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South Ural residents will be offered to refuse from natural fur and save animals

All the news 18.10.2013 at 09:17

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On 20 October will be held the all-Russian antimehovoy March. Chelyabinsk will be one of the 46 cities of the country where activists take to the streets with slogans.

Fashion furs and fur coats for centuries, but the fashion fight with commercial breeding and extermination of animals - several dozens of years. And here Antimehovoy March came to Chelyabinsk. The main task of the organizers is to convey to the South Urals, how cruel is the fur production. "Animals are carried in the metal box, lead from the exhaust pipe of a tractor gases, and there within 30 minutes animals are choking, - says Alexey Sineglazov, participant Antimehovogo March. - Their electrocute through various openings in the body, they break the neck, they punched skull. And the most brutal, what generally happens - hung their legs and just alive stripped skins". The organizers to lead another argument against the production of natural furs - it damages human health. "Production ethical materials is 20 times less harmful for the environment than production of animal fur, says Alfia Karimova, head of the Center for animal rights protection "Vita" (Magnitogorsk). - Skins, so that they did not decay, excrete a complex and dangerous chemicals". Activists of the movement for the rights of animals claim: not only in the coat can be a comfortable feel in severe frosts. Alternative - clothing made of synthetic, or plant materials. But not all citizens of Chelyabinsk ready to give up fur for the sake of fashionable ideas. - It is necessary for the person comfortable. Perhaps I'm more inclined to natural materials. Animals and created for it. We consume the meat of animals, we grow. - I think the action is useless, because it doesn't affect on those who make these coats. - I am for such action because we need to protect the environment. On the other hand, there are advantages of natural things. - Animals sorry, but the coat like. - In General, of course, would have supported. But I believe that these actions are meaningless in our time. Because this is a business that is practiced in many countries. Permission to Antimehovoy March organizers already on hand. The route will pass from the monument Orlenku through Revolution square, and turn off the Kirovku. Completed a four-hour procession near the Opera house. And the main hero of the shares will be photogenic raccoon named El.