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Get Acquainted with the new «big» fans, having appeared during the last 1.5 years. Than we can surprise manufacturers? Increased air flow and decreased noise level? What new technologies are applied in these models 140 mm fans?

A Long list of various features of the Board is designed to simplify and facilitate the achievement of high results in overclocking and performance. Minor flaws, too, there are, however, no significant not found.

At our disposal were two unique SSD production Corsair, which are based on fundamentally new for the market of hardware platform, based on the LAMD LM87800.

Just eight original graphics cards have been in our Laboratory. Such a large-scale review and testing of video cards has never appeared on the pages of our site.

Alex Pinchev - charismatic personality. In his sixty years, he is full of energy and desire to achieve success in those spheres, where he currently is really interesting to work...

Card could be based on the logic of Intel Z75 Express, however, is based on the chipset the Intel Z77 Express, although does not use all of its capabilities. Nothing wrong with that, the functionality of the card is on a rather high level, but the price is slightly higher desired.

Continue in detail to get acquainted with a variety of desktop processors based on the Core microarchitecture of the third generation. The queue dvuhyaderniki: Core i3-3420, Core i3-3225 and Core i3-3220.

For the current autumn the company Corsair has prepared a handful of promising new SSD. The acquaintance with them we will start with the models of the series Force GS, which represents a fresh look at nabivshuyu edge platform SandForce of the second generation.

It is Difficult to imagine a computer, actually consumes more electricity, but the power units of greater capacity continue to appear as mushrooms after a rain. Today we will get to a couple of particularly powerful blocks: LEPA G1600 (1600 W nominal power and 1700 watts peak load) and Enhance EPS-0815GB (rated power 1500 W).

7 September in Moscow, the center for Digital October on the Bersenevskaya embankment (near the Temple of Christ the Savior), hosted a conference for developers of applications for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone...

Learn video card EVGA with double the memory and evaluate its usefulness in various modes, permissions, and games.

Test two of the fastest graphics cards available in today's SLI-mode, as well as on trehmonitornoy configuration in comparison with a bunch of video cards AMD.

Story of how, as a regular overview of the three original graphics turned into a hot battle between the «graphics accelerators» of different classes and value.

Two of the most original and the fastest single-processor video cards were in our laboratory. Why not a «push their foreheads», identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each of these products?

Power supplies moderate power are still the most popular. Today we will get acquainted with a half-dozen models of this class have the budget to very advanced.