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In 1942, when the military forces of Japan occupied the Islands, located near Alaska, a strategically important production equipment of the U.S. forces was under threat. One of them is the Assembly plant bomber company "Boeing" — was now in range of Japanese pilots. Meanwhile, this enterprise was the key to the construction of aircraft, necessary for the US military campaign against Nazi forces, is the place you need to protect. The military has come up with an original solution to mask manufacturing for a residential town, because nobody is going to bomb ordinary town, if it does not carry any benefits.

Japan has always been famous for the fact that there is a step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology. Unfavorable geographical location and unusual natural conditions of the Country of the rising sun made the Japanese are incredibly resourceful and efficient nation. But sometimes their creativity and technological researches go too far, making the light there are things that Westerners find strange and shocking. If you are planning to visit this amazing country, be sure to look below 25 crazy oddities that you can only find in Japan!

Apartment of 100 square meters of the design Bureau AB objekt located in the historical centre of Maribor in Slovenia. This room reveals the architectural beauty of the cities built in the late 19th century. Sometimes the best we can architect to improve the quality of life is to completely clean the existing space without adding any new elements.

Not long ago I replaced a nomadic life into a settled, married my sweetheart, and went to live with her. And it so happened that we did not have home kitchens. Garbage, I think I'll buy. However, camping furniture centers have led to the awakening of my frogs, which, throwing its cold clutches my throat, told me a brilliant idea – DIY!

The First lady of Korea Lee Sol-Ju is interested in the media as much as he did her husband, a dictator. And this beautiful woman knows how to appear in public, often flouting prudish mores of the North Korean moralists. Since its public appearance as first lady of Korea in 2012 this beautiful young mother of three children became the darling of the world media. For sure about the girl you know is still small, and her persona is surrounded by an aura of mystery.

To Obtain an organ transplant is not easy even in developed countries. Qualified doctors, without exception, and the necessary authorities are queues of several thousand people. In the US, the waiting list transplants consists of 121 000 names. Approximately 30 people (average) die in a day, and not waiting for their turn. Stan Larkin was lucky twice. On the other hand, to a terrible diagnosis is quite difficult to give a positive gift, but if not coincidence, the story of this basketball player could have ended very differently.

Manufacturers of private jets such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, today offer a very high level of technology, quality and comfort. Although some customers prefer the option to purchase the aircraft for commercial purposes (Airbus, Boeing) and turn it into a luxurious flying Palace. To each his own! so, here are 7 of the coolest private jets today.

Sold the most expensive in U.S. history, medication cost 850 thousand dollars (48 million) per pack. Remember this name: Luxturna. Now this is the most expensive drug in the world. From the beginning of this year will produce based in Philadelphia pharmaceutical company, Spark Therapeutics, which specializiruetsya on gene therapy.

Trump again excelled! Sold to Norway's newest fighter, the F-52. Nothing that in fact the so-called non-existent aircraft from a computer game, but what a stir arose! Wrong person on Twitter, it happens. For us it is a great occasion to remember the coolest fakie aviation.

Loving owners have arranged for their dog named Molly a private room under the stairs. They approached this question very deliberately, but because the room was so cozy that she will like everyone. Let's take a look at how to create a room, which wouldn't no dog.

For the Chinese sports starts very early. The Champions helped the country to show itself in the international arena and cruel approach to learning is really justified: at the Olympics in Sydney China received 28 gold medals and eight years later, in Beijing, already 51. Where are the successes? The secret of the champion's title in Chinese is very simple: take the baby and to coach him every day. That's just is it worth it.

In the South of Poland in the ski resort town of Zakopane, which is located in a narrow valley between the Tatras mountains and Gubałówka, for two years there is absolutely a great attraction that not only attracts lovers of skiing, but also just families and couples who have decided to spend your day. We are talking about a huge snow maze, which actually can be lost and probability a couple of hours in search of the exit.

Remember the taste of hot crispy crust, on the road from the grocery store home? Moist, flavorful crumb under it, which in the winter in the street were couples. I knew all the shops in the area in which the car was imported bread from the factory first of all, while it's still hot. And with what pleasure I visited recently at the plant where it is baked! The same bread, the recipe of which has not changed in all these years. Round, brick, with a rough crust, with flour caked on it.

Firearms may be presented in the most unusual options, the existence of which many of us were not even aware. Fancy pistols, shotguns and incredible unique machines that are created at different times, are waiting for you in this collection. Look...

Home from the Studio Metaforma is located in the buffer zone of landscape Park in Poznan, Poland. In this case, the architects were able to cooperate with customers from the very beginning of the investment process up to final interior design. The proximity of nature prompted the authors to create a solid geometric construction consisting of two adjacent cubes. The common area is located in a large block, a garage and a gym – less.