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After last week the Moscow city court rejected the appeal of the Russian basketball Federation on the decision of Hamovnichesky court of Moscow about carrying out reporting and election conference with the election of the new President of RBF, this position became vacant. A few days later it became known that the first candidate for this post was the best player in the history of Russian basketball.

For all purposes, whether global or local, the modern world requires a systematic approach and order, chaos unacceptable, and basketball in any way is no exception. 18 June 1932 was created by the world organization Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball - international basketball Federation, she FIBA, which United under the aegis of the entire basketball on planet Earth.

«I see over a blue sky, these white clouds in the blue, as blue and white flags of Argentina...» Perhaps one of the most popular songs about football in Russian. But the question today will be about sport, yielding in Argentina in popularity only to football.

Round in Italy is not only loved the pizza. Italian basketball championship is one of the oldest in Europe, first season was in 1920 and today he is in the first ranks of the strongest championship of the Old world.

Strongest team of the Old world, occupying an honourable second place in the ranking of FIBA after the United States, boasting medals from the Olympic games, world and European Championships. Yes, it is about men's Spanish national team in basketball.

Perhaps even the ancient Greek gods threw the ball into the ring on the Olympus, but the fact remains: the first official basketball championship in Greece took place in the 1927-28 season. After that began a long way of formation of the national championship with the changes of the names of the League and the system of competitions.

The Most crazy week this season started on Tuesday in Minsk, where the Evrochelledzha Superliga club beat the visiting team of VTB United League and ended in a truly Royal culmination in Khimki. However, first things first.

This week, The NBA held a visiting tour. Place was pretty traditional - Foggy Albion, and London O2 arena, known in the sports world last Olympic basketball tournament and beautifully decorated annual competition among the strongest tennis players of the planet.

I didn't want to tell about the adventures of Dennis Rodmana in North Korea. And don't want to tell. And, in General, will not tell. But... it doesn't show IT I just can't. What if someone never seen such masterpieces cannot be skipped.

This week to win the Euroleague joined the European Cup, whose name second group stage is now different from the older partner not only the letter but also the numerical component and sounds like «Lest-32». In the first round of this Lest-eight 32 of the aliens from Euroleague immediately made it clear that their easy life here is not waiting.

This week it became clear who in the Denver nuggets» most likes hamburgers and French fries. Veteran Andre Miller, it seems, could not resist entered Show mode power and shouted at his trainer right in the middle of the match.

Big European basketball is back, while only in the form of Euroleague games, Yes it and is clear - the Top 16 includes as 14 of game rounds and requires a broader time frame. Let the tournament situation and far yet from some complex deployments, but still talk about.

Holiday! There they passed favorite Christmas, we turn to the favorite New Year - in General, the current article is surrounded from all sides and must meet. So - here is a photo of the snowflakes.

Early In the week, it was a little clearer what loses «new York». 7 seconds until the end of the match with Washington coach of the Knicks Mike Woodson... forgot to take the standard kontsovochniy timeout, which would provide for his team quiet takeaway from the middle line. Looks like the «new York» loses all.

Finally, determined the contours of the further struggle of the Euro Cup front. Two groups of Euroleague Top 16 were, in my opinion, are approximately equal in terms of power, but still, quite different.