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Found a new smallest dog in the world

All the news 16.09.2013 at 09:33

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Henceforth Puerto Rico officially recognized as the birthplace of the smallest dogs in the world. Brown Chihuahua named Magic Milli entered in the Guinness Book of records as the most tiny dog on the planet. At least, for growth, which is only 9.65 centimeters.

tall Milli - no more standard tin can. But the hosts that does not help - on the contrary, caring for a baby connected with some problems. Often their favorite simply lost in the grass while walking. Milli two years, she weighs 400 grams and often tongue, when her photograph. "Milli knows how to pose for the camera," proudly say the owners of the animal.

it is Interesting that increase by more than 9,65 inches height Milli unlikely. These are features of its breed. In the Guinness Book of records have a separate category for dogs with the smallest length of the body. This title belongs to the Chihuahua from Florida city Lardzho nicknamed Heaven sent Brandy. The length of its body is 15,24 cm.

not so long ago, experts Guinness Book of records have chosen the longhair cat in the world. It was four-legged resident of Los Angeles named Colonel meow. This cat is a mixture of Persian and Himalayan cats. Animals of both of these breeds are famous for a long fluffy hair.