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In Tobolsk invasion protein

All the news 09.09.2013 at 02:45

Pet, cats, hamsters, cat shows, exhibitions of dogs, caring for the dogs, caring for cats.

Ambient Tobolsk forests teeming with proteins. Tailed animals is easy to notice where there is a harvestable cedars.

Especially a lot of protein to the North of the city : D. Vinokurovo, C. Little Zorkaltsevo and dacha «Garden». After walking through the forest one hundred meters, you can find more than a dozen animals. Squirrel run up and into the city. Tobolyaki often greeted them in a grove Zhuravsky. In a large number of animals have appeared in Tobolsk and the surrounding area and in the past. «The mass emergence of protein is a common phenomenon. It is associated with high fertility of this animal, the favorable conditions and an abundance of forage», - noted fenolog Peter Fedorchuk. Often proteins are not afraid of people: not hiding, let's close. Many citizens protein feed. Some try to catch that dangerous seemingly harmless animal of their teeth can inflict serious wounds.