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WANT to DRAW a TRULY STUNNING IMAGES? Not work? Your ability and remained at the level of a first grader? I think it's the lack of talent? Maybe don't have the courage to take the first step? What problems do You have?Late to go to art school? And on a normal tutor does not have enough money? I offer videokurs drawing the most simple and common materials such as pencil, watercolor or gouache – “the Artist from scratch. How to achieve excellence in drawing”. The course consists of 30 very illustrative video lessons (27! hours of high quality material) and divided into 3 parts: “Fundamentals of drawing” “Working with different materials” and “Landscape with a pencil.”

Professional gambler named ACE before the wedding announcing his decision to quit. But suddenly caught up in a game with Marseille. The young wife let him go for this game. Desperately bluffing, he breaks the Bank, but the game continues. it begins the hunt and kills the assassin, then turns into an ACE... a Ghost that can't see no one but his wife. Having found in such a tragic way possible, he tries to take his widow and get revenge... starring Edwige Fenech

Three loafers enrolled in medical school are their teachers a real beach. What dirty tricks they are not satisfied for professors: the corpse for anatomical theatre menu then orderlies from the mental hospital pretending to be... But one day one of his friends, Sandro Santarelli, saw a new passion of Professor Chiccarine and realized that I had lost. Well, as a woman could get such a klutz, which, according to Sandro and his buddies, was their teacher! It should never have happened — and Santarelli developing a plan for the conquest of beauty. As the lady of his heart is a doctor, there is no simpler way than to pretend to be sick. And for medical student, what kind of losers he was, it was nothing...

Alice - pretty virgin librarian, sympathetic and cheerful which behaves and dresses like a child. It does not take courtship of William, her suitor, because he considers her behavior inappropriate to age, considering it pretended prude. Alice dreaming, and when the vision disappeared, the White Rabbit touched her shoulder, and she followed him in Wonderland. Here, playful and playful animals and people open for her a Kingdom of fantasy and fun. After the sudden meeting with the imperious Queen Chervey, Alice decides that the world of Wonderland is not for her - she's in love with William.

Tutorial that you hold in your hands consists of classes which exhaustively describes the basics of the Chinese language, described in detail many of the nuances and subtleties. Phonetic material gives the opportunity to study the most difficult aspects of pronunciation, in the hieroglyphic sections, you will find a detailed etymology of the characters, get acquainted with all the options for their writing. the basis of the new vocabulary and grammar is the material already studied in the previous lessons, which greatly facilitates its absorption. Each lesson are provided with tasks, exercises and samples of writing that enables you to consolidate the material under study, utilizing different aspects of memory. In addition, the book comes with a CD voiced...

In this film, our friends are recruited on the tourist ship as a sailor... Now only two of our friends. Momo went to America. From America Momo does not cease to kindle your friends podrobnostyami of their adventures. In a fit of passion, Udall became entangled in a sexual relationship with one girl. Running away from an angry girl's father Huey is a catch Benji and recruited with him on the ship plying the Mediterranean Sea. To his surprise and horror finds Udall in boatswain furious father of his ladies. All is developing very rapidly. Adventures, new romantic love Benzi, this time to the captain's daughter, and even adventure with diamonds...

Part 4 - episode 2 of the series Eskimo lemon, where the main character Yyudale in the Army. To base come important guests - Colonel from Switzerland and his assistentka. Military units assign military exercises, which they are already nine years in a row, lose the next barracks. If they will lose again - the commander promises Shemesh, which is preparing not fit for military service by state of health of recruits, to make him a night watchman. Again, all the soldiers were ambushed... Yyudale with Semesa dressed in women's dresses - must at all costs to win the job.

08.08.08. Young entomologist from USA, Michael, and his girlfriend, Moscow journalist Eugene, come to South Ossetia to shoot a film about a rare species of butterfly. But that same night, Georgian forces attacked South Ossetia. Camera Michael off the beginning of the operation. Our heroes understand that in their hands was the evidence that will put an end to the information war. But know about it and the Georgian special services. To bring the world the truth, Michael and Wife need to break through an occupied territory in destroyed, but not broken Tskhinvali.

Beginning of the war. A group of soldiers-prisoners being taken to a meeting of the military Tribunal. The crimes are different. Who don't follow orders, who are scared, who are rude to the boss. Roman fell for the "AWOL" - escaped from the part out. On the road they are ambushed. Survives only novel. He manages to quietly escape and return to his unit. But some had retreated, and soon the territory occupied by the Germans. Using the fact that knows the location where something is hidden, where secret passages and the possibility of asylum, the Novel manages to cause the Germans significant damage, not posing. The Germans can't understand the reason of their "accidents" and "strange adventures". But then I guess - within the saboteur...

The film begins in Thailand, where a Beaver family has fled from justice. Now they have to perform in the circus tent, showing tourists their superpowers. To be a "circus monkeys" the family is obviously not for everyone — they all want to go home, Home. Oleg and Sveta disorder in relationships: she dreams of children, and Oleg at all before. And here is another scandal of the family: Oleg leaves, slamming the door. Returned but no Beaver. They left, and Oleg have to go to Russia. At Home he will not only re-win the heart of the Lights, but to unite the powers family Beaver in the battle with the wicked on a planetary scale, making careless relatives of these superheroes.

Five years, eight months, 12 days... and beyond. That's how much Debbie ocean, developed a plan for the greatest Heist of his life. She knows exactly what it will require is a team of the best in the business, starting with her longtime accomplice Lou Miller. Together they gather a team of unique specialists. Their goal is irresistible 150 million dollars in diamonds in the diamonds on the neck of the world famous actress Daphne Kluger, which will be riveted everyone's attention on the main event of the year — bale at the Metropolitan Museum. The plan itself is incomparable, but the implementation must be flawless if they want to get in and out with jewelry in hand. Right in plain sight.

The Action takes place not so long ago, in the last century Japanese village. To save food enterprising Japanese have entered the ritual killing of useless members of the community: newborn boys just killed, and the elderly of their own children carried to the top of mount Narayama and left to die. Orin - a woman 69 years old must die. Her son doesn't want to take the mother to the mountain to die, but that requires a mother, faithful to tradition. Finding women to their children, she begins the final climb to the top, tied to the back of the son... the Adaptation of the work: sitiro Fukazawa. The film is based on real events!

ESET NOD32 antivirus - new version of antivirus with cloud technologies, providing enhanced protection against advanced threats. Includes powerful HIPS, device control, effective protection against phishing and exploits. ESET NOD32 offers an improved heuristic analysis of unknown threats, "cloud" technology ESET Live Grid to determine the reputation of files and an updated interface. It includes the ability to auto scan the computer while it is idle, scan files directly at boot time and the ability to cancel updates installed.

On an English farm lives a large family of MacDonald, almost all consisting of morons and alcoholics. Once the head of the family took the goat to breed, but not brought and decided to play the role of a goat... the Goat gives birth to an unusual kid. The head of the family intends to kill the kid-mutant, but a good girl Ronnie MacDonald, saves freak and gives him the name Billy. Old McDonald is trying to soak Billy the kid and one night, pre-stunning is already well grown mutant, drowns him in the river. But there it was! Billy returns to take revenge!

Daria Dontsova real name Agrippina Dontsova Arkadevna, nee Vasileva; 7 June 1952, Moscow) — Russian writer, author of women's "ironical detectives", a member of the Union of writers of Russia. Laureate of literary awards. Biography and career Born in a family of the Soviet writer Arkady Nikolayevich Vasilyev. Mother — Tamara Stepanovna Nowacki, he worked as Director of Mosconcert. In 1974, Darya Dontsova graduated from the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, faculty of journalism. After graduation he worked 2 years in Syria, in Aleppo at the Soviet Consulate, a French interpreter. After returning to Moscow until 1983 he worked in the Department of the newspaper "Evening Moscow". In 1983 he changed his name (husband's name) and went to work...