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In the Urals ornithologists have found two new species of birds

All the news 30.09.2013 at 10:06

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Unexpected results were brought by the autumn monitoring of migratory species of birds detachment vorobeobraznie in the Kurgan region. It was conducted by ornithologists of the Institute of plant and animal ecology UB RAS. It was the first study of regional ornithofauna of the TRANS-Urals it is in autumn.

according to the press-service of the Department of natural resources of the Kurgan region, the records of migratory species vorobeobraznih were organized by the office for wildlife monitoring. Records were kept in specially protected natural territories of regional significance. At work, the researchers used a web network with small cells, which were installed in the bushes and reeds. Caught in a network of birds immediately taken out, and then spent their species, sex determination, the ringing of birds and the newly released at will. «Interesting findings were obtained in the last two days of research. Scientists have captured two types of birds that previously were not registered on the territory of the region: the Blackbird and little Bunting»,- noted in press service. As claimed by ornithologists border of the area Blackbird passes to the East of the Ilmensky reserve and Upper-Tagil, single birds occur in the mountain forests of the southern and Middle Urals. And this time, the adult male Blackbird was captured in the floodplain of the river Borovlyanka Kurgan region. Caught in a network of female-headed Bunting-crumbs, too, was an unexpected finding. This small bird among Buntings occurs most commonly in the East of Western Siberia. Breeds in the extreme North of Eurasia, from Scandinavia to Chukotka. Per night in a network the average goes up to 100 birds. Among caught identified numerous species as Robin, great tit, willow tit, Chizh, nuthatch, Finch, common Redstart, Brambling, 's Warbler, the song thrush and others. The results of the conducted surveys, conclusions and proposals on protection of rare species of birds will soon be presented in the final report of the scientific research work of ornithologists in the Kurgan region.