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Portal of legal culture. Exclusive comments of judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Legal articles. The pulse of the law. Surveys of legislation. audioblog. Authors: Olga zagvyazinskaya, Yaroslav Nikolenko

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Last Thursday in the program "Open school of law on Autoradio" was talking about the new features and methods to protect customer rights in the banking sector. Together with Anna Gromova discussed this topic permanent experts transfer Zagvyazinsky Olga and Yaroslav Ilyin , as well as the Studio became Deputy Chairman of the Zapadno - Sibirskiy Bank of Sberbank of Russia Dmitry Gurulev. What precautions you must know using plastic cards, what's the advantage of the new technology of contactless payments, as well as the latest developments will appreciate the Sberbank of Tyumen, will learn from the program. the Record of ether: #Sberbank #Tyumen

The Effect of an exploding bags the Tyumen courier No. 185 (4412) 06 Oct 2016. Author:Maria samarkina the day before Yesterday near the garbage in my porch got an old very battered purse. 99 percent out of 100 that did it some tender-hearted neighbor: maybe useful to someone. In principle, the usual pattern for the garbage disposal areas of Russian cities: we put up, put up and, it seems, a long time will expose the stuff that did not come to our yard. And will all your soul is to be hoped that it is required to find a hunter to tears, touched by fallen unexpectedly out of nowhere a garbage happiness. But, as a rule, hanging all this crap is unclaimed, until it was thrown in the trash, where it belongs, the cleaning lady or the janitor. It would seem that...

The head of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tyumen region, Vladimir Shareho held a personal reception in a reception of the President of the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region with the participation of Y. V. Ilyin, Chairman of the Public Council at the Department. during the reception for Galina asked five residents of the region. the Appeals of citizens addressed the issues of excess noise in the apartment from the pumps of a heating unit that is installed in the basement of an apartment building, the quality of the work performed by the developer, the water quality of centralized water supply in the new neighborhood, violations of sanitary-epidemiological requirements to living conditions in residential buildings and premises shop located on...

Ernest Valeev on terrorism and the Law Spring" last week in an extraordinary issue of the Open School of Law on the car radio talked about a new package of laws on the prevention and fight against terrorism. Together with Anna Gromova and permanent expert Olga Zagvyazinsky discussed this topic deserved lawyer of Russia, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation , honorary worker of the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation Ernest Valeev. Discussed the latest amendments, which came into law. Why terrorism has become "enemy number 1" for the whole world, and much more. Missed the live? Listen now. #Autoradio #Avtoradiator #pervonachalno #movement #tolowered #program #Otkrytaya to listen to a recording of the radio:

Olga Zagvyazinsky: understanding the laws helps them to appreciate and respect" In August marks three years since the first go live on "Autoradio" project "Open school of law" aimed at legal education of citizens. Our guest is its author, Advisor to the rector of TSU, honored lawyer of Russia Olga Zagvyazinsky. the organizers of the "Open school of law" spent days of legal culture in Tobolsk, traveled to Khanty-Mansiysk, worked with future lawyers and journalists at the site of the Ugra state University. All the big events law school streamed on the Internet – the teacher may join from anywhere in the world. On increase of legal culture of people, the aims and objectives of the "Open school of law" says the author of the project, Advisor to the rector of...

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Last Thursday, in the program of the Open school of law talked about the inviolability of the home. have Disassembled a situation that occurred in our country, found out the punishment for those who try to enter someone else's territory. Together with Anna Gromova discussed this topic permanent experts transfer Zagvyazinsky Olga and Yaroslav Ilyin. Listen live right now! #Avtoradiator #Otkratougolnah #Olazagutia #Jaroslavlin #lawyers