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Every time making dumplings, try to add something else non-specific. What? Maybe next time. But this time it is very nonspecific asked. I did not go to the meat grinder, and hand was not. So I had to do chopping ingredients.

Green pickled tomatoes is incredibly easy to prepare and very tasty vegetable appetizer. And now came for her, the most favorable time – just in the beds there are still many nedospaty vegetables, but the hope that the barrel will turn a bright red color, is, unfortunately, no...

I Want you today to offer my interpretation of the beloved and revered Charlotte... What is she unusual? Only those that bake I solved it with a little non-traditional for Charlotte filling instead of apples I used one and my favorite is a seasonal fruit... And I get very tasty and fragrant pie with pears!

Homemade cakes are always tastier, more fragrant and more useful shops. I take great pleasure in baking muffins, cakes, cupcakes. Because there is nothing more valuable than the happy smiles of children and the appetite with which they walk into pies and cookies made by my mom.

I rarely eat salads with mayonnaise, because mayonnaise is greasy and bad for you. I often prepare salads with a dressing of low fat sour cream, olive oil or vinegar-olive dressing. But sometimes I like mayonnaise salads. Today was such a day, so I made a salad with crab sticks and corn.

For my husband autumn is the time of fishing on predator. Predator he often calls pike. Don't know what the great thing about fall fishing for my husband, but for me, its advantages are obvious: the husband does not disappear overnight and does not drag the fish tens of kilograms, which then need to cook or at least freeze. It's simple – he got caught, I cooked, ate together, and everyone was happy.

Until recently I was absolutely convinced that baking with cinnamon is loved by all because she is incredibly likable and wonderful, it smells like home, comfort and warmth... But, as it turned out, I was wrong, and some of the cinnamon smell is not that unpleasant and very unwelcome...

My baby grew up and fell in love with pizza. And mother had to master this dish. 80% of pizzas I've ever eaten, left me indifferent. Soggy dough, tasteless filling, thick crust, the filling is salty, sour tomato and disadvantages of maybe a million. And good pizza in our son opinion, is this: the dough is thin, bubbly, baked and crispy. The sauce is sweet-sour, spicy. A lot of cheese, it stretches. The dough is crispy, the filling is juicy. All together it smells beautiful Italian herbs. My maaaalenky boy eats ¾ of a pizza.

Once, after visiting one of the many city cafes, I was pleasantly surprised by a very tasty salad. The ingredients included in it was the most simple, they almost always have everyone at home, except, probably, mozzarella cheese and olives. In General, the composition of the salad I remembered, but here at home I have all the time something came out.

Are now preparing a kebab! The dish, popular in Central Asia, Turkey and the Caucasus, in our country, enjoys no less demand. The meat turns out juicy and flavorful! Want to surprise your beloved husband a delicious dinner? Prepare for him a kebab of lamb!

Soups in my house are always available. But with the advent of the little girl, their range is greatly narrowed. The young lady she is fussy and fan of literally the first 3 meals. So if occasionally I manage to discover a new soup, which hit the spot a little Princess, this day is celebrated in the calendar as a holiday.

Meanwhile, my fish experiments continued. Remember I told how my mother accidentally grabbed a very decent set for a fish soup from salmon? Now, this set I liked it so much that as soon as the fish the child was over, I went straight to Metro for the queue...

The previous weekend we had a family camping trip – good weather at the moment is still strongly promoted such events... Without much thought, my husband decided to take us out of town – away from the Madding crowd, engine exhausts and telephone...

Recently, the child is in school again, I decided to bake cookies. It was closer to night. And then early in the morning again, went for a little trick – put it on the sly in a typical store-bought package (good look of my pastries were not inferior liver industrial production) and, as if by accident, left on the table...

The other day I shared with you a collection of gold earrings without stones. But today I want to talk about posetech (I confess, I feel closer and pronunciation, and spelling with a double "C" studs; and although both options have a right to exist, one "s" is more common).