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In a village hosts throw dogs on a leash

All the news 11.09.2013 at 08:57

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In the village of Takeoff, which is located near Surgut, major settlement. Residents of cabins are moving in the long-awaited capital the apartment. But not as rosy as it seems at first glance. Owners abandon their Pets considered them unnecessary or inappropriate in the new housing. Mainly from resettlement suffer dog, once guarded the territory of the residential cabins. Their not take a comfortable flat and attach nowhere. Owners went mean they moved and left their dogs in the village without food and water. But it's not so bad. Many dogs were on a leash. «The most horrible, that the dog is not even otvyazivayut and practically condemned to starve to death,» write the concerned users in a social network.

Volunteers Surgut movement «Give me a paw» send ads with pictures of animals. They try to find a new home for these dogs. Curator overexposures dogs movement «Give me a paw» Pankov St. Elena explained: «We don't know, find animals a new house within a month. Adult dogs are not easy to find the house, but real. The new owners find all animals, but to each his own time (some day who year). Pick up a healthy dogs, we cannot, because we have a shelter. If they will be put to pristroystva, will help than can (inspection, sterilization, food, vaccinations, photography, PR)».