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Because cats attacking people, has been quarantined in three Tyumen villages

All the news 23.10.2013 at 08:22

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Resolution of the Governor of the Tyumen region in three settlements of the region declared a quarantine on rabies, according to the portal of the regional government.

In particular, in two settlements - in the village of Palenque of the Kazan district and in the village Volodino urchinsky district - the reason for the introduction of quarantine became sick rabies raccoon dogs, specified agentstvuagen in regional stations on animal diseases. "In the village of Palenque raccoon dog, zabezhavshaya on a farmstead, attacked the woman who went to milk the cow. The victim managed to stick fend off wild animals. Quarantine in Palenque will last till December 12, - said the representative of the Kazan regional station for animal disease control. In the village Volodino urchinsky district, where in one of the farmsteads also ran a rabid raccoon dog, quarantine introduced until 11 December. Meanwhile, according to the representative of Yalutorovskoy regional station on struggle against illnesses of animals in the village of Progress the cause of quarantine, which will last till 1 December, became a rabid cat, potsarapavshaya mistress. Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of the year in the Tyumen region revealed more than 70 foci of rabies. The most disadvantaged areas this year were Yalutorovsk, Kazan, Sladkovsky, Nizhnetavdinskiy, Abatskiy, Uporovskiy and Yurga areas. Now quarantine is available in six localities, and also on the territory of the farm and hostels. So, until October 29, in the village has been quarantined Isetskiy and in the territory of tourist centre "azimuth" in the Tyumen area, to 30 October in the village of Malaya Troshina urchinsky district; until November 2 - in two villages Vikulovskogo district, from where the attack weirdwolf three people had been injured, as well as on the territory of the dairy farm in the Kazan area which got sick raccoon dog rabies in addition, in the village of Bolshaya Chencher of the Kazan district, where a rabid Fox attacked by a flock of geese, quarantine is declared to 18 November, in the village of Kanashi Nizhnetavdinskogo district of rabid foxes, podravsheysya with a dog, the quarantine will last till November 19.