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This unusual accommodation is located not far from Barcelona and the owner is the architect Ricardo Bofill (Ricardo Bofill). The uniqueness of the building-the Studio is that it is located in the former cement plant. Bofill bought a crumbling factory building, working early last century in 1973, and has since turned it into their dream home. Dilapidated buildings, a huge number of plants, spacious, bright rooms and totally unexpected decisions in the interior decoration make this home looks like no other building in the world.

She was considered a witch, but precisely because of this, she saved hundreds of people from certain death. So evil doing is real good! the Population of Rwanda, a small country in East Africa, less than in Moscow. Hard to believe that there has occurred some of the most terrible and bloody events in the world. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 is one of the most terrible.

Off the coast of the island of Tahiti in the Pacific ocean after 2 years is planned to build the world's first floating city that will be equipped with all necessary. If you like the plan seems too ambitious, I advise you to read the draft of this post.

March 21, the world observed the international day of forests, on the protection of the green lungs of the planet. This issue is extremely important, because every year on Earth disappears over 13 million hectares of forest. In our selection of the 15 most beautiful forests on the planet.

Wednesday, March 22, the anniversary of the bombings at the Brussels airport and metro, on Westminster bridge in London was a terrorist attack. The attacker turned his vehicle into pedestrians and when the car crashed, he grabbed a knife and tried to enter the building of the British Parliament, by way of committing assault on a police officer. In the attack, responsibility for which was assumed by ISIS (banned organization in Russia), 5 people were killed and about 40 injured.

Fog always gives any place of mystery. The largest number of foggy days sea level, averaging over 120 per year — is observed on the canadian island of Newfoundland in the Atlantic ocean. Look, how to look at nature and cities there, behind the fog.

2017 – the year of records for women-the billionaires. This year's list of the richest people in the world Forbes came in 2043, of whom women – 227 or 11%, also a record, the year before women in the global list was 202. Their combined fortune is estimated at $852,8 billion.

Amid the proliferation of IVF multiple pregnancies occur more often than before (when it was still the exception rather than the rule). However in the history there were wonderful cases of multiple "baby booms" in some families, and we will tell about them.

What I want to do in the average yard of any Russian city? Option two: to go faster or drink more to ignore the surrounding horror. The level of degradation of public spaces has reached such a level that the statement about the universal decay applies not only to the old housing and new projects. now let's look at the courtyards of the cheapest housing segment in Europe. Thank you for the article architect Nikita Malikov. Further copyright material:

At the beginning of this week on the East coast of USA from Washington to Boston hit a snow storm, "Stella." In addition to the inconvenience in the form of canceled classes in schools and delayed flights, snow storm brought a lot of pleasure to the residents of the North-Eastern States, who accepted the sudden snowfall as a parting gift of winter.

Armed with a wide angle lens, American photographer Thomas Schiff (Thomas R Schiff) went on a journey around the country to gather material for his book The Library Book, telling about the libraries in the United States, from historical to ultra-modern. An exhibition of photographs that were included in his book, will be held at the art gallery of Aperture Foundation in new York until April 20.

Ensuring reliability in the management of the car Gazelle, as well as its safe operation largely depends on the proper selection of tires. Itself car the Gazelle refers to models of the middle class, which is located between cars and trucks.

Before you a luxurious house worth $ 100 million, which is in Beverly hills and was recently put up for sale. Unique mansion with an area of nearly 2000 square meters consists of 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, several Lounges, cinema room for 15 people, hair salon, massage room and a large wine room. In addition there are two large pools and a nice bonus for the buyer will be designer furniture, paintings by famous artists worth 2 million dollars and two gold Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Many Internet users have heard about VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome). If you do not know, here is a short video explaining what it is. The logic is clear. Mobile Internet is developing smartphones as the gadgets are replacing computers, laptops and tablets. And since the phone has a vertical shape, and the pictures it is more convenient to watch vertical than horizontal.

Often the simplest things in our kitchen can do miracles. It is important to know exactly how to use the available resource. For example, food film in roll is worth a penny, but is able to solve a lot of problems, from preserving food, to kill insects.