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Runaway with exhibitions in Tyumen macaque was found alive

All the news 11.10.2013 at 09:17

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Residents of Tyumen have helped to find yavanskuyu makaku named Jasmine, who has escaped the exhibition of exotic animals from the Museum "City Council".

"Our Jasmine was found, tonight she was taken from two residents of Tyumen. Their dog walking their near the Museum, found a monkey sitting under the machine," said one of the organizers of the exhibition on Friday.

According to him, feeling beglyanki, despite the stress excellent. "This morning, when she bathed, Jasmine again has tried to escape through the window - she is smart and curious," he said.

Earlier it was reported that on the morning of October 9, five-month Javanese macaque during the cleaning of the enclosure jumped out the window and ran away. In search of the missing animal participated Museum staff and volunteers with dogs. Javanese macaques or kraboedy primates is medium with a strong body and strong limbs. The coat color is gray-brown, however, is black. An important characteristic of which is the length of the tail - it is approximately equal to the length of the body and the head. In the wild they live mainly along the banks of reservoirs on the trees and know how to swim well. Favorite treat cynomolgus macaques - clams and crabs. Their geographical spread from Eastern India through Burma, Thailand, the Islands of the Malay archipelago to the Philippines.