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22-year-old Adam Hastings saw on TV how people can find interesting items with magnets on the bottom of ponds. He also decided to try and went on the lake in the Park in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. After a few casts a powerful magnet, the guy hooked something substantial. Pulling the find, Adam saw that it was safe. It was full of jewels, watches, war medals and letters. The guy believes that the safe was thrown into the lake after the robbery and hopes that these items will be returned to their owner in the near future.

US Citizenship allows you to travel almost all over the planet — and not even thinking about passport control. This practice provides the opportunity for avid travelers really feel citizens of the world, without any borders and restrictions that artificially administered state. And here, for example, the comrades from South Sudan have access to only 28 countries — here especially do not walk. Here are the 10 most powerful passport holders can freely travel around the world — well, we, frankly, seems rather strange the very existence of restrictions on civil movement.

Skanda Gautam (Skanda Gautam) is a photojournalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently working in the national daily newspaper "The Himalayan Times" ("the Himalayan times"). In February of this year Skanda visited the festival of Maha Shivaratri (Maha Shivaratri Festival) in the temple of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu (Nepal). In his pictures we see a colorful and solemn portraits of the Holy men of India and Nepal who smoke marijuana and pray to the Hindu God Shiva. Their faces are covered with bright paint and ash. Colourful pictures from the festival of Maha Shivaratri and other bright Nepalese festivals can be seen in today's collection.

Alvinia Bernades and Maui Carabao from the Philippines 10 years ago, turned to the clandestine beautician. Best friend wanted to save money on expensive services and believed the woman, who promised to make them even prettier. The doctor entered the girls under skin vaseline and since then their life turned into hell. Injection of vaseline into her cheeks and chin led to swelling, itching and pain. It lasted for three months and the doctors couldn't do anything to help her friends. The girls took several surgeries to get rid of the consequences of the procedure, but their appearance will never be the same. Now they rarely leave the house, embarrassed by their individuals and really regret what you did.

Here is a unique house in the South-East of London, built by the British company Archway Studios under the railway viaduct of the nineteenth century. The architects have transformed an old industrial building to house a Studio of 150 square meters. Under a rusty semi-arch is a comfortable house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, large living room and office. Inside, lots of light, and special soundproofing protects the interior from the noise of the railway. In the exhibition New London Architecture Awards-2013 this house was voted best house of the year. Now it is for sale for 1.2 million pounds (1.6 million U.S. dollars).

Erez Marom (Marom Erez) — professional 38-year-old photographer, Retoucher, teacher, and traveler, living in Holon, Israel. Erez focuses on landscape photo shoots amazing travel and nature. He received a master's degree in engineering in tel Aviv University, where he later worked as a teacher of mathematics. "Sometime in 2008, I first saw sample images which were taken using DSLR,” says Erez. "I immediately decided that I must learn to do such pictures, and bought my first camera and lens.”

The Idea behind this project was born thanks to the complex topography of the building site in the Andes. Architects from the Taller TEC EC, it was decided to create a complex of four houses with an area of 300 square meters each. The complex is located in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. Each house consists of three rectangular structures of different sizes located in different levels. Ceiling height varies depending on the destination premises. 12 blocks are 4 houses, descending terraces along the slope. The blocks are designed in the form of screens, are closely interconnected horizontal and vertical planes.

Rural Australian cattle farm the size of Fiji and half of Belgium on sale for $50 000 000. Clifton Hills Station is one of the largest agricultural sites in the world. On a farm about 20 000 head of cattle, it covers an area of 1.6 million hectares, or 16 510 square kilometers. On the plot there is a manor house, a few roads, airstrips, wells for water, agricultural buildings and equipment. The current owners — a partnership of several shareholders, they own the property for more than 60 years.

Tower on the edge of a forest rises to the sun and provides a perfect observation of the landscape. the House is designed for the photographer and his family, there are four floors, and major structures are made of wood. First floor with two bedrooms and garage is partially built into the slope. Common room is on the second floor and opens onto a large outdoor terrace. Above is the master bedroom and the upper floor laboratory with a specific platform. Composite vertical the vertical is enhanced by the wooden facade.

Incredible colored footage shows triumphant new York city during popular parades and marches of the early twentieth century. These spectacular pictures were painted by an electrician Royston Leonard (Leonard Royston) from Cardiff, South Wales. During the 1920-ies of new York became the most populous city in history, where he lived about five million residents, overtaking London, and by 1930 the number of residents reached ten million. This made new York the first metropolis in the world. Data color photographs show exuberant spirit that has always surrounded the Big Apple and has become a key element of the character of the city.

Mark and Sharon Beresford built a house of glass and wood near the town of Ringwood 11 years ago with the help of the German company Huf Haus. House with six bedrooms, a private cinema and Parking, the couple decided to sell, as their three children grew up and left. Two years ago the house was put up for sale for 3 million pounds, but wanting to buy it and was not found. Then the pair decided to hold a lottery: available 250,000 tickets for ?25 each. If July 31 is sold over 130,000 lottery tickets, one lucky winner will get to this luxury house. If tickets sell less, you will receive a cash prize.

Every year in Israel's Negev desert is the 5-day festival of contemporary art MidBurn. The idea was borrowed from a similar U.S. event, Burning Man (Burning man), held annually in the desert of black Rock in Nevada. At MidBurn can see installations, exhibitions of art, performances, theme camps, art cars and more. On the territory of the tent camp near the town of SDE Boker is themed camps and art installations made of combustible materials, which in the last night of the festival given over to fire.

"Album is of great historical interest, because in its pages exhaustively documented the scene of the transportation of criminals in Russia in the late XIX century. For example, the landing of the prisoners brought before it from various Central prisons of Russia, one of the cruisers of the volunteer fleet. On landing place present them shackled in small batches. On the deck was a comparison of the criminals will take their documents (article lists). After ascertaining the identity of the convict, he was examined by the doctors, to the number taken on Board there were no people with infectious diseases. After the ship sails from Odessa criminals was shackles and so lucky to Sakhalin. Day prisoners under the guard shifts was walking on the deck. The rest of...

In 1942, when the military forces of Japan occupied the Islands, located near Alaska, a strategically important production equipment of the U.S. forces was under threat. One of them is the Assembly plant bomber company "Boeing" — was now in range of Japanese pilots. Meanwhile, this enterprise was the key to the construction of aircraft, necessary for the US military campaign against Nazi forces, is the place you need to protect. The military has come up with an original solution to mask manufacturing for a residential town, because nobody is going to bomb ordinary town, if it does not carry any benefits.

Japan has always been famous for the fact that there is a step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology. Unfavorable geographical location and unusual natural conditions of the Country of the rising sun made the Japanese are incredibly resourceful and efficient nation. But sometimes their creativity and technological researches go too far, making the light there are things that Westerners find strange and shocking. If you are planning to visit this amazing country, be sure to look below 25 crazy oddities that you can only find in Japan!