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Drilling machines

Construction and repair 11.09.2013 at 05:22


Water well Drilling methods vary considerably geographically across the country, and even widely from company to company in these areas. There are four main methods of well drilling technology.

Arrangement of drilling wells or

The oldest form of wells construction, digging hand Dates to prehistoric times. Well of Jacob in the Bible was dug manually and exist to this day as the water supply. In the last 125 years or so, various machines were manufactured who dig out a hole or a hole, digging out bits of Land on the bite and reset them above the ground.

Is drilling for water in Togliatti are usually restricted to depths of less than 100 'deep and tend to be quite large diameter with typical diameters be 16 "to 42". This method of construction of wells have been constantly decreasing over the past 40 years due to a number of problems and limitations associated with this method.


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