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In Yalutorovskom area Housecat bit mistress

All the news 04.10.2013 at 07:58

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Cases of bites of animals infected with rabies, and there are frequent in Yalutorovskom area.

C. Golden eagle on his mistress attacked the cat and bit her. A similar case occurred in D. Progress. Both domestic animals sent for examination. In D. Cheremushki in a private farmstead ran in to Fox, the animal was shot and were sent for analysis. In all cases, the diagnosis of rabies is confirmed. As the press-service of administration of the Yalutorovsk district, in the cases of receiving information from the population that wild animals are found in the locality under investigation, carry out preventive measures. Material from the corpse of a wild animal is sent to the laboratory. With the veterinary service can be contacted by phone in Yalutorovsk: 3-17-46; 2-02-30.