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John Graudenz (12 November 1884, Danzig, Germany — December 22, 1942, Berlin, Germany) — journalist, anti-fascist, member of the Resistance movement during the Second world war. In 1921 became one of the founders of the Communist workers party of Germany. In 1922 he joined the Moscow Bureau of United Press, where he was a correspondent until 1924. First reported in the United States on the death of Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin. In 1924 he organized a trip by boat on the Volga, during which he and other journalists accredited in the USSR, witnessed the effects of hunger and poverty in the Volga region. Because of this action, the Soviet government expelled him from the country. on 12 September 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo. Wife and two daughters, Karin and...

Over the weekend there was an announcement about finding a new caretaker for the island. The island of Bedarra is just 10 km from the coast of mission beach, South of Cairns, and is one of the few virtually untouched tropical Islands of Australia. The announcement said that this work is perfect pair of pensioners or young people who are tired of city life. Their duties are to keep order on the island and take care of a small cluster of seven vacation homes near the beach. At the disposal of the superintendent is a newly renovated one bedroom house near the beach. Wage is $ 450 for 15 hours a week.

Think of how often you visit the interesting ideas that in theory could bring you a real income? Most likely, such things will happen to you, at least, so says the statistics. But then what prevents you to translate at least one of these ideas? Maybe your "discovery" seems stupid? But do not rush in waving her hand to him, because the history knows at least a dozen examples that even the most seemingly ridiculous ideas brought to their creators not only fabulous dividends, but also worldwide fame. They just have the courage to declare to the world about them, and good luck, as we know, favours the brave.

Stylish bunk apartment in the historical center of Kiev, Ukraine, made in 2018, at the architectural firm PUSHKA apartment belong to a young man and located in a historic building built over a hundred years ago, on Pushkin street. The interior was designed for one person, but in the future it will be quite comfortable to live in full family. In the process of reconstruction of the apartment of the authors of the project tried to preserve the spirit of the time, and filled the space with new modern elements. Brick walls, wooden ceiling and metal beams, sloping walls in the attic were restored and used as a basic textured background for the interior.

In the capital of the Philippines hosted the final of the beauty contest "Miss Earth 2018", the winner of which was the Vietnamese student Phuong Khanh Nguyen. 23-year-old girl studying marketing, fluent in English, and the participation in the contest, she dreamed since 2010. Khanh was born in the province of Ben Tre in southern Vietnam, and now she is not only the student, but also an activist for environmental protection project of the Mekong river. We offer you to look at the pictures of the winner of "Miss Earth 2018" the continuation of the post.

The Human brain is the subject of study of many scientists around the world. Moreover, this applies not only to structural characteristics of the organ, but also its incredible features, which most people do not even suspect. And, despite the fact that in this field, some prominent researchers have made great achievements, still to this day remains a mystery. Among the ways to explore the possibilities of the Central nervous system are not only innovative devices that allow details to visualize the structure of the brain, but very interesting techniques that can be described as the illusion of deception. Using this alternative method, you can examine the brain with the other hand and make a lot of interesting insights about the properties of higher nervous...

Often seems to distinguish the poor from the rich is not difficult. After all, the rich dressed only in expensive stores, rides in the car. Required attribute provided men, expensive watches for women – gold and diamonds. But appearances are often deceptive. People, living on one salary can save on everything, but well dressed. And some millionaires choose simple style of dress. Their main differences in the behavior and personal qualities. No matter how hard poor people look expensive, you can't beat nature. His behavior will give him away. If you want to get rich, first of all get rid of the typical habits of the poor. This will help you top 10 differences rich from the poor.

Kirsty, James slim, and their two children bought a ticket to the travel Agency for ?1 500 and was looking forward to a great stay at Sahara Beach in Monastir, Tunisia. On the brochures it looked like a fairy tale, but things on the spot shocked a family from West Yorkshire. Everywhere there was rubbish flying flies, sun loungers dirty and broken, and the children's pool smelled like urine. The family had endured nearly five hours in such conditions and moved to another hotel. They spent extra ?300, but the travel Agency offered to return only ?100.

This 29-year-old girl named Shannon on Irc, and despite the fact that she has posed for men's magazines and underwear ads, it is quite long served in the marine corps. Shannon entered the military service at the age of 19 years, and was a real marine in the US Army for 4 years, feeling "his kid". Now she continues to participate in various photo shoots associated with the army theme, but now leads a more quiet life compared to being a marine.

More days on the West coast of Japan raged Typhoon Jebi. According to experts, he was the strongest in the last quarter century. Wind speeds of 220 km/h brought down trees, overturned cars, demolished various structures. A huge wave overturned vehicles and destroyed bridges. Many coastal cities were flooded, canceled about 700 flights from the disaster area evacuated more than 1.2 million people. Now the Typhoon reached Khabarovsk Krai, and then you are waiting for pictures of its devastating effects in Japan.

A Little over three years ago the author of this post received an inheritance from his grandmother, but at that moment he was busy moving, everything had to be done in a hurry. Then all of grandma's things were Packed in boxes and put in the garage, but now, a few years later, he decided to sort through all the rubble in the garage, where I found this old bag. According to him, grandma loved to travel, so during his 40 years of employment every year she traveled abroad. See below that was found in an abandoned bag.

China has Recently launched a new passenger train, equipped with sophisticated and comfortable cars. The train will run on the route "Beijing-Shanghai", and despite the distance of 1318 kilometers, the trip will take only 12 hours. The highlight of the new cars is the location of the passenger shelves that are installed during the motion of the train. Each passenger has their own window, a special orthopedic adjustable back rest, small table, curtain, socket and lamp. Although such wagons social media users have dubbed "the Chinese reserved seat", they are much more comfortable ones we used to see in our country.

62-year-old security guard named Ramdin suffered an armed attack. The robbers stole cash in the amount of $700 and put the elderly man in the ass metal bowl. During the torture the Hindu lost consciousness and didn't remember much. After 10 days he went to the hospital Rama in the city of Kanpur, India, with severe pain in the abdomen. The man held an ultrasound scan to find out the cause of pain, and was amazed to see the stainless steel beaker, stuck in the abdomen. Initially the doctors tried to remove the bowl through the anus, but in an hour, despite all their efforts, are unable to do so. The Cup was removed through the stomach after two hours of painstaking invasive surgery.

28-year-old Czech photographer David Tesinsky (David Tesinsky) went to Jamaica to "find out whether there is still real Rastafarian, and try to find living legends of reggae". According to David, to meet real Rasta on the streets is not easy, though every second dude with the dreads says, "I am Rasta". However, he still managed to find Rasta still honoring Haile Selassie as the incarnation of God on Earth (JHA), and chat with the legendary Jamaican musicians such as Eek-A-Mouse, Junior Balls and Addison Pablo.

Migrants who were forced to flee Algeria, at gunpoint, to die in the heat of the Sahara desert. Over the last 14 months of the North African country left in the desert more than 13,000 people, including pregnant women and young children. People are fleeing from violence in their homeland, and some just hope to capitalize on a new life in Europe. Without food and water, refugees are forced to walk a few miles in the desert heat to 48 degrees. The lucky ones get to the city of Assamaka in neighboring Niger. Others, disoriented and dehydrated, wandering for several days before rescue the UN troops find them. But thousands of migrants die on the way.