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In Yamal and Yugra traffic on the roads regulate animals

All the news 07.10.2013 at 07:22

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The Inhabitants of Yugra and Yamal once again made funny pictures of wild animals, retired people. Residents in the city of Nadym community in social networks have posted a few photos of deer wandering along the road. The author of photos indicates that they are made on the track Taz - Novy Urengoy. Readers in the comments under the photos were trying to determine whether wild animals or they belong to any household. However, to unity does not come.

While in Surgut citizens spread in the Network snapshot of the foxes. The author of the photo left a comment: «This is the Fox. I saw clearly))) At the and feodorovka».

Recall this summer dwellers of Ugra very often faced with bears who begged for food on the slopes. Motorists, wishing clumsy, fed them, making the animals «on duty» at the curb and wait feedings of the hands of man. And in September frequent accidents involving elk - one of them even led to the death of the driver whose vehicle was struck with an animal on the road.