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In the course of work there were studied the mineral reinforcement basalt fiber is the most promising biodegradable polymer polylactic acid (PLA) in order to evaluate the suitability for operation of the finished composite material for reliable use in engineering designs. In accordance with previously obtained results were used optimized drying conditions to analyze their influence on the properties of composites based on polylactic acid, reinforced [...] Record-based Composites of polylactic acid reinforced with basalt fibre, for use in engineering designs appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Composites Germany has published a study of global and European markets of composites for 2015, which perfectly demonstrated the continued stable growth of the composite industry. The focus of the research is qualitative data regarding the overall market development, as well as specific events in different segments of the composite industry. The main conclusions of the study are as follows: the investment climate remains favorable engines of development of the market has not changed the composite index [...] Record Overview of composites market in 2015 from Composites Germany appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Investigated the physico-mechanical and thermal properties of the fabrics of basalt fibres. The classification of fabrics of basalt fibers on thermophysical properties. The materials and methods. The objects of study were two types of fabrics of basalt fibers produced by CJSC "plant Belitsky "Teplozvukoizolyatsiya" (PGT. Kotsjubinsky, the Kiev area). The following indicators were used to estimate the heat resistant properties of tissue: rupture load (N) elongation at tear [...] Record the Thermal properties of the fabrics of basalt fibres appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Presentation Dunn Ouro offers various fiber-plastic composites used in concrete structures. Demonstrates their advantages and disadvantages, the mechanical properties and the mechanism of application. The truth is Also that rasskazano on the market of fiber-polymer composites, and new composite material in recent time, including the projected cement and some other of ITS composer. P. fur and terrain.Jr. M. Monteiro. Betty: microstructure, properties and materials. To determine...

In the USA of composite materials based on fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) for over 10 years are used in objects of public infrastructure such as flooring and span of bridges. The structural performance of these bridges, whose number already exceeded one hundred, generally satisfactory, but there are problems, giving rise to bridges owners and consulting engineers to refrain from the dissemination and use of this new kind of material. In this paper, the authors propose [...] Record of Fiber-polymer composites (FRP) decking and superstructures of bridges: the US experience appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Basalt fiber has good prospects for the civil construction due to the excellent mechanical characteristics, physical properties and lower price. Many types bazaltovye polymers (BFRP), which include sheets, plates and rods can be made by combining fiber and epoxy resin. In order to properly, from a scientific point of view, to apply BFRP in the construction of civil objects, it is necessary to know its mechanical characteristics. This work [...] Record Experimental study of mechanical properties of composites reinforced with basalt fibers appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Edition of the CompositesWorld made a short excursion on the products and technology presented on March 8-10, held in Paris, the JEC World 2016. Among the hundreds of exhibits are quite widely presented solutions for composites based on continuous fibers. Here are just some of them. The German company Bond-Laminates from Cologne have demonstrated new solutions for composite thermoplastics reinforced with continuous fibers from the line of Tepex. In particular, there was presented a hybrid molding in which the molding is combined [...] Record of Decision for the fiber reinforced composites at JEC World 2016 appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

Resource Research and Markets has published "Global forecast to 2021 market of composite reinforcement types and methods of its use". Experts expect the average annual growth rate between 2016 and 2021 years at 11.4%, with the growth of the market by 2021 to $91 million the Growing number of patents and examples of the use of composite reinforcement of international players, [...] Record the Market of composite reinforcement will increase by 2021 to $91 million appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

On the V Salon of railway equipment and technologies EXPO 1520 UK "Retransforming" introduces an innovative tank for the carriage of molten sulphur, which will be included in a new series of tank wagons for the transport of chemically active products. Among the many innovative features of the model 15-9544 – the use of composite materials for the manufacture of the bottom of the casing. Thanks to this new innovation in tank wagons reduced the effect of such negative phenomena, as [...] Record of Basalt fibers ensure thermal insulation innovative rail tank cars appeared first on the Trading house "Russian Bazalt".

The Department of natural resources Illinois (IDNR) with assistance from the environmental organization Friends of the Chicago River and representatives of the Ozinga Green Building, unit construction company Ozinga Bros. Inc., established in the Chicago river artificial spawning grounds for catfish in the construction of which used composite rebar, basalt fiber reinforced. Over the past 30 years the water quality in the river has improved so much that was [...]

HONORARY BADGE 5 DONSKOY REGIMENT under the direction of I. N. Kononova. (Kreuz des 5. Don-Kosaken-Regimentes) "Honorary badge of the 5th Donskoy regiment." The mark was established in October 1944, in memory of three combat operations regiment – based design figure A. Zabolotnyi. The badge is a cross of the form order of the Iron cross superimposed on crossed checkers (arms down). Cross posted on the Varangian shield shape. On the wings of the cross – inscriptions: at the top of "5" (5th regiment), the lower "28.X./1941" (the official date of the formation of the first squad, created I. N. Kononov) and on the horizontal the "KONO/ NEW"... the shield of the sign is divided into four sectors, painted in red (top and bottom sections), and blue (side sector...

Buy Antique Orthodox Liturgical Utensils. I am interested in the Orthodox Church Antiques - all that has to worship: old silver lamp, altar and pectoral crosses, Drenovci, Tabernacle, reliquaries, the old corporal, Eucharistica sets (chalice, paten, Zvezditsa, spear, plate and so on), censers, shroud, sewing, etc. etc. Suggestions please send to e. pochtu:

Sell interior sculptures Frank Meisler (animals and birds). Frank Majsler - Israeli sculptor, whose work is known worldwide. His unique sculptures brought him international fame. He was instructed as creating public sculptures in many countries, and execution of special works for world leaders and heads of state. The main material of his works - special alloy bronze, silver and gold. Has a collection of sculptures of different animals - dogs, cats, horses, camels, owls, ostriches, crab, monkey, etc (just 15-20 sculptures) All sculptures purchased in Israel, Jaffa, gallery Frank Meisler.Possible sale of the entire collection or individual sculptures, the price of each item individually, but about would be about half of the sales price of the Moscow gallery...

An Exact copy of the unique frescoes with the dancing Buddha VII-VIIIvv. from budikova complex Billing - famous "Caves of a thousand Buddhas". Tibet, near Lanzhou, the beginning of the twentieth century. Materials, technique: mixed media on paper, the frame of the twentieth century - wood, cardboard, glass. Dimensions: 86 x 89 see In excellent collectible condition. EXCLUSIVE! the Subject very decorative, incredibly beautiful, will decorate any interior.

The image of the Mother of God of the SIGN (company) with saints in the original case. Russia, vol. The XIX century. the Coming of the saints: St. Nikita. George, the Holy Martyr. James, the brother of the Lord, Rev. Peter, Rev. Onuphrius. Materials: wood, tempera, gold leaf. Size: Height - 36 see Width - 29 see the Thickness - 2, see Icon in its original pristine condition.