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Varia occurred in early may. The driver of the car "Toyota avensis" was moving along the highway in the direction Maslennikova, and 27-the summer motorist on "nine" was headed in the same direction. The accident killed the passenger of a domestic car to 22-year-old boy, and the girl's 29-year-old with multiple serious injuries was taken to hospital.

The accident occurred at about 8 PM on street Pechora. The driver of VAZ-2110 drove into the oncoming lane and lost control collided with a car "Lada Priora". The crash injured the girl of 27 years. And was immediately hospitalized by ambulance to the hospital. Driver dozens refused to undergo medical examination for intoxication. The second driver was sober.

The Attackers stole only the premium cars and then prepared for sale in other regions. For one week from 9 to 16 December Krasnoglinskiy district was hijacked 3 cars black Lexus RX350 and two Toyota Land Cruiser 200 black and white colors. The owners of the machines went to the police about the theft. On the facts of crimes was prosecuted for theft.

In Omsk after the incident, an accident at the stop "City Museum" was closed 3 lanes in the direction of the city centre. Connected the accident with the collision from the 3 cars(Lexus, Toyota and Nissan) on the street 10 years of October in the area of crossing of streets of Kuibyshev. At the scene, emergency workers and traffic police.

The Accident happened on December 27 in the village of tavricheskoye. About half past nine in the evening on Main St. an unknown driver of the car "Mitsubishi" has decided to make the maneuver of overtaking of the car "Honda civic". The attempt failed: there was a collision between cars "Mitsubishi" and "Honda". From blow the driver "Mitsubishi" has washed up on the oncoming lane, is already in the oncoming lane car collided with a "VAZ-2114". Suffered 43-the summer passenger of the domestic car.

Mass accident occurred on 26 December in Kemerovo on the street 50 years of October. The culprit of the accident was the driver of the Mercedes, which didn't provide advantage in movement to the car "Mail of Russia". From blow a foreign car has rejected on standing in the Parking lot of cars. The crash damage got 5 cars. Extra was caused by the backup transport is carrying out delivery of correspondence.

The Girl 2007 year of birth crossed the road with unregulated pedestrian crossing when she was hit by a car. The driver of the Hyundai Accent moved down mezze Nakhimov in the direction of St Rakityanskaya and made arrival at the time when the girl was crossing the Zebra crossing. When making an accident-documented shortcomings associated with winter road maintenance.

Young people in Kemerovo the sentence kidnaps headlights from Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. The convicts were active in all areas of the city, summer and autumn. In total caused damage to owners of cars about 400 thousand rubles. The detention of young people reported that to remove the headlights without using tools they read in the Internet. Sold through a friend.

The incident an accident was reported in the press service of regional management of traffic police in the Voronezh region in the Kashira district, 27 December at 18:45 clash of two vehicles SUV and truck. The collision took part GAZ-3302 it was driven by 29-year-old resident of the Stavropol territory and "Chevrolet Niva" under control 42-the summer man, the inhabitant of the Voronezh region. The cars were moving in the opposite direction. Three persons suffered: about driver and passenger of the SUV, 46 year old woman, the wife of the driver. The victims were hospitalized. at the hospital. The fact of the accident is being tested.

From eyewitnesses it became known, the movement is paralysed by the workers and peasants in the Voroshilov district. The tube was formed from the Pioneer to the stop of public transport "the Factory Queen." The average speed of the site does not exceed 7km/h Drivers searching for detours. In this area there have been at least 2 accidents.

The incident with the double collisions occurred on 27 December in the Soviet area of Volgograd. Eyewitnesses reported that around 18:30 at the hypermarket "Lenta jeep hit a man. From the blow threw him under the wheels of another car. Accident moved the two machines. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, a police investigation is underway into the incident.

The Night of 28 December in the Central district of Volgograd on the street Dvina collided with two trucks. The heavy oil left in a ditch near Volgograd.Eyewitnesses reported that the accident occurred at a time when both the driver "FSD", began to maneuver the turn. The cause and circumstances of the accident are being investigated. Damage was only one car. The drivers were not injured.

A Serious accident occurred today on the road section of the highway M-52(Barnaul - Moscow) in the Altai region. Collided with a trailer truck and a car. If you crash the car flew into a ditch. Information about victims did not arrive. The accident occurred near the "Faces of Altai".

In the popular social.the networks there were photos of the accident which wrecked 3 cars. Eyewitnesses shared that the accident occurred on Friday evening in the regional center on Haringe. The participants of the accident was the car "GAZel" van, Opel and Hyundai. The car "Opel" from blow has warped beyond recognition. The wreckage of the car was in the radius of 10 meters. According to witnesses, one of the drivers removed on the owner of the vehicle.

In Ufa are increasingly being observed violations of Parking and avtocesta in the social network Vkontakte constantly post photos of cars of violators, the traffic police is struggling with the offenders, but apparently not enough tough, since such cases often occur. If you witness such violations, then just throw in the Vkontakte photos and glory finds herself the grief of the attendants.