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Differences from ordinary boards ASRock in this model, not so much. Features include Quad-core eight-channel sound processor Creative Sound Core 3D, which provides high quality sound and support advanced audio technologies, and the remaining differences can be found among the software and the characteristic colours

Progress in the SSD market is definitely turned in the direction of reducing the cost of final products. We have already seen actuators built on TLC NAND, but Crucial offers a different approach - go to the MLC NAND 128 Gigabit cores. What is it fraught with for the end users?

Model based on logic Intel Z87, but the possibilities for this chipset, very substantially expanded. Some features aren't common and typical only for cards of a high class, and the individual and at all is unique. With all the advantages, disadvantages of the Board, first, small, and secondly, most of them not too significant

Corsair pays more attention to the game accessories. We already know some models of keyboards and headsets this manufacturer, and today we look at a couple of gaming mice Corsair: pozitsioniruyuschuyusya for use in shooters model of Vengeance M65 and focused on the game genres, MMO and RTS Vengeance M95.

Get Acquainted with the first pair of original GeForce GTX 780. Study their characteristics, temperature, noise and overklokerskiy potential. The test part devoted to the study of 2-way SLI on data cards.

Seagate has finally decided to fully enter the market SSDs offer a complete range of SSD, starting from SATA models of the consumer level server solutions with PCI x8. Our laboratory has tested the most interesting for PC users suggestions: 600 600 Pro.

It is one of the most successful and balanced models, list of it's abilities includes additional controllers, SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0, support for wireless technologies Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth, two Gigabit NICs, two connectors for CPU fans and the two indicators of the POST-codes, but without the drawbacks too, was not.

Get Acquainted with the first «swallows» - factory GeForce GTX 760. Study their features, efficiency systems of cooling and noise level, as well as overklokerskiy potential. Test 2-way SLI mode, comparing the performance with GeForce GTX 780.

It thoroughly and properly made model with a classic design and rich. They include additional USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s ports IEEE1394 (FireWire) and Thunderbolt, two network cards support wireless technologies, AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI, as well as the slot into which you can plug the card mSATA or mini PCIe.

Vertex 450 is an actuator which OCZ decided to attack the mass market segment of the SSD in the medium price range. For this old hardware base Indilinx Barefoot 3 was subjected to a thorough utryaske for cost reduction. But not deteriorated in the result of the optimizations speed performance?

Recent years were marked with a real Renaissance almost seemed forgotten mechanical keyboards - and the greatest popularity, they won in the segment of gaming input devices. Today we will get acquainted with two mechanical keyboards designed for gamers: Vengeance K70 and Logitech G710+.

Fee is based on the chipset the Intel Z87, this model of the middle class, not so primitive to disappoint the absence of desirable features, but it's not too difficult to scare off a large number of technologies doubtful demand and high price.

This is not a comparative overview, direct opposition of will, since the devices are completely different and are aimed at solving a non-overlapping tasks. Outer container USB 3.0 on the basis of traditional HDD is their formal common feature, and the main one is that both the drive is not just well, but perfectly fulfill its purpose.

They completely new subsystem power, wiring, and type of PCB, many different hardware and software innovations. In addition, instead of a not very successful «MSI Click BIOS II», LGA1150-card company Micro-Star steel supplied with a new «MSI Click BIOS 4». In this review we will evaluate the essence and significance of the changes

Two graphics cards for superior printed circuit boards, high frequencies and with original coolers today to compete not only with each other but also with dual GeForce GTX 690 2-way SLI mode.