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Forum is dedicated to the people who promote their projects with the help of social networks. Forum for the masters in the sphere of the SMM.

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Colleagues, ask for advice. Until recently (like many) relied VKBot. While many functions has actually used one – invitation to events of the groups. New events appear every week, and I had invited two of his groups, because such an invitation is no limitation in 40 people. Now I am trying to figure out how to automate this process Ambassador closing VKBot. "Inviter+" according to support this function "includes, but is not working", and when he's working, unknown. In Mamantool failed to check if this feature, so it is no proxy at all does not start, although the creators say they have (on the site now is they have a discussion on this topic). Any other ways to automate the process of inviting for events in VK do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

Develop a free service that is user Vkontakte, with whom you can communicate and give commands) 1. The bot is open 24 hours a day and is located on a third party server. This means that the queries do not involve your traffic, and does not depend on the Internet speed. 2. The bot's functionality is constantly expanding and currently we are adding a minimum of 1 function per week. While stable 1 function per day. 3. The bot official and do not violate the rules of the VC, so the ban is impossible. 4. To issue commands to the bot to go as follows " Bro, "team", if the message is sent without ID, it will be just to chat with you ;) Drop the tenderloin of commands that the bot can perform, for a more complete understanding of the service 1. Bro, get\collect...

Hello dear forum users! Want to provide their services rewriter. Experience in the field of writing are ~ 3 years. To write articles for the feedback (for free) do not see the point, since the client who needs a knowledgeable contractor will not waste your and my time on this, and will immediately go to work. So, my rates are: - rewrite (Your source) = 50 $ /1000 characters b.p. - rewrite (without Your source code) = 55 rubles per 1000 characters b.p. : icq: 685977882 email:

Good day to all! Please need help, is there a program that can duplicate the content from instagram in VK, FB, OK? instant duplication when loading a new post I found, but to the whole story and all the content trade in the Dr the social network can not have the second day to find((

Database of medical organizations of Russia - 2015 Format: excel Number of records: 20 thousand database Field: organization Name, Address, Manager's name, Telephone, Fax, email, license number, date of issue, date of expiration of the license, date of inclusion of the organization in the registry. the Relevance - August 2015 Price - 5500 RS. icq - 682888520

Dear friends, I represent to your attention the service proxy lists the Characteristics of the proxy list to date, as follows: the Time to scan the entire list to 5 minutes; Timeout check proxy 5 seconds; Total number of proxy online ~3.000 - 5.000 , including SOCKS4/5 to 1500; free proxy from dangerous IP ranges; All proxy transmit the COOKIE and REFERER, support POST; All proxies do not distort the returned data (CRC checked), that may be due to how unreliable communication channel and malicious acts (the introduction of malicious code); Detailed statistics on geography and availability of various kinds of proxies for the last week For each proxy is specified the following characteristics: the IP address and the connection port; Outbound...

Vk_logo.jpg Buy any group Vkontakte from 1 000 subscribers will also consider the community and the accounts of other social. networks. Instant redemption Payment in all possible ways 100% safe transaction Personal passport WebMoney Identified Qiwi Professional account in Yandex Money Payment to the account of any Bank cash on meeting If you wish to work through Contact: Icq: 761227 Tel: +79650215390 Skype: Soc.kit Mail: VK: Image 11111.jpg (12.3 KB) vk_logo.jpg (10.4 KB)

Welcome to the store accounts Vkontakte by criteria - Criteria: by country; - the number of friends; - by the numbers or the mails; - on experience of accounts (ID), including retrive; - status active/inactive; - naturally present on the floor; is planned to be added in the future by the voices, groups and cities! the Price of goods in the screenshots: payment is Accepted using: WMR/WMR/Qiwi/Yandex.Money Warranty: Webmoney BL 150+ guarantor - no problem at your expense. Contact: ICQ: 6607020 Skype: E-mail:

Mamantool VK - app to automate actions in the social network Vkontakte. Used for SMM-promotion of products and services among the members of the network, promotion of groups and pages, activities and events. In the near future is a full analogue of the deceased VkBot (Vcbet) and Viking Inviter. At the moment the app is in beta and is undergoing public testing, but already knows a lot about - work with proxy (private and public, HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, with authorization by login and password) - to cope with multiple accounts (multihack) - automatically invite to friends of users using the list id - automatically send out invitations to a group or event on a friends account - repost entries from the previous (first message, the said message, random) - fully...

NAAH.RU - service rental shops for sale accounts, coupons and other digital goods. Price: 15 roubles a month. In automatic mode, the payment for the rent in all known payment systems: Webmoney -Yandex Money -Qiwi Wallet In your shop will also be supported by the data of the payment system as a payment. For any questions on the service you can contact us at the following contacts: VK: ICQ: 3355664

How does the conversion rate of Your website the speed of the download? Those who are doing business on the Internet and has its own online store, a website or landing page, often faced with a small number of applications. Like landing page quality, and advertising is set up as it should, and applications not as much as I would like. Then the question arises: "what's wrong?" But have you ever wondered how long Your site loads? Perhaps many will say that it doesn't matter and that it will make no difference... But let's look at the statistics: - 47% of users leave the site after 2 seconds of loading; - 44% after a long download will be not a very good opinion about the company; - increase the loading speed of 1 second, raise Your conversions by 7%. Now, the...

The Advantages of the service for customers is that you can charge virtually any task, whether it's finding information on the Network, edit the document in Word or rewrite the article — spectrum agents in the system are very diverse. In General, any routine that depresses you, which makes you a little melancholy and does not focus on more important matters to you, you can charge the people who can do the job easily, professionally, and perhaps even with pleasure. You specify any value assignment and the time of his execution. Of course, try to focus on real dates and fees, otherwise you will be hard to find the artist. Another plus is that the system very quickly finds candidates for the job (ideally for 2 minutes...

Write - browser extension, allows you to download music, video, photo Vkontakte. to Set Write from the official website. Single skachivanieBitreyt.jpg Multiple skachivanie.jpg Download video.jpg Download foto.jpg , Get Write and enjoy your favorite music, videos and photos Image One skachivanieBitreyt.jpg (18.6 KB) Multiple skachivanie.jpg (19.6 KB) Download video.jpg (17.8 KB) Download foto.jpg (19.0 KB)

Good day! let me introduce the offer, which will give you a high yield. SMITE is an online arena where mythological Gods were fighting for glory and conquest. the Game in the MOBA genre differs from others in that it uses the third-person view, and the hero is controlled by WASD keys. 40+ characters, 5 game modes, 2 million players. the Offer pays $2.4 for the account creation by users from the USA and Canada, for the conversion of confirmation of registration by email is required. Monetize your traffic with the offer SMITE! the Offer posted on the CPA platform that pays and operates on the market with far 2005. Sign up and try If you have any questions feel free to write our support. All a good weekend!

How to make social media expert and content Manager Message Staslm " Yesterday, 10:37 Good day, dear friends! Please tell me how to earn in social marketing. To whom to offer your services? As how to present them correctly? What venues to look for their employer and the customer! Where to start? Share your experience :?: :oops: