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Dauria Aerospace and Samsung will launch the first in Russia private artificial satellite of the Earth

Computer news 15.10.2013 at 14:26

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Samsung Electronics and «Dauria aerospace» announced their cooperation to create the first in the history of Russian cosmonautics private artificial Earth satellite. Samsung Electronics equips the mission control center of the future of small spacecrafts «Dauria aerospace».

Satellite DX-1

Satellite DX-1 is being developed as an experimental low-budget apparatus that will help test equipment, to develop technologies and software for creation of the unified platform of small satellites. According to the idea, this platform will allow to create a new generation of satellites of various purposes with minimal customize specific functions.

Satellite DX-1

«Dauria aerospace» using Samsung equips mission control center (MCC), where specialists on Earth would monitor how the apparatus and the next. In the composition of the PMU will include Samsung SMART TV with a diagonal of 55 inches, applications ATIV Book 7, as well as IFIs Samsung.

Satellite DX-1

Satellite has a weight of 22 kg and assembled from components of class Industrial. This ensured high speed Assembly and low, for spacecraft cost. The active phase of work on the companion took approximately one year, which is very little for space vehicles of this class.

according to the authors, in Russia the satellite DX-1 was the first spacecraft, fully funded and built by a private company, without any involvement of the state. However, the Federal space Agency Roscosmos provides services for the launch of the satellite, so we cannot say that its establishment, the state did not make hands.

Satellite DX-1 performs for the company Dauria Aerospace experimental features: it is necessary for testing technologies, software validation and control algorithms. Practical task placed on satellite monitoring of vessels in the World ocean - when the development is secondary. The spacecraft will be put into orbit and will confirm the success of the manufacture, but not excluded that the practical function will come to the fore, and the satellite will be profitable.

as The payload of the DX-1 set to block the reception of signals from the Automatic identification system (AIS). AIS is used on modern ocean and large river vessels for the exchange of navigation data and determine the exact position relative to each other. The main goal of signals AIS - prevention of collisions. The satellite will receive these signals and to determine the location of the vessels at the time of flight over them apparatus. It is assumed that day satellite, equipped by the equipment of the AIS will be able to draw a comprehensive picture of the location of ships worldwide. But in reality for these purposes is now used 12 satellites that belong to various companies and government agencies.

today, Russia has no spacecraft equipped with AIS receivers. Dauria Aerospace has already received information of interest in the data, supplied companion DX-1 for coastal services of the Russian Federation. Launch of spacecraft DX-1 is planned to be implemented in the winter 2013-2014, passing the launch of the SPACECRAFT «meteor-M №2» LV «Soyuz-2-1B» with Fregat upper stage.