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Portal of legal culture. Exclusive comments of judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Legal articles. The pulse of the law. Surveys of legislation. audioblog. Authors: Olga zagvyazinskaya, Yaroslav Nikolenko

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Immortal Fidel... Today on 91-m to year of life died a Cuban revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro. This day with bated breath, waiting for Fulgencio Batista, Uber Matos and George W. Bush. But when he did come, none of them have experienced joy. Batista died in exile in 1973, Matos died in Miami on November 14th, and Bush, though alive, but clearly did not attempt to intervene in the politics of Cuba. And Fidel Castro is still with us, because ideas do not die. Castro became the personification of the revolution — with a cigar in his mouth and automatic rifle on his shoulder. His portraits rarely printed on t-shirts, as he has repeatedly said he didn't have time for photos and movies. Castro was only 13 years old when he participated in his first...

⚠ guest of honour of the Tyumen state University International Professor, Amman University (Jordan) Sheikh Abdurrahman Abdurrazzak, Assaidi, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad in the 42 generation. "there is No Christian, no Muslim and no other terrorism - said the Sheikh. - All this is alien to the morals and principles of the heavenly religions. We should all try to live in the world. Despite the fact that we have different skin color, different views on life, different religions, different cultures, we should not forget that we have one father Adam and one mother eve. All the peoples and tribes descended from one father and one mother." note: the name of the Professor Sheikh Abdurrezzak, Assaidi occupies a special place among the scientists who have...

As a fable, and life is valued not for long, but for the content, said Lucius annaeus Seneca. Thank You colleagues and friends for this content! For the recognition!..And for the good business together!..

Who has the ability to heal evil, but voluntarily and on substrateless lays these things, that, in all fairness, you can blame on par with murderers, said SVT. Basil The Great. So, all those passengers who rode the bus and did not take measures to stop the criminal behavior of the conductor, should be prosecuted for leaving the child in danger as well as conductor under article 125 of the criminal code. read More:

Yaroslav Ilyin: "a police Officer is the same soldier, but only on guard of the law"

Keep it up! Provided assistance to citizens who applied to the head of the Department in the course of personal reception in the office of the President of the Russian Federation October 6, 2016, the head of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tyumen region G. V. Saroha held a personal reception in a reception of the President of the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region with the participation of Y. V. Ilyin, Chairman of the Public Council at the Department. during the reception for Galina asked five residents of the region. the Appeals of citizens addressed the issues of excess noise in the apartment from the pumps of a heating unit that is installed in the basement of an apartment building, the quality of the work performed by the developer, the water quality of...

Tyumen social activists are sounding the alarm: conductors of buses should not pick up a transport map at the passenger, even if it does not belong to the bearer. #Tyumen #tiumenskaia #buses #transportsecurity #conductors

⚠In Tyumen was forbidden to take away passengers' transport cards ⛔

History of the Russian state. What is the correct signature was the King.☝ "A decree of his Majesty the Emperor and Autocrat of all-Russian and other, and other, and other..."

Day of national unity! on 8 September 1380 and 4 November 1612. These dates refer to the end of the most difficult periods of Russian history, when under threat was the very existence of the Russian state. the Battle of Kulikovo and liberation from the invasion of the poles in the time of Troubles. These victories are very closely connected with one name and one place - with the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh and the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. From the speech of V. O. Klyuchevsky 26 Sep 1892 in memory of St. Sergius: "One of the hallmarks of a great nation is its ability to rise after a fall. It would not be hard to his humiliation at the appointed hour, he will gather his moral strength, and embody them in one man, which lead him on a historic road." I...

In the heart of Tyumen.

In the next release of the program "Open school of law" spoke on the current pension and social issues. visiting leading Anna Thunder was visited by the Deputy branch Manager of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for Tyumen region Vitaly Levenkov, the head a press-services of Branch of the Pension Fund in the Tyumen region Anastasia Shovels as well as permanent experts, the representatives of Tyumen regional Department of Association of lawyers of Russia Olga Zagvyazinsky and Yaroslav Ilyin. During the program, discussed issues of social fraud: who are the "pension scams" and how to behave towards them, not to become their victim. And also talked about the maternity capital and who has the right to receive it. I would like to warn our listeners that...