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Feature flexible planning that in the planning process considers the various options and scenarios of possible development of events. It is like chess - when thinking through your turn chess player thinks over different possible answers enemy. While rigid planning corresponds chess situation, when ... continue Reading

Compound interest is the most powerful force in the Universe. Albert Einstein Idea of compound interest is very simple. First take a certain fixed period of time, are often a year, but it could be a month, a quarter, etc. During this period of time invested ... continue Reading

All the difficulty is that this question should be put differently. We must learn themselves and explain doubtful that the point is not what we expect from life, and what she expects from us. Philosophically speaking, there ... continue Reading

In the book Mason Curry «Mode genius: the daily routine of great people» contains information about the daily routine of the outstanding people. During this work, the author has studied 161 biography. The result is a work that analyzes the success stories from the lives of great people, but with a ... continue Reading

Quote interesting information, once again confirming that the possibilities of the human body to heal itself is huge. It has long been assumed that "nervous cells are not restored". Even was such a popular expression. Actually it is not. Cells of the human brain are able to recover, and with a ... continue Reading

In 2008, the economic crisis hit Iceland particularly acute. External debt has exceeded the GDP in 9 times and the country was forced to declare bankruptcy. Moreover, in the early 2000s, nothing foretold about such events. Unemployment was very low ... continue Reading

In category "Lessons of successful people" publish an article about the interesting things of the poet, who was recently discovered, - Igor Gubermana. So this time, lessons will be in the poetic form. Igor was born Mironovich in 1936. He wrote poems. Despite the pressure of the Soviet system, ... continue Reading

Suggest we think of an interesting logical task, which is credited to albert Einstein, although rigorous proof of this fact is not. There are several options for the wording of this task. For example: in five houses in five different colours lives five different people. All they smoke, different brands of ... continue Reading

Want to share an interesting story on the subject of human capabilities. In 1983 Australian farmer cliff young at the age of 61-year won ultramarafon the 875 kilometers. He ran the distance in 5 days, 15 hours and 4 minutes, leaving behind athletes ... continue Reading

This article I will continue the story about the methodology of the financial efficiency of a well-known businessman and business coach, author of the bestseller "Think like a millionaire", Harva Ekera. This topic was started in posts "Think like a millionaire", "Lessons of the solvency of Harva Ekera" and "Circle", in which I told ... continue Reading

In his book «Multiple sources of income by Robert Allen rightly says that money is an important factor happy life. They affect not only our sense, and your relationship with other people. For example, the cause of a significant part of divorces are contentions about ... continue Reading

He gave the final processing of our language, which is now in their wealth, power, logic and beauty of form is recognized even by foreign philologists perhaps the first after the ancient Greek; he responded with a typical images, immortal sounds on all the influences of Russian life. Turgenev Sense of beauty ... continue Reading

Famous actor and Director Nikita Mikhalkov will soon present on the Russian market the first batch of red Tuscan wine Cabernet Sauvignon, produced at its own vineyards. Wine has already own brand is number 12, written in gold letters on a black field. ... Continue reading

Professional coach is not a mentor, not a guru and not the coach. The principal difference of coaching from consulting or training is that the coach does not give advice and recommendations, its role is to by questions and discussions stimulate the process ... continue Reading

Whatever the subject was dedicated blog, it must be the place for humour. Moreover, if in the main topics of the blog is personal growth. Therefore the theme "notes about different things," I add also the subject of humor. In this post I suggest ... continue Reading