monument to Sergius of Radonezh was established in 1988 in the town of Radonezh, not far from the Church of the Transfiguration. Since the XV century, is revered by the Russian Orthodox Church to the saints in the face of the monk and is considered the greatest devotee of the Russian land. Since ancient times, revered by the Orthodox and old believers. Is the patron Saint of students. Photo: © Alexey Grinchenko. #Serveradresse #Holy #venerable #faith #Christianity

HURT. Children stowaways (21.01.2017)

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Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika on the occasion of the 295th anniversary of the Department has awarded Olga Zagvyazinsky "Medal Rudenko". This commemorative medal is the departmental award of the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation. It is awarded prosecutors who worked in the Prosecutor's office not less than 20 years for irreproachable service, exemplary performance of their duties, have made a significant practical contribution to the development of the system of the Prosecutor's office and a role model of professionalism, integrity and civic maturity. Congratulations to my dear colleague, teacher and mentor with a high honored award! (photo from the official website of the Government of the Tyumen region). #Tyumen #Prosecutor #holiday...

"every day Will explore the power of her (souls) and will not cease to experience themselves, will demand a report, and that comes into us, and that out — what we said is useful and what said the word idle, and that the useful introduced in the soul through hearing, and that made it likely to damage her." John Chrysostom merry Christmas! Thank God for everything!

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