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It is Not a secret that not 100% of applications available for download in Google Play, are benign. Not a secret, that the internal algorithm store is not able to catch 100% of all malicious software (malware). Also not a secret that "the fool don't need a knife" and further in the text. However, caution and care from the side of the users could

News slightly bravura, but in the light of a new "newborn" Bank of Troyan, which is actual. An independent expert organization MRG Effitas gave a high assessment of the protective Kaspersky Internet Security, successfully reflected absolutely all attacks on the online banking system in the course of specialized testing Ban Online

So, Microsoft, albeit with a huge delay, responded to "happen to be in torrent client operating system images and went towards developers, giving them the opportunity to test and create their programs under Windows 8.1 before the official release.

If you are a fan of FIFA series and don't want to wait another minute to 24 September, Electronic Arts gives possibility through its own Origin client download and test the demo-version of FIFA 14, which is your humble servant tirelessly wrote more than two months (who doesn't like football). The only, and to receive a demo-version, and for predzak

Something tells me that this is good news. If you, like me, tired of the "duplicated" in Skype and Messenger, during a conversation, you will understand me. So now users waiting for Skype and only (I hope) Skype. With some pleasant guests. First things first, now calls can be answered right from the lock screen, not for

Attacks on Google began immediately after the commissioning of the service contextual advertising in Gmail, based on key words in the letters users. Currently, the Corporation is trying to come to an agreement with the European Union. Until today, it was put forward a counter-proposal, the content of which has not yet disclosed. Be that as it may

I have to Say, rejoice that we are not in the Czech Republic and not in Turkey in early Hesperbot spreading and his "dopolzanie" we have just a matter of time. Experts of the anti-virus company McAfee corporate blog announced a new banking Trojan, received a beautiful name Hesperus ("the Evening star") or Hesperbot. "Vechernayaya C

Tandem Activision Blizzard happily reported that the super-popular game Diablo III, released in may 2012, has been successfully ported to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The recommended retail price for completely negumanna as for the other console games, and is $59,99. The Russian version is, along with languages such as English,

Very short, but good news. From today new users uploading the Skype app, simply enter the details of your Microsoft ID or Facebook, to start using the program.

Czech AVG couple of days ago updated version of AVG Antivirus Free 2014 and AVG Internet Security 2014, and today both products have already received the first updates. The previous version of the occupied a high place in our tests for detection of viruses and not very computer protection (details can be found in [DURL]a href=http://www.fcente

As I (and a good few thousand people) have said several times, the greatest misfortune Windows 8 is the lack of applications for the interface Metro. In particular, the deficiency of popular networks, hosting video, payment systems and online banking.

Unpretentious but very popular arcade Subway Surfers for Android has got the update. Now suffer from irrepressible adolescents, running on rails, wire, and other places not intended for children, to domestic Russian Railways. Because new addition called Subway Surfers World Tour Moscow.

Seems to me, thanks skachannim of the torrent networks Windows images 8.1, Microsoft acquired an army of testers - such a number of reports about the mistakes and shortcomings can not help you in bringing 8.1 to mind. Say (C)that the images to fit the serial number of Windows 8, so updates may be installed directly through the services M

Before I rejoice and months, as Diablo III is back on the first place in the rating. Still, "this music will be eternal". It cannot be otherwise, because of the new "pandovim" pack on the second place broke World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Shooter The Bureau: XCOM Declassified down to eighth place. Too fast in my opinion. Also was udivle

PayPal, owned by eBay, finally pleased users with new opportunities. Thanks to an agreement with the banks licensed to operate in the territory of the Russian Federation, now every user can link your Bank account to your PayPal account and make payment, and also withdraw funds