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Real English. 200 dialogues in English for all occasions - the Author's technique Natalia Tchernichovsky based on the use of ready speech patterns characteristic of a specific situation of communication.This book contains conversations with useful phrases and stable expressions for all occasions! Reading them and listening to on the drive, you can easily remember modern words and phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs that are useful in everyday and business communication on various topics. Thanks to their use minimizes the need to translate from Russian to English, increases the speech quality is achieved faster understanding. the Course is designed for students with elementary and intermediate and intended for independent work and tutoring.

The audio collection of the Jewish jokes contains a collection of the funniest, most witty, and amusing anecdotes. Whatever you say, and the Jewish joke - a phenomenon quite specific, Jewish jokes with great interest listened to and discussed in the Soviet environment. They have not lost their vitality and relevance also in our days.

Best jokes for your company." It included anecdotes that can truly be called great. Reads professional actor, well-voiced, there is music. The anecdotes come one after the other in the "non-stop". Attention! Is profanity.

IVANOV Oleg Aleksandrovich, a certified psychologist. With 10 years of experience in yoga, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, meditation.Author high-performance training programmes to enable everyone to achieve their goals. His motto, which he follows when creating a training "to Make their thoughts and behavior is effective."Oleg Ivanov is familiar to listeners of the audio program "Basic course of hypnosis" readers – "the many faces of hypnosis" and "Yoga every day: the European option," and the audience – appearances on TV (on the channel NTV in the program "the Domino Principle" and on the TNT channel in the documentary series "strange, but true!"), where he demonstrated the phenomena of self-hypnosis.The proposed audio programs will help master the...

How to cause sympathy, attraction, desire? What is the secret of attractiveness? How to please at first sight? have You ever wanted to learn how to fall in love with the favourite person? Can long suffer from unrequited love, and it is possible to act and to be close with the person you have chosen. Down with unrequited love!

During the revolution and the ensuing brief period of war communism, many hid their value as much as possible. And here Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov, a former Stargorodsky Marshal of the nobility and secular lion, and now (1927) — a modest clerk of the Registrar, learns from his dying mother-in-law that once she hid her diamonds and pearls worth 150 thousand gold rubles under the upholstery of one of the twelve chairs Gostiny headset of the work of the famous master Gambs. Throwing all Vorobyaninov rushes to find the chairs...

The Ability to communicate with people is one of the key success points in all. You must use reliable methods of interaction with people. Exceptionally charismatic people are successful in dealing with clients and in relationships with family and friends. The authors provide recommendations in dealing with the opposite sex. The ability to be nice and charm, open is truly immense opportunities.

Trilogy by L. N. Tolstoy's "Childhood.. Adolescence.." finishes the beautiful work of "Youth". It highlights the story of a guy of 16 years with an unusual Outlook on life, but with so ambiguous as most teenagers. The main character L. N. Tolstoy, Nikolai, I wanted to become a man with high moral character and life to develop yourself in this direction. For this, he wanted to go to College and become the first scientist of Russia.

You submitted a tutorial Chinese new generation. You will have step-by-step study of the material, interesting assignments of various complexity, an effective system of self-control, learn typical situations illustrate the encyclopaedic character.

The Unusual history of the series "STALKER". Little little nastyushka was chosen as mysterious and invisible voice of the Borg, which she constantly pokazyvaem the right path and leads away the Princess from danger. Knowledgeable Forester who agreed to guide the girl had a difficult road, which, as always, hidden in difficulty and complexity.

Here is a new collection of the "king of horror" collection, where Stephen king finally appears before the reader in all facets of his talent - thin and smart, hard and dark... It's Stephen king, what it is! How many cards in the deck along with a Joker and as they fell from the hands of the author, as many of the works in this collection and so they are located. About this mystical side of the book You know already from the introduction. Forward!

Rosetta Stone - №1 in the world among linguistic software. Rosetta Stone - the most natural and native, and therefore the most effective way for a person study almost any foreign language. The company uses specially developed technology Dynamic Immersion (dynamic immersion) using a computer is used to simulate a living environment that allows you to learn a foreign language as You have mastered in childhood, their mother tongue without regulations, by full immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of associative series in various areas of life, with the elaboration of templates and automatisms, according to the principle from simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and speech, allowing you to reach your goals in learning the...

This video course is a comprehensive program that teaches modern English language beginners fast, easy and fun! It includes two full course: Video Course "English In 4 Weeks" and Audio-Course "Modern English For Beginners" thus helping you to simultaneously "cover" the English language from all sides, using both video and audio material. Video Course and Audio Course - two DIFFERENT, COMPLEMENTARY courses that will help you learn in the first place, to speak English and understand English speech. Also you will find the Video Dictionary that helps replenish your vocabulary of English words on various topics, and Very Obrazuyuschie you bonuses, including English In the Movies...

Poet Vera Pavlova is one of those whose art long ago became popular. The grind of marriage, fantasies and fleeting novels in poems is a rare gift, and hundreds of gentle women, the leading live journal with the same goal, my dream is to get into the world of this magical talent. Pavlova in a few lines explains the mysterious female views-States, their lies, pretense and subterfuge. To explain to the man the woman and the woman herself – how few poets are able to...

Almost simultaneously with the novel "12 chairs" by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, has created an unusually witty and sparkling novel "Bright personality", making fun of life of the citizens of the County town of Pixelhaus. In a provincial town Viseslava, where riotous color, a thriving bureaucracy, careerism, nepotism, and arrogance, improbable events occur. Blame the inventor of effeminate. His soap from freckles – "Vesselin" caused a lot of noise, after one of the residents – Egor filurin accidentally lathered by Vesselina, became invisible, and got a chance to get noticed in all the establishments of the city.