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In Irkutsk orphanage children treat dogs

All the news 08.10.2013 at 03:36

Pet, cats, hamsters, cat shows, exhibitions of dogs, caring for the dogs, caring for cats.

Cat - prescription. In Irkutsk cats actually work by doctors and nurses. Children, communicating with them, become calmer and kinder.

For a decade Misha baleen and striped better friends. Every time he looks forward to meeting with them. His favorite cat Protein.

- Love, respect, love. They are good to play than dogs, " says Misha Lisman.

Is not just a friendship, consider the educators of the orphanage № 1, - a medical need. Therefore, they organized a "cat" of the classes. Such children need emotional support, says a senior teacher Natalia Tkacheva.

If home children are still communicate with cats and dogs, other animals, and our children deprived of this. We, of course, participate in zoogalereyu, K-9, but still this is not enough, they want to Pat, run, play.

for about 2 years, volunteers have been brought in the army furry doctors. Yulia Shakiro sure: cats can cure people.

- Children become kinder, gentler, they correctly formed emotional background, the energy output goes, after our studies, they are more moderate. Cats, dogs - all animals are selected from their psycho, moderate, non-aggressive, affectionate, - said the volunteer Julia Shakiro.

Today, the children played with the cats and made their toys. And next time will sew for their furry friends clothes.