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House / Pets

The mass for the Pets were in nice and Manila

All the news 11.10.2013 at 09:25

Pet, cats, hamsters, cat shows, exhibitions of dogs, caring for the dogs, caring for cats.

In some Catholic countries were festive service in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.

Noble monk, founder of the order of Franciscans and was, according to legend, boundless love for animals is one of the most popular figures of the faithful people. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, becoming elected Pope chose the name of Francis I in honor of the Saint. The talk of the town was the conversion of Saint Francis of Christian mission to plants and animals as if he was talking to people. He believed, according to life, that are equal before God really all living beings, questioning thus Catholic Canon, saying that plants and animals do not have souls. He read the Bible and to birds, and fishes, and even colors.

Now, after so many centuries after the death of the founder of the Franciscan order, in October of each year in many cities are being Sunday service, timed to the day of the Saint. Her members may bless their own Pets.