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ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate is the portable version of the program for text recognition, which can perewesti document images and any types of PDF-files into editable electronic formats. the Program identifies and accurately restores the logical structure of the document in its electronic copy, allowing forget about reprinting texts. the Program ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate is designed for efficient processing of documents in companies and institutions, has a flexible licensing system, and special opportunities for work in local network.

To Conduct their business and to surf the Internet has never been so easy as now! After all, Instagram is not only entertaining, but also beautiful, free and available to absolutely everyone a platform for earning money. So why miss this opportunity? You can sell goods, provide services, show your portfolio, to declare itself as about the expert, keep a personal blog, or expert using the phone and apps Instagram. And how to do it successfully — we will tell on our new course “Maintenance and promotion of Instagram”.

The picture tells the story of the extraordinary adventures in Lithuania four Englishmen — Michael, johnny, Ben and Tim. After a successful RAID in London on illegal casinos, "nice four" sits in the plane flying to Malaysia. Everything seems to be going according to plan. But... no One could foresee the antics of Eyjafjallajokull volcano, whose eruption forced the plane to England to sit in Vilnius. Moreover, in addition to local fights and adventures in all parts of the body, friends have to escape the vengeful owner robbed a casino. Black humor!

The Book describes methods to intercept customers at the big competition: strategies, methods, tools and technologies for working with customers and sales. Understand the issues associated with customer retention, the legality of the interception of consumers. A large number of practical examples of foreign and domestic companies: Wal-Mart, IKEA, DELL, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's, VimpelCom, MTS, Yandex and not only. Written for managers and specialists of sales departments and marketing, managers on work with key clients.

Your attention is invited to the men's magazine for those who like experienced and Mature woman. 40+ Magazine is the USA's market leader in this area. 40+ brings you the best mature models from around the world. Packed with fresh pictures each month and backed up by real letters, reviews and hilarious articles. 40+ Magazine is the leader in the US market in this area. 40+ brings You the best Mature models from around the world. Filled with fresh pictures each month and backed up by real letters, reviews and hilarious articles.

In 1924 in Geneva, created the first worldwide cartel that has established full control over all manufacturers of lamps, prohibiting to release the lamp service life more than 1000 hours. Apple deliberately understated the battery life in their devices, and manufacturers of women's stockings having almost eternal tights began to wrestle with how to make short-lived pantyhose... This documentary filmed in Europe, the Director Cosima Minoritar, which is based in ecology, dedicated his movie "Conspiracy bulb" demonstration of harm to society and the environment methods of expansion of production under capitalism - in particular, this method as "planned obsolescence" of products.

Modern course for the Portuguese language based on the original method focused on a quick perception and fixing of new material. Each lesson contains the basic grammar, numerous exercises, the original Portuguese and Brazilian jokes, Proverbs, riddles, songs, tongue twisters, poems, fun nature of which largely contributes to better language acquisition. the Publication is addressed to all those interested in Portuguese language and contemporary culture of Portugal and Brazil. The tutorial is accompanied by an audio application , created with the participation of native speakers.

Directory offers ready projects of houses with individual design. Typical house projects are structured in size, materials and quantity of living that will allow you to quickly navigate and choose the most suitable option. Presents a variety of finished projects of cottages and country homes of all types: brick, wood, frame, combined and so on — a few thousand projects. In order to make it easier for You to choose a projects of country houses supplied with 3D models that will help You more fully imagine how it will look in the future home.

This is NOT a regular textbook sales. This book blatantly ignores fashion terms zhargonchik and psychological rubbish, from which, obviously, crazy many coaches sales and authors who write about sales. And it's not a motivational book. This is a simple, honest, ruthlessly pragmatic, no nonsense presentation of the methods that REALLY help to sell successfully. It was written by Dan Kennedy, who is famous for the fact that he always immediately goes to the conversation on the merits and does not hesitate in expressions. after Reading this book, you will gain immunity against "no", and no buyer will not be able to refuse you; forever get rid of the need to find clients – they will be for you to run; learn to read the thoughts of his neighbor, and will gain a...

A Girl named Vivi works in firm on manufacture of furniture, "Kika". One day the boss asked her to take that to the Bank 17 thousand marks. Along the way she met her girlfriend, who allegedly met with the son of the Director of this furniture company. Not knowing how to get rid of her previous boyfriend, she asks Vivi to tell him that it's over, and she offers to take the money in the Bank and at the end of the day pass receipt. of Course, on the way to the Bank unpretentious lady meets her boyfriend and together they go to the factory to complain about amorous pleasures on new beds. In the midst of a bag of money falls almost under the mattress, and his owner forgets about his mission. The loss was discovered only after the bed has already transported...

There is No woman that at least once in his life faced with a yeast infection. You think that you said goodbye to her forever, but she's back again. Such painful condition can last for years. Thrush affects not only women but also men and children. Why is this disease so prevalent? How to defeat or avoid entirely? Questions relating to yeast infection, are of concern to many. Though thrush is not serious, but it causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. It affects the quality of your life. Without knowledge of no confidence and peace of mind – learn about thrush the most important to your life turning into a nightmare!

A Girl named Jeanne in life is not lucky with men, no longer willing to tolerate this, she swears she will never communicate with the opposite sex. But the oath was premature, and fate decided to play a joke on a girl in an unusual way. One day, the girl woke up in her bed, felt between her legs something unusual and realized with horror that there is her like all men. Now her life is changing radically, Joan have to figure out what happened. And to understand how to live in a man's body and what to do next with this sentence in her normal up to this woman's life.

Poetic story of two Parisian, who decided to get out for a weekend in the village. Getting lost and staying the night on a country road (because it ran out of gas), the girls were forced to spend the night in a nearby barn, unobtrusively taking up, with, love, and the next morning one of them, Anna, has disappeared. Her comely companion françoise, worried about the disappearance of a friend, began to look for Anna around the house, but stumbled only on a hunchback dwarf, who promised to show her the whereabouts of the girl. The dwarf led françoise to the castle, standing on the shore of the lake, where she met three women in developing semi-transparent dresses. They were maids and mistresses Morgans, eternally young witch in a magical Kingdom where and hit...

WANT to DRAW a TRULY STUNNING IMAGES? Not work? Your ability and remained at the level of a first grader? I think it's the lack of talent? Maybe don't have the courage to take the first step? What problems do You have?Late to go to art school? And on a normal tutor does not have enough money? I offer videokurs drawing the most simple and common materials such as pencil, watercolor or gouache – “the Artist from scratch. How to achieve excellence in drawing”. The course consists of 30 very illustrative video lessons (27! hours of high quality material) and divided into 3 parts: “Fundamentals of drawing” “Working with different materials” and “Landscape with a pencil.”

Professional gambler named ACE before the wedding announcing his decision to quit. But suddenly caught up in a game with Marseille. The young wife let him go for this game. Desperately bluffing, he breaks the Bank, but the game continues. it begins the hunt and kills the assassin, then turns into an ACE... a Ghost that can't see no one but his wife. Having found in such a tragic way possible, he tries to take his widow and get revenge... starring Edwige Fenech