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Inquiring Internet users found on Mars hamster

All the news 25.09.2013 at 04:28

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Researcher Monte Williams found in the photos made by curiosity Curiosity, strange objects on the surface of the red planet and have passed this information specialist on anomalies Joseph Skipperu.

these pictures of the surface of Mars is possible to distinguish quite earthly representative of the fauna. Monte suggested that in the frame hit the Martian hamster, but the skipper believes that the size of this little animal more hamster - about 40 centimeters. He has no tail and more like the kapibaru or meadow dog. NASA experts declined to comment on the appearance of the "hamster" on Mars. Representatives of the Agency only noted, that this picture covers an area of 5 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, many were sceptical about this information, noting that the mysterious animal is nothing like the play of light and shadow.

These objects on the surface of the red planet are found not the first time. In particular, earlier, an Amateur astronomer from Japan saw a lizard on the pictures of Gale crater, and a user with a nick WhatsUpInTheSky37 found a German helmet, worn by soldiers of the Third Reich.