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«Amazing cat» with all of Yugra arrived in Surgut

All the news 15.10.2013 at 05:18

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«Amazing cat» with all of Yugra arrived in Surgut. There was exhibition furry animals. About a hundred Pets competed for the title of «world champion».

Carrie at the exhibition for the first time and at once became the best kitten in her breed. Requirements for all participants the same: perfect color, properly set ears, the characteristic features of a muzzle, a certain length and fluffy tail. Bengal cats experts to get out of the cells themselves do not risk - ask the owners. Wild these cats and coat color and temperament. If ordinary cats composer sleep, Bengal - constantly in motion. Friendly to children - toddlers do not offend; do not cause allergies. Pet Elena Matvienko attended the exhibition for the bride. Unfortunately, to no avail. Sphynx more in the city of the Living exhibits very difficult to keep in a cage. Exhibited and purebred cats, in the hope of finding a loving owner. The status of «world champion» this exhibition is not got no one, to such an achievement fluffy exhibits should grow up to it. The most valuable that the participants and visitors is an aesthetic pleasure.