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Defenders of wildlife is congratulated

All the news 11.09.2013 at 09:42

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World wildlife Fund celebrates birthday 11 September.

It is the largest non-governmental conservation international efforts aimed at solving the problems in all parts of the world. The Fund unites 28 national organizations and associate members worldwide, and about five million individual members.

it's hard to believe, but the creation of such a large organization in 1961 was highlight of the almost imperceptible. Wildlife Fund, the purpose of which was proclaimed sustaining life on earth originated in the small Swiss town of Morgue where the headquarters of the International Union for conservation of nature. The founders themselves Luc Hoffmann, Peter Scott and guy Montfort't guess the outcome of their idea. In 1962, the Fund has implemented its first large-scale action - and its representatives have appealed to all countries to sign the world Charter for the protection of wild animals. Recognition and financial independence WWF received 10 years after its creation. In 1971, Prince of the Netherlands Bernard, President of the Foundation, personally appealed to a thousand of the most influential people of the world to support WWF and give the management of the Fund by 10 thousand dollars. The result was to collect 10 million dollars. This amount was a financial basis of the Fund.

Now, WWF has worked to protect the species, soil, landscape, water and air. He sold more than 2 thousand projects, among which - «Operation Tiger», «Sea should live, Campaign: tropical rain forest», and formulated documents Tasks of governments in the protection of nature», «Nine principles of nature protection» and others. Means for realization of the programs of the Foundation are all also come in the form of charitable donations from individuals, governments, international agencies and companies.

In Russia, the first WWF projects were implemented in 1988, and six years later, in 1994, WWF-Russia office opened. In 2004, WWF Russia from the mission turned into a national organization with its own Board. Among the main programs of the forest, the sea, the climate. The organization conducts work on creation of protected natural territories, protection of rare species of animals and translation and gas sector of Russia on the environmental principles of work