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Get Acquainted with the new graphical package for testing video cards and study the performance of the model range of graphics cards on graphics processors AMD and NVIDIA.

Affordable hybrid processors become better and faster. Which one should you choose to today: the representative of the families AMD A10, A8, A6 and A4 or Intel Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron? We conducted a comprehensive comparative testing Socket FM2 and LGA 1155 platforms with integrated graphics and ready to give a definite answer to that question...

Serial compact freedom of closed type is not «would calm down», and once again try to shift from the throne air superkuleri. Only this time, we began preparing material for each new «Alash», and gathered them all in a large article.

Earlier the speaker of the British company VIBE Audio didn't get in our reviews, but all when something happens for the first time. Acquaintance with the products of the manufacturer we decided to start with two completely different portable speaker system: light-Bluetooth-headset LiteAir On the Ear and solid monitor headphones BlackDeath Over the Ear.

Continue acquaintance with original graphics cards, only now it will be three Radeon graphics processors from AMD, and they released by HIS.

This model looks great, is easy to work with, is rich in opportunities and productive. Its price is high, and the fee itself is not too expensive. The card has other advantages were seen other disadvantages, and everything enough detail in this review.

We already know two generations Seasonic X series, certified under the standard 80 PLUS Gold. But the manufacturer does not stop on the achieved: today we will get acquainted with the representative of the most powerful branches of this series, as well as updated with a couple of blocks less power.

New sets of DDR3-1600 memory, proposed Crucial, curious for two reasons. On the one hand they are low profile. On the other - are in accordance with standard DDR3L. But can these features be interesting for overclockers?

Three completely different original graphics cards today to compete with each other for the title of the fastest, quietest and most cold GeForce GTX 660.

Will Study the features of your card and find out, why not too fast processors from AMD Trinity spend a lot of energy. Which components of the system have the greatest impact on performance and power? Kernels, a number of graphical or memory - what you need to disperse, and it's better to leave to work in a regular mode?

Review and testing of five cards of the initial class with low productivity and democratic value. Than interesting us could please producers in this price range?

Logitech Mouse G600 is aimed at lovers of network MMO-battles, which is directly stated in its classification of manufacturer: the MMO Gaming Mouse. In accordance with the requirements of the genre, the model has a huge number of programmable buttons. The other not less than principal feature is a custom fix the device.

A New generation of graphics architecture NVIDIA Kepler came, finally, and to professional graphics accelerators. In our laboratory was the first card with a new architecture for high-performance workstations, Quadro K5000. Let's see, much better than this proposal proven Quadro 5000.

Not so long ago, Intel has started a process of gradual replacement of its low-cost series SSD 330, the newer the 335 series. The manufacturer says that nothing in the characteristics essentially has not changed, but we have quite a different opinion.

Complete 2012 wanted a great and interesting material dedicated to major manufacturer, defining the development of the market in its segment. NVIDIA Corporation on this role is ideally suited...